Travel company in the United States

  • Free inbox – in 144 countries!
  • Internet abroad – from 30 kopecks / MB!
  • Calls to Russia – from 3 rub / min
  • Free calls to Russia on Viber

For profitable 4G internet and calls all over the world

Free calls to Russia on Viber without Internet 4G / LTE Internet abroad – from 30 kopecks / MB Free incoming calls in 140 countries

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Victoria Shostak

I have been using the GoodLine SIM cards for a long time and, it seems, I have already tried all their variations. It is pleasant that each new product is more useful than the previous one and follows the trends of the “mobile” fashion. In my TOP today “mini-Internet” for communication in instant messengers, preferential calls within Europe and to city numbers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as a huge number of Internet packages for all occasions and travel formats.

Elena Nikolaeva

Hello to all! Today I want to share with you great news! This applies to those of you who love to travel in comfort. An integral part of comfort is cellular communication! Goodline’s traveler sim card is what you need to stay in touch and not worry about your budget. A variety of tariff plans will satisfy the most fastidious of you. And the fact that the card can be obtained free of charge is probably everyone will like it! Since I am now overseas, this card helps me very much.

Alexey Bocharov

I recommend to all sailors! I’ve been using it not for the first year, it’s very convenient on a flight! I bought it on the website, I brought a courier, everything is fast and convenient! It works stably without interruptions, many countries support goodline! The tariff range is various, choose any business!

Galina Anfilogova

For more than 8 years in my travels around the world, and this is Europe, Asia, South America, I use the Goodline tourist SIM card, which only works abroad and is much cheaper to use than any roaming. Few of my friends who travel abroad use a tourist sim card, because they do not know about the existence of such. They buy it in the offices of mobile communication, for example, I bought in Beeline. Very economical. Recommend.

Viktor Fedorov

I regularly use the GoodLine SIM card when traveling abroad. Satisfied. Significantly saves costs when calling home. Recommend. Used it both in Croatia, and in France, and in the Czech Republic with Turkey – there were no problems anywhere. Everything went very well. It is especially pleasant that the connection goes only when the operator makes sure that the second subscriber is in touch.

Alexander Osipov

I purchased a new GoodLine SIM card for traveling abroad. I have been using the services of this company for a long time, only positive impressions. And on the new tariff Good-Roaming, the price of the Internet has been reduced and there is no call back. Now the possibilities of roaming will become even wider. I did not find any analogs from other mobile operators, including European ones. I recommend GoodLine to all travelers!

Yury shakhov

I wanted to tell about a very interesting thing – the tourist sim card Goodline. Conveniently, I tell you! Not the first year I use, no problems. Allows you to save on travel. Especially true in short tours. As they say compare with the tariffs of your operators! I am sure you will understand that the savings are more than decent! I lost my first SIM card, got a new one by mail absolutely free and very fast!

Tatyana Lobodina

When traveling around Europe, my husband and I always use a SIM card for communication.

Sanat abilov

About 5 years ago, I tested the GoodLine tourist SIM-card not particularly liked (callback), but the cost per minute was acceptable than from other cellular operators in the Russian Federation. Now, the situation has exceeded all my expectations, the callback has disappeared, I make all calls through messengers, the cost per MB of traffic is acceptable outside of the Russian Federation! Aber Gut Line)))

Anna Vinnikova

Hello! Friends, I want to share with you. On a trip to the sea, bought a good-line sim card! And not a bit sorry. Very favorable rates, always in touch, the Internet is at hand! When we arrived at the airport – quickly connected the SIM card and wrote to all the relatives that we got well))) Therefore, I advise everyone to travel to the Good line sim card, take it with you to the trip, you will not regret.

I used a Godline SIM card in Stockholm, Good-Roaming tariff, an option is worth "Always on-line" – for 1 year,

I flew to Stockholm on New Year’s holidays, on arrival I stuck a sim card into an iPhone – it all worked right away, without any additional manual settings and other dances with tambourines. In Stockholm, it was 4 days, everything worked great – the Internet is excellent 4G-LTE, the operator TELIA. I used Votsap, Vayber, Google maps, and browsers everything works, the connection is stable, Apple Pay on the phone works without failures. In general, everything is super, a thing that is necessary and useful when traveling abroad.

Elena Belaventseva

When traveling to European countries for more than 10 years, I have been using the services of the operator Good Line. Card received for free. According to the “All Europe” tariff, 1 minute of a conversation with Moscow for a stationary city number is 0.05 US dollars, for a mobile one – 0.29 US dollars. Good call quality is very good and the ability to communicate freely, without counting minutes. In comparison with the Russian operators in roaming it turns out very cheap.

Travel company in the United States

Rail Kamalov

We are going once again on a trip. You always want to be in touch! And this is where the GoodLine SIM card helps us. Last time there were in Italy, the Internet and calls everywhere and without problems. The connection is excellent, the Internet speed is high. Now we are going to Germany, and GoodLine will accompany us. We recommend GoodLine sim card when traveling. All a pleasant journey.

Travel company in the United States

Evgenia Smirnova

Gathered on vacation and thought about how to save on calls to close friends Years already 10 ago, when going on a trip abroad, I thought about how cheaper to call relatives if suddenly there is no Internet at hand (then it wasn’t everywhere and expensive) ). Friends recommended GoodLine, a carrier, read it, arranged it, ordered a card, I even remember that we took it straight home. Now on each trip we take it with us, and give it to friends for rest. Communication is excellent, calls are not expensive and always in touch

Irina Borschenko

I want to share the experience of using the Internet and calls while traveling abroad. For many years now, I use the GoodLine, Planet tariff

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