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Standard equipment:

  • High quality marine aluminum body (AL Mg5M)
  • Bottom sheet – 6 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • Board – 4 mm. (AL Mg5M). Keel – 10 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • Transom reinforced – 20 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • Longitudinal cross-set reinforced – 5 mm. (AL Mg5M)
  • Body Color (White)
  • Deck made of impact-resistant plastic gelcoat coating Premium class (white color)
  • Non-slip coating on the nose, feed, potopchiny (plastic)
  • Free beam
  • Cab glass rear wall
  • Sliding window on the left side of the cabin
  • Sliding glass door in the cabin (with lock) with access to the cockpit
  • Glass sliding door on the right side of the cabin
  • Deck hatch in the fore cabin glass
  • Cup holders in the foredeck – 2 pcs.
  • Leer nasal stainless steel Ø 32 mm.
  • Leer feed stainless steel Ø 32 mm.
  • Roof railing with stainless steel Ø 32 mm.
  • Panoramic cabin glazing (tempered glass, 6 mm.)
  • Mooring cleats – 6 pcs. (stainless steel)
  • Bow cabin for two berths
  • Aft cabin for two berths
  • Soft overlays (mattresses) berths in the bow cabin (textiles)
  • Soft overlays (mattresses) berths in a stern cabin (textiles)
  • Runduk under the beds – 4 pcs. (white plastic)
  • Sofa in the cabin left side – 2 pcs.
  • The table in the cabin on the telescopic stand
  • Storage drawers – 5 pcs.
  • Opening lockers (with doors) in the cabin – 4 pcs. (white plastic)
  • Place for the installation of the refrigerator
  • Upholstery interior (cloth)
  • Captain’s chair (cloth)
  • Fuel gauge
  • Compass
  • Steering Wheel with GRIZZLY Logo
  • Lamps in the cabin – 6 pcs.
  • Socket 12 V.
  • Fresh water tank – 100 l. (g alune block)
  • Pump head, sink, mixer
  • Door with lock in the latrine block
  • Preparation for the installation of the shower
  • Galley block (sink, gas stove)
  • Fuse box
  • Key off mass 300A
  • Running lights – 2 pcs.
  • Parking light
  • Masthead fire
  • Electric bilge pump – 4 pcs. (automatic)
  • Cockpit Chests – 3 pcs.
  • Fuel tank – 600 l.
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Transom plates
  • Wipers – 2 pcs.

Short description


Additional description

As befits a true flagship of a large shipyard with a long history, the GRIZZLY 960 model incorporates all the best practices of the company that have been accumulated over the years of production of boats. The tendency of increasing demand for large-sized boats, a completely different level of habitability predetermined the emergence of such a model in the company GRIZZLY. However, this boat did not become one of them, but represents in many ways a unique project, which has no analogues on the market of boats today. First of all, we are talking about its two-component case. Where the base of the hull is made of powerful and extremely durable aluminum special marine series, and the upper part (deck and deckhouse), as well as decks from fiberglass traditional for cruise and sports boats and finished with the most modern materials, providing the maximum level of comfort on board.

The boat has excellent running characteristics. Perfectly controlled at low speed, it has a quick and comfortable access to the planing mode. It has a high speed in the displacement mode and a low minimum speed in the gliding mode. At the same time accelerating in cruising mode over 60 km / h, and in the maximum almost 95 km / h, which puts him on a par with the class of sports and pleasure boats. At the same time, thanks to the powerful aluminum hull, it is not whimsical and allows it to be operated in difficult and dangerous waters, if necessary, regularly mooring to the shore. What, above all, significantly expands the geography of operation of this model, and therefore, the boundaries of travel for the owner. It is no secret that the majority of cruise boats and motor yachts, despite their good habitability, are not adapted for long autonomous expeditions and are tied to the marina. The GRIZZLY 960 boat, with its good running characteristics and excellent habitability, is perfectly adapted to long expeditions and fishing in the OFF-SHORE stela.

Driving characteristics and seaworthiness are provided not only with good contours, but also with three pairs of longitudinal redans. A comfort control at low speeds during the “parking” in the marina or approach to the mooring wall provides the thruster. The hull of the boat is stylish and modern. A special pad is installed in the nose of the hull, which plays a role not only decorative, but also quite practical: protecting the hull from damage when lifting the armature. And the anchor winch itself is recessed into a special self-drain anchor locker. That in turn provides free passage to the bow of the boat and access to the shore in case of necessity. The main and lower fenders are used for additional protection of the hull during mooring as a lag to the berthing wall or another vessel. And the unsinkability of the hull is provided with four independent compartments, each of which is equipped with an automatic drain pump. From the general lineup, GRIZZLY also provides a reverse tilted windshield. This is the global trend of recent years. In this position, the sun glare is much less, and splashes from water and raindrops do not linger on the glass. What affects the comfort and safety of management. On the transom of the boat installed two engines. And this is also the current trend: avoiding mono installation. Two motors provide better handling, maneuverability, more stable access to the planing mode, allows you to make a full turn almost staying in place. And most importantly, providing greater security in case of failure of one of the engines. Total engine power can vary from 2 x 200 to 2 x 400

The exit to the spacious swimming platform is provided by a powerful goose-pitch drop ladder. The elongated crinolines and the bathing platform space as a whole make it possible to use this space during fishing, water activities or engine maintenance. You can get into the cockpit on both sides, where for safety hinged doors are installed to prevent free access to the bathing platform. This is very important if there are children on board. Both the stern board and the entire perimeter of the hull are enclosed with powerful and reliable roof rails. What is also important for safety and, if necessary, additional equipment can be easily installed on them. The aft cockpit is very spacious and multifunctional. If the boat is conceived as a fishing boat, you can leave it free, or install a layvel layvel (aerated tank). But you can accommodate and additional equipment. Table and seats, for example. In the deck are hidden several voluminous lockers. The boat is made in the concept of WALKAROUND, however, there is a feature here. The cabin is shifted to the left side. Thus, the passage on the left side of the usual, and along the right is much wider. This is done because it is the starboard (the side of the captain) is more in demand for moving. First of all, during mooring. The bow deck can be used during fishing. It is quite spacious here, and high rails ensure a safe stay in this part of the body. Moreover, here is the place where you can place the so-called “San Dec” or a special mattress for sunbathing lovers. Here on both sides are installed for the cup holder. The roof of the cabin is multifunctional. Here is located the LED beam of the working light. On the radar arch are placed sound horns, radio station antennas, a headlamp with remote control and the radar antenna of the navigation system itself. The cutting house is very durable and can withstand heavy, bulky cargo. Thus, here you can place an inflatable tender boat, or other expedition equipment. In the rear part of the cabin, a targa with spinners and a glider system can be installed. The boat is perfect for lovers of trolling fishing on large ponds. Entry into the cabin is provided with a sliding double door with a locking system in different positions. On the starboard side is a section-galley. Wash basin and gas stove, 220V outlet, powered by shore power system. And a wash basin. As well as a locker and convenient shelves for kitchen utensils and supplies. Under the captain’s seat is a 50 liter 12V refrigerator. On the starboard side is the place of the team, where four people will comfortably sit at the table. And if necessary, the table is lowered and performs the function of “mortgage” for a bed for two people. The control post is made in the classic stele of the GRIZZLY company; several navigation instruments with a 9-inch display, an autopilot control system and engine control are easily accommodated here. And so de all the standard equipment of the captain. The stylish steering wheel has height adjustments, as well as a comfortable captain’s chair. Allowing you to choose a convenient configuration depending on the size of the owner of the boat. A very important detail in this part of the hull: the door on the side of the captain. Its value is difficult to overestimate. This is the fastest, most convenient and safe access to the cockpit. The ability to quickly take mooring lines or tie off fenders and even go ashore in certain cases. Sliding door performs the role of additional ventilation. And of course, being an additional solution, it also affects the safety of being in the wheelhouse.

Travel and leisure top

The deck floor in the wheelhouse has additional lighting that allows you to comfortably and safely navigate the boat in the dark, and the light does not prevent the captain from controlling the boat. In front of the cabinet there is a spacious latrine with a washbasin and a shower. Full guest cabin on the left side and a large master cabin in the front. With additional volumetric lockers, cabinets and shelves. As well as several portholes and fore-suites for additional ventilation.

The possibilities and the volume of the hull space allow you to fill the boat with equipment necessary depending on the purpose of the boat. Be it a family weekend trip for; active leisure with friends; long expeditions or fishing. The boat is equally good both as a comfortable means of transportation around the water area and as a place for autonomous travel. It all depends on your wishes.

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