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The head of state recalled the weapons announced in a similar appeal a year ago. Then they talked about the Sarmat strategic missile system, the practically unlimited range of the Burevestnik cruise missile, the Poseidon underwater unmanned unmanned aerial vehicle, the Dagger aircraft missile system, the Avant-garde hypersonic flight-guided missile system and Relight. This year, Putin revealed the characteristics of a hypersonic Zircon cruise missile. After presenting the message, the president answered questions from the chief editors of the federal media, and representatives of the Ministry of Defense and military experts presented their own comments on advanced weapons.

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The President said that, watching the latest tests of Avangard, he heard from the operator the word “receipt”, meaning “the product arrived at the target, just like a stake got.” This is the head of state called the “tremendous success of our science, engineering school and defense industry”. Currently, infrastructure is being prepared on the territory of the Dombarovsky position area (Orenburg Region) for the deployment of the first missile regiment armed by Avangard. Geodetic preparation of the position area has already been completed. Organized training of personnel, weapons, military and special equipment. Until the end of the year, when the formation takes up combat duty, combat starting positions will be ready, ensuring the operation and use of the complex. According to Peter the Great, a leading scientist at the Strategic Missile Forces Military Academy (Strategic Rocket Forces), reserve lieutenant-general, Doctor of Military Sciences Vladimir Zakharov, the US-created anti-missile defense (ABM) is powerless against the Avangard complex, because “ the unit performs controlled maneuvering, both laterally and in height, and its control system allows it to bypass the enemy’s detection and interception capabilities.

Following the speech, the President of the Ministry of Defense reported that the first aviation squadron equipped with “Daggers” is in combat duty in the Southern Military District since December 2017, and since April 2018, the MiG-31 aircraft of the complex conduct regular flights over the Black and Caspian Seas. To date, more than 380 patrol flights have been completed over the corresponding waters. Tasks worked out by the military included refueling in the air, which makes it possible to increase the range of use of aeroballistic missiles of the complex almost twice, as well as destroy ground and sea targets together with long-range Tu-22M3 bombers and under the cover of fighter aircraft.

The military department said that practical missile launches at targets at various test sites, conducted during 2018, confirmed the preservation of the accuracy of the complex when operating in adverse weather conditions. Missiles, having flown more than one thousand kilometers, hit all targets that had a size comparable to a passenger car.

Experimental combat duty laser complexes are from December 2018. During this time, “Peresvet”, according to the president, confirmed its unique characteristics. All laser complexes received by the Ministry of Defense were deployed in places of deployment, for which appropriate infrastructure and personnel were prepared during 2018.

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Putin announced that the nuclear submarine, which is the carrier of the Poseidon unmanned aerial vehicle, will be launched in the spring of 2019. He stressed that “to protect the national interests of Russia, two or three years before the Navy, seven multi-purpose submarines will be handed over and five warships of a distant sea zone will be laid.” “They (potential opponents of Russia – comment.”

The ocean multi-purpose system, as stated by the retired admiral, Hero of Russia, Ph.D. Vsevolod Khmyrov, is a small-sized robotic system that has passed a full cycle of bench tests, including testing of a nuclear power plant. Conducted sea test sites confirmed the tactical and technical characteristics of “Poseidon”, which allows you to start joint testing of the drone and its carrier. The Rear Admiral noted that the ocean multi-purpose system “is an asymmetric and highly effective weapon to counter the US Navy strike force deployed in the forward zones,” which will allow to devalue all the efforts of a potential enemy to create the maritime component of the global missile defense system.

Commenting on Putin’s speech, Major-General of the Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces, Reserve Major-General, Candidate of Military Sciences Oleg Usatenko, said that in 2018 the missile missile test cycle was completed, which allowed for more than 50 tasks to be carried out and to confirm the correctness of solutions, and to date, bench tests of rocket engines have been carried out and experimental testing of the combat stage of breeding is underway. State flight tests of the Sarmat will be conducted at the Plesetsk cosmodrome. Major General Reserve added that to reduce costs, the complex is deployed using the existing infrastructure.

According to the head of state, the created Zirkon hypersonic sea rocket will have a speed of nine Mach numbers (more than three kilometers per second at the surface of the Earth) and a flight range of more than a thousand kilometers. Weapons will be received by existing and under construction surface and submarine ships, including those built for Caliber missiles. “Calculate how fast, in how many minutes this product can achieve the goal that will be set for it. That’s all. And compare: 10-12 minutes of flight time to Moscow, and how many will be up to decision-making centers that pose a certain threat to us, ”Putin said, adding that“ this will not be in their favor, ”“ in any case, today “. Head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Bondarev, commenting on the capabilities of “Zircon”, said that hypersonic weapons “on the scale of inflicting damage on the enemy are comparable to nuclear weapons, but do not damage the environment, do not harm civilians, destroy strictly specified targets, without involving whole cities, countries, nations ”to the orbit of their destructive influence.” According to Khmyrov, Zircon missiles launched from Russian ships will be able to hit targets within 500 minutes at a distance of 500 kilometers from the coast, and ships in the Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific can launch “at decision centers [about launching American missiles from European installations], located on the territory of North America “, immediately on 40 Zircon missiles. The Rear Admiral in retirement noted that during this time the missile defense system of the enemy can detect, but not intercept the flying missiles. According to the former commander of the Baltic Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Valuev, the president, referring to ships in the far sea zone, meant frigates of the project 22350.

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“We have our own strategy, the concept of using nuclear weapons, it does not provide for a preemptive strike. We are talking about comparable values ​​associated with threats to us, ”said Putin.

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