Travel in small groups

In one difficult non-Christian country for evangelism, the pastor conducted classes with a young man who became interested in Jesus. Everything went well, until the boy’s father returned home from prison, where he was serving a sentence for murder.

At first, the young man’s father was amazed at the changes he saw in his son. But when he learned that his boy was engaged with a Christian, he became enraged. The man decided that he should save his son from dangerous Christian networks.

Initially, the father tried to sensitize his son with words. When that didn’t work, he started screaming and hitting him. But the young man did not abandon his new faith in Christ. The father realized that if he continued to beat his son, he would soon kill him. And what will it give?

Then the father had an idea. Instead of his son, he decided to kill the pastor. He was ready to serve another prison sentence, just to save his boy from a Christian heresy.

For some time, the father watched the pastor’s house and studied his route. A few days later he took his long knife, drove up to the pastor’s house, waited until he got into the car, and after that his car blocked the pastor’s road. When the pastor got out of the car to see what happened, the angry father grabbed him and dragged him into his car.

The pastor recognized the man and guessed why he had attacked him. He tried to quote some biblical texts to him, but the man shouted at him, taking out a knife. Suddenly the man’s hand froze in the air and stiffened. He could not move it!

The pastor began to quote the Scripture, and the man wept.

A few months later, the father was baptized. In the church he was greeted like a brother, he asked for the floor.

“Pastor, I have a present for you,” he said, carefully unwrapping a long bundle. – This is the sword that I was going to kill you. But your sword is longer, stronger and sharper – a double-edged sword is the Word of God. Your sword has killed an old man in me. Now I am a new person. Thank God!

Your missionary offerings help lead people to Christ in the most difficult regions of the world. Thanks for your support.

Homer Trekartin,President of the Hellenic Middle Eastern Union Mission.

Invitation card, garage door and fifty-dollar bill

When Dennis Hewlett entered the baptistery, surrounded by a green lawn in his now-native church in Wisconsin, USA, a dozen of his new church friends looked at it with tears in their eyes. For Dennis, it was a wonderful journey — a journey in which an invitational, garage door and a fifty dollar bill played a part.

Dennis was tough. He lost his job, his family fell apart, and he felt useless. One day, while checking the mail, he found an invitation card with a picture of a multi-headed dragon with crowns on its heads. Dennis, who has always been interested in Bible prophecy, recognized this image.

So Dennis got to the prophecy workshop. After listening to a presenter explaining Bible truths from Daniel and Revelation to the audience, Dennis realized that he had known little about Bible prophecy before. He liked the way the presenter explained the Word of God. “This is the only way to study the Bible,” he thought.

Dennis made friends with other participants in the workshop, including Carl and Karen, members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which was the organizer of the workshop. Dennis rented a house next door to Karl and Karen and prayed that they would have a good influence on him.

The prophecy workshop was over, and Dennis began to attend the Adventist church on Saturdays occasionally. Then he noticed something that helped him put everything in its place.

“Carl had a shop in the garage,” says Dennis. – And I noticed that the store is closed on Saturdays.

Dennis was unemployed. He tried to make a living collecting tin cans. One Friday evening, Dennis went through the jars he found. That evening, he wanted to work more than usual, because he needed money to send them to his daughter, who was going to come to him next Monday. But, having seen Karl’s closed garage, he thought: “I shouldn’t offend God by working on Friday night.” Dennis did not know how to earn the money he needed. “We will think of something,” he decided.

The next morning at church, someone put fifty dollars in a donation basket with a note: “Give Dennis.” When Dennis got the money, he was amazed. “It was enough to buy food and fuel and have a good week with your daughter!”

Since then, God has blessed Dennis with work in which the Sabbath was a day off. Dennis thanks God and serves Him as best he can.

Travel in small groups

Our missionary offerings help us reach the gospel of neighbors and immigrants. Thank you for your generosity.

Juanita Edge,Director of Information at the Wisconsus Conference

Travel in small groups

in the North American Division.

Service in small

Nora and George enjoyed pleasant fellowship and service in their large native church in southern Ecuador, but they were eager to do more. These people asked God to help them see how they could serve others, and God called them to serve his neighbors in their area.

Nora and George know many of their neighbors, and they invited each of them to their ministry. Five of the invitees began to attend the home church together with Adventists who live nearby. People liked so much the praise of God that they began to regularly attend house church. After a while, several more people joined this Small Group. People bring children with them. Since one of the daughters of Nora and George provides a room for their children’s activities, children can attend the Sabbath school for children.

Then Nora found out that she needed an operation on a blocked artery. She prayed for the doctors and for the success of the whole treatment. However, during the operation, her lungs filled with fluid and her heart stopped. Doctors unsuccessfully tried to reanimate it. How surprised they were when her heart began to beat again. Even more, they were amazed when she woke up twelve hours after the operation. The woman was connected to life support, but she was alive.

The next day, one of the doctors came to Nora in the ward and said: “Nora, you had little chance of surviving. Who is your God? ”Since she could not speak, since one of the pipes was in her throat, her husband answered for her. He explained to the doctor that during the operation, Christians throughout the city prayed for her.

“Our God can also be your God,” Norah’s husband told the doctor.

Three other doctors asked Nora’s husband questions about their faith. One of the doctors said:

– For thirty years of work, I have never met someone whose lungs would fill with fluid, my heart stopped during the operation, and the next day this person would feel so good.

Nora’s miraculous healing prompted doctors to reconsider their faith. Some of them asked a lot of questions, and George presented them with the Path to Christ books.

After Nora returned from the hospital, two doctors visited her to see what she was doing.

“They were so surprised that I’m fine,” says Nora. “I told them that God is my God and He decided to save me.” This miracle helped our home church to grow. Now our house no longer accommodates everyone. We are looking for a new place to worship.

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