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Vacation at sea – what is it like

Here comes the long-awaited time for vacations – summer. Many of us would like to spend holidays on the sea, and some may want to relax on sightseeing trips or in a secluded hut on the edge of the forest. Everyone’s dreams are different, but they all agree on one thing – they definitely need rest. Let someone carve out for the rest of the whole week of free time, and someone was lucky and he has three months of travel, fishing and meetings with bosom friends ahead of him. The most important thing is to achieve the goal to which you aspired, to realize the dream that helped you while away the long winter nights, and gave strength to hard working days to move on. Every dream has its own, we are all different. Having planned a long and informative journey to the ends of the world, or those who simply want everyone to leave him alone, and to isolate himself from the whole world in a small shack, our story will not be interesting. Our story is for those who have planned a vacation at sea this season ..

The sea offers you extremely diverse types of recreation – both active recreation, and quiet rest. The coast of the Black and Azov Seas, as beads, is decorated with inexpensive guest houses, comfortable hotels, boarding houses, recreation centers. Resorts in Russia offer a holiday by the sea for every taste – water parks, excursions, a relaxing beach holiday, yachts, hang-gliders, restaurants and much more.

Cheap vacation by the sea or 7 golden rules that reduce the cost of relaxing by the sea by 50%

What is useful to rest by the sea?

Rest on the sea provides a unique opportunity to combine entertainment and treatment. The most valuable thing is that treatment on vacation by the sea happens on its own, without effort from the rest. Sea water has much in common in salt composition with human blood and lymph.

The benefits of marine recreation are enormous:

  • all vital trace elements are absorbed when swimming in the sea right through the skin
  • improves metabolism
  • trains the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • increases vitality
  • the body is tempered

The density of water in the sea is less than the density of ocean water, so it is comfortable to dive into the sea from any height, salts dissolved in water do not irritate the skin and eyes, and it is not necessary to wash off the Black Sea salts after bathing. The unique climate, the air soaked with healing sea salts, the water saturated with minerals normalizes the processes in the body, and therefore the general recovery of all organs takes place at rest by the sea.

How to choose the right place to relax by the sea

Preparation for rest

To get maximum pleasure from the rest, choose a place for yourself by the sea in advance. Modern technology today in this regard, work wonders. In addition, the Internet pages are full of various rental housing advertisements on the sea, you can take advantage of the reviews of tourists who posted their impressions of a particular hotel and come back from their holidays, and then make their own, objective opinion about this accommodation facility. If you will go to sea on your own, review the entire route in advance to know exactly the direction of travel.

Many guest houses on the sea today offer their guests a transfer – the possibility of meeting and seeing off. For vacationers it is very convenient, but you need to consider that the transfer is not always free.

You can not worry about food during the holidays, as most hotels and mini hotels on the sea have their own cafes and restaurants, or canteens, where they offer à la carte menus or set meals. In addition, often these resort hotels also have kitchens for self-catering with all the necessary equipment and cooking utensils. If you choose the option of housing for a seaside holiday more expensive, you may even have your own kitchen in the room. There are even such guest houses on the sea, in the bar of which the whole range of local wines is presented. If your owners have not provided such a service to you, do not be upset. Almost every corner of every street in any town near the sea has special shops or cellars, where the range of real Crimean wines will surprise any connoisseur of this divine drink. Here the main rule for tourists arriving on vacation is not to overdo the tasting))

Travel and vacation best resorts

Features of recreation in the private sector

Today, many tourists, going on vacation by the sea, make a choice in favor of the private sector. This is not surprising, since the level of service for guests in the private sector is no different from service in hotels and commercial hotels, and this is usually a vacation without intermediaries. It has long been sunk into the century by the old woman with a sign at the station, who led you into their rickety shacks. Modern rooms at the sea are also often cleaned, as well as in expensive hotels, laundry and ironing services, excursions, beach equipment rental services are provided. And the apartments themselves have all the amenities for a serene resort holiday, starting from the refrigerator and ending with wireless Internet and split-system. It all depends on the level and category of the object in which you are located, and accordingly on the amount you are willing to pay for the rest.

Travel and vacation best resorts

Private sector at the seaside instructions for the correct choice

In addition, you can safely add hospitality, warmth, cordiality and politeness with which you will be met in the private sector to the usual list of services laid by holidaymakers on the sea. After all, these places, most often, fill the owners themselves, and not administrators. Therefore, it is extremely important for them that you have the most joyful memories after a sea holiday. How else? For them, this is not just a job, but a part of life. And most often, the only seasonal earnings.

Most modern guest houses on the sea do not allow smoking in rooms and living with pets, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, we advise you to discuss such nuances before going on vacation. What are the charm and benefits of living in the private sector?

There are many advantages, but the main ones are as follows:

  • Firstly, you have fewer neighbors on vacation, compared to a sanatorium or a recreation center. This means that no one will bother you during the holidays.
  • Secondly, almost all the guest houses by the sea provide their guests with completely free use of barbecue. Well, what kind of vacation without barbecue in the lap of nature?
  • Thirdly, independence from the meal schedule and freedom of movement.

Most of the private houses on the sea have their own recreation area, playgrounds, swimming pools with sun loungers and secured parking. Some owners of guest houses by the sea go further and provide their guests with mini-libraries or children’s rooms.

So read, browse, choose and relax. For our part, we wish you a pleasant and successful holiday at the sea!

How not to spoil your vacation at sea

What to beware of, going on holiday by the sea

Guest houses of the private sector by the sea in Russia in recent years are becoming increasingly popular. The sea washes many cities of Russia, and time dictates its own rules – in 2019, the private sector is significantly different from the rest that Russians could get, say 10 years ago. The level of service on holiday by the sea is increasing every year, and comfortable guest house rooms may well compete with the suites of the best pearls of foreign resorts. Moreover, in comparison with foreign analogues, vacation by the sea in Russia is quite inexpensive. But often, having come to rest on the sea, tourists are faced with the unpleasant need to walk with suitcases, children, tired after the road, and look for suitable housing options by the sea. And not always such efforts give a good result. Tired and exhausted, many people stay where the price is right for rest, or even worse – where there are just empty seats.

How to protect yourself from such situations?

Of course, this situation greatly spoils the impression of a holiday by the sea. But, dear vacationers, because there is a large proportion of your fault in this – would you go to the sea abroad without choosing a hotel in advance for a comfortable holiday? Isn’t it easier, without haste, sitting in a comfortable chair, to choose from a huge number of leisure options just for you, and it’s better to book a meeting that is cheaper than any taxi at the station or at the airport, and go on holiday by the sea for the same money, if not cheaper, nowhere, but in a place prepared for you in advance.

After reading the description of any resort, you will be able to get an idea in advance of the place where you are going to go on vacation without intermediaries, so that upon arrival at the sea you will not be disappointed. For example, you are going on a vacation with children who dreamed about sand castles and shallow sea, and ended up at a resort with large pebble beaches and a sea-bottom that is rapidly gaining depth. Unpleasant, is not it? Or, in search of a vibrant nightlife, young people come to rest in a small secluded village by the sea and are wondering where the night discos, foam parties and fashionable restaurants have gone?

In order to not spoil your vacation at sea, we advise you to thoroughly prepare for your trip and study the features of the resort place to which you are going.

Holidays without intermediaries or how to secure a home by the sea without overpayments

Safe holiday on the beach

Rest on the sea should bring only pleasure, so let us once again remind ourselves of the rules of behavior in the sun. If you, knowing about the dangers of solar effects on our skin, yet decided to soak up the sea under the rays of the gentle southern sun, then at least do it in the evening and morning hours, apply sunscreen on your holiday and do not abuse it. If you cannot swim, then carefully probe the seabed. And for lovers of diving, we advise you to do this only in authorized and verified places in order to avoid accidents.

Travel and vacation best resorts

If you are traveling with the whole family, then make sure that the rest on the sea is pleasant for every member of your family. Hats are compulsory for babies at sea and make sure that they do not overheat or outbid. You must agree, it is not enough pleasant to spend the whole rest with a cold and on the beach, or even worse, to recover from a sunstroke or sunburn.

Always take with you to the beach a sufficient amount of drinking water, sunscreen and hats that will help prevent dehydration and overheating.

Do not forget on vacation at the sea about safety and ecology – you and I should get joy from communicating with the sea, so we ask you not to put your health and the health of your children at rest at risk, and also to maintain cleanliness on the beaches and in public places of the resorts . And then the whole year your body will thank you for your care, and your thoughts will carry you into pleasant memories of an amazing vacation at sea.

Geography of sea resorts in Russia

Most residents of our country still prefer the Black and Azov Seas overseas resorts, and it is the private sector. Holidays with children on the sea should be emphasized separately. Nowhere in the world will you find so many specialized children’s resorts with a gentle slope to the sea, golden sand, and a unique set of recreational and recreational activities for you and your children, like on our coast.

A little bit about the rest on the Crimean peninsula

Rest in the Crimea is unforgettable. Any city, including resorts by the sea, has a centuries-old history and is surrounded by many legends, has countless mysterious caves, majestic mountains and the most beautiful natural area. Its forests have unique vegetation that has healing and healing properties. Why are only juniper groves! A lot of articles and reviews have been written about the healing properties of phytoncides secreted by juniper, and in combination with the sea it is just a haven for recovery. If you have often been ill throughout the year, your immunity is reduced, then you have a direct route to rest in the Crimea, closer to the miraculous plants and the sea. The climate in Crimea is mild, contributing to raising immunity, rejuvenation, inspiration.

Favorite places of Crimea

In Crimea, many legendary places, visiting which, you will feel like a part of the history of the Crimean peninsula. Such places include: Vorontsovsky, Livadia Palace, Mount Akhun. In the Yalta mountain-forest natural reserve you can see the unique and rich flora and fauna. Most of its inhabitants are listed in the Red Book. The main attraction of Sevastopol is Tauric Chersonesos, or rather what is left of it. Vacationers who visited him will see the remains of houses and the ruins of the ancient theater, the remains of defensive walls. There are legends about the famous Ai-Petri mountain located between Koreiz and Alupka. You can reach it by cable car and watch from its top a panorama of the surroundings of Yalta.

The Swallow’s Nest is considered to be the undisputed symbol of the Crimea. Closest to him can be reached from Mishor or Livadia. The gothic style of the castle and the miniature of the building amazes and delights the audience. The size of the castle is surprisingly small: 20 by 10 by 12m, it is located on a cliff above the sea. The castle was originally called the Castle of Love. Visiting Adzhimushkay quarries, which are located in the suburbs of Kerch, you will also learn a lot of historical facts about the liberation of the city and the work of partisan detachments who courageously fought against the fascists during the Great Patriotic War. The museum, open in the quarries, preserved exhibits and the remains of documents, helmets and other defensive equipment of soldiers. On the Mithridates Hill, towering in the east of Theodosia, remained the ruins of fortifications. As well as a modern monument to the soldiers of the Red Army. The remarkable thing about this place is that it offers a magnificent view of the sea and Theodosia Bay.

Sights in the Crimea is not considered. There are a lot of them and each of them deserves close attention. So on vacation you are waiting for not only the sea and the sun, but also the most exciting trips around the Crimean peninsula.

Staying on the Crimean peninsula is like a fairy tale. If you ever come here to rest, then you will certainly want to come back again. Especially if the rest by the sea was a success. And in order for everything to turn out well and only pleasant impressions remain in the memory of a holiday at sea, you need to plan and think about everything in advance. We advise you to view photos of resorts, read reviews, compare all the pros and cons, and only then go on holiday. If everything is planned and agreed in advance, then you have nothing else to do but to enjoy the sea and the beauty of the Crimean peninsula, its picturesque landscapes, try natural Crimean wines and watch the surrounding nature.

For lovers of a relaxing holiday, small secluded villages by the sea are more suitable, where the locals are friendly and hospitable, deserted beaches are clean and landscaped, and the healing sea air is mixed with the aromas of coniferous forests and together they create a unique cocktail, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous and respiratory systems.

A little bit about the rest in the Krasnodar Territory

Krasnodar region is famous for its mineral waters and mud springs. Their waters and muds still work wonders. If the purpose of your trip to the sea is a recovery, then you certainly have to explore all the hospitals in the Kuban when planning your vacation and find the one that can help you. Of course you can come to rest on the sea by savages, some tourists feel this special charm. On the territory of many resort towns there are special auto campsites for this. But keep in mind that such a holiday is not suitable for everyone and you will have to accept the lack of many benefits of civilization. You must be prepared for this, then camping at the seaside will not disappoint you.

There are many places in the Krasnodar Territory that will appeal to history buffs and simply inquisitive tourists. Ancient dolmens, ancient fortresses, unique nature reserves, the Valley of lotuses, century-old caves – all this awaits you on various excursion trips around the Krasnodar Territory.

Directory Specialization Rusmore

On the Internet there are many sites that represent the rest of the sea. But there are practically no those who would offer exactly the rest in the private sector with all the details, high-quality photos, and current prices. It is the idea to make life easier for holidaymakers and to help them not to spoil their vacation by the sea, which is the basis of our portal. After all, the services of our portal are absolutely free for you! Choose a guest house by the sea in advance, and protect yourself from unpleasant moments on vacation. It does not really matter which of the cities on the sea you choose – in any case on our portal there is a guest house suitable for your holiday.

Our portal is the only resource that represents the private guest sector along the entire Russian coast – we have the entire coast of the Krasnodar Territory, the Taman Peninsula and the popular resorts of the Crimea.

We will help you choose the right place to relax on the sea!

If you are still undecided or in doubt about where to go on vacation, then you should know – we specifically study the sea resorts of our country, and write our articles for you, trying to describe each resort in detail to help you make this difficult choice – choose a decent place to stay on the sea. After all, Sunny Crimea and Krasnodar Territory are beautiful, and at the same time, they are individual and unique in their own way. Some resort town is replete with beach rides and entertainment centers, dolphinariums and water parks. Some coastal villages attract tourists to relax by uncrowded spacious beaches, secluded coves with crystal clear sea water. There are places on the sea, chosen by divers and surfers, most often these are rocks and reefs with a rich underwater world and its inhabitants. And some resorts offer a lot of sightseeing trips and inspection of local attractions.

Our site also provides the opportunity to choose a guest house in the all-the-year-round resort Krasnaya Polyana. Krasnaya Polyana is mainly represented by hotels and apartments. On the pages of our site you can get acquainted with the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana, with their features and specialization, and the uninitiated will certainly be surprised by the range of entertainment offered by the Krasnaya Polyana resorts. Ski resorts are equipped with the latest technology, and for vacationers in the off-season, Krasnaya Polyana resort provides a large number of other types of recreation and entertainment.

We thank you for your attention to our directory, and we hope that our work will be very useful for you. If your vacation at sea turns out to be at least a little more comfortable thanks to our directory, this will be the best reward and the highest rating of our work.

Enjoy your holiday at sea!

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