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To travel as often as possible, you need to be able to find the best prices for tours, flights and hotels. I have already written about independent ticket search and hotel selection more than once, but I haven’t told about trips yet. Today I will issue all the services and sites where I am looking for cheap tours, and tell you how you can save on the rest organized by the tour operator.


How to search for cheap tours?

Going on vacation, I always consider both options – and independent travel, and the purchase of the tour. From Siberia to many places it is cheaper and more convenient to get just a tour (although this limits you in choosing a hotel and the duration of your stay). At the same time, I do not trust the choice of a country, a resort, or even a hotel to a travel agent — I select everything exclusively on my own and very carefully. To do this, I have several sites in my bookmarks, special mailings come to the mail, and an application is installed in the phone. As soon as the next trip appears in the plans, I start studying all the offers in all services, and in the end I find the perfect one.

Here are some tips for finding a cheap tour:

  • Subscribe to all newsletters in advance, even if you have not yet decided on dates, budget and rest period
  • Do not lock in any one country – you can have a good rest everywhere, so keep track of all possible resorts.
  • Play with the deadlines – often a 13-day tour costs only a few thousand less than a 10
  • Consider the neighboring regions – no cheap tours from Omsk? See Ekaterinburg or Novosibirsk
  • In your search, score not only your favorite “All inclusive”, but also “FB” (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or even “HB” (tomorrow + dinner) – with a sufficient difference in price, this option may well pay for itself. In addition, some good hotels in Europe do not work with all-inclusive, so you can miss them
  • Keep track of the hotels rating, but do not focus on it – often at a good price new hotels are offered without any rating at all, and in order to earn a good reputation, they will try to please the first customers. Also check the rating on several sites, and be sure to read the negative reviews (often people give low marks completely unreasonably)
  • Do not discard the options with Fortuna (when you are sent to any hotel of a certain star), but do not take risks if the price difference is low. Fortune is worth traveling only with tour operators with a good reputation, well, be prepared for the fact that the hotel may not like it. This is a good option for countries where you spend most of your time outside the hotel.
  • Do not mess with little-known tour operators, especially if they offer very low prices.
  • Sometimes it is advantageous to take the cheapest tour and use it as a ticket, and book the hotel yourself. Just keep in mind that often you need to be sure the tour operator, so that you will not be removed from the return flight. In general, tell the meeting guide at the airport that you are planning to live in another hotel, and he will tell you how to proceed.
  • From my experience, good prices for vouchers usually come at the end of April-May and after mid-September-October.
  • Vouchers to visa countries often burn, so it makes sense to make a Schengen in advance and watch out for offers (just keep in mind that if this is your first entry into Europe, you must go to the country that issued the visa). And by the way, in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania, you can enter the Cyprus multivisa, which is done for free in just a few days.

9 services for finding cheap trips


Last minute travel site

I want to start with my favorite site –


More last minute tours to



Selection and purchase of tours online at

Nowadays, services for online booking of tours are gaining more and more popularity, thanks to which you don’t need to leave home and go to a travel agent. You pick up a tour on the site and immediately pay it on the card. All the necessary documents come to your email. It seems to me that it is for such services that the future is, in any case for those people who can independently choose a hotel. But it will take time before the sites earn themselves a serious enough reputation so that you can safely buy vouchers through them. In the end, tickets, too, once it was scary to buy on the Internet on “some strange sites.”

Travel agent quotes

In my bookmarks at the moment two services –

4. Mobile application and website

Recently, I put an application on my phone for searching and buying Travelata tours – I used to use their website, but the application is much more convenient. I love services that are constantly evolving and being complemented, at the same time they are stylish and, to be honest, help me in finding cheap tours. Follow the link and download the application (or use the site – as familiar as you like).

It’s very convenient that on Travelata the cost of the tour is shown immediately with a fuel surcharge (unlike, for example, from the same moihottour) – it annoys me wildly when after loading the tour its price increases by several thousand due to the fee.

Another nice bonus is that Travelata tour can be paid in two installments of 50%. One payment is made at the time of booking a tour and the second one – within 3 days from the date of confirmation. Not the biggest delay, of course, but still comfortable. I myself personally did not buy vouchers through this service, but since I decided to participate in their lottery for 100 rubles and received a 1000 rubles coupon for any tour, I may soon try to buy a tour on Travelata.

Travel agent quotes

5 Appendix

This is a version for computers, but I like the application

It was with his help that we found our super hotel in Rhodes for quite reasonable money, although before that, of course, we had to look through a whole bunch of options. Conveniently, the application is always with you on the phone, and you can poke around in the vouchers at any convenient time. The issue can be sorted by the name of the hotel and, for example, to remove tour operators you do not want to fly with. Each hotel in the application has a rating and reviews, which is very convenient at the initial stage of selection (then, of course, reviews should be read on other services). In addition, you can sign up for a tour and if the price for it drops, you will receive a notification on the phone. This, by the way, is also relevant for already purchased vouchers, for example, our friends told the tour operator to change their hotel to a more expensive one after the price of the voucher bought dropped by several thousand rubles.


Chief assistant for independent travelers

To the website


Not very convenient professional tourist portal

The stock exchange of the professional tourist portal Tourdom is in my bookmarks and occasionally I look at it, but I never really used it. Here, information is collected every day about burning and abandoned tours, as well as charter tickets, which can be purchased without paying for the hotel. Some tours can be purchased here on the site online.


All interesting tours and profile tickets

I signed up on these guys on instagram, and often they replace all of the above resources. Daily on site

9 Instagram Uletimru

And some more tours here Uletimru

Travelers Anton and Irina Konstantinov have a very useful account on Instagram (as well as a channel in the telegraph). The guys themselves daily look through the shares of the airline and the proposals of tour operators and lay out interesting finds. Most of all here, of course, air tickets, but the tours often skip, so I highly recommend to subscribe.

As I look through all these services day after day, my head is torn from the variety of cheap tours and air tickets. Recently, I realized that I can not keep it to myself and launched a profile on Instagram

I would like to note (about the Trip Hunter Club service) that information is not taken from Pirates :) Just like Pirates, information is taken from well-known search resources for tickets and burning tours, as well as foreign information services. Accordingly, the same proposals may appear there and also from various other partners in this field.

Thank you very much for the fair addition.

Hello. Interesting services. Someday try to use them.

I visited http: //

Hello. I always use this site just as a search engine, and then I buy from my travel agent at about the same price (thanks to the discount). Just their site is convenient for search. I can’t say anything about the purchase – there was no experience

And what’s wrong with them? We want to fly through them. Their prices are generally fabulous.

In fact, there is no fundamental difference where to buy a tour. Moygorytyurtur sell all the same vouchers from ordinary tour operators, as other travel agencies, just they apparently have a minimum commission. I’m used to making out tours with my travel agent, so I’m looking for moihottur, and I’m buying it in a familiar place (with my discount, the price is the same). With the same success you can buy on

To this list, I would like to add Freshim. I often appeal here.

And ideally – go for free!)) Another idea – contests, and this is a very real option. Last year we went to Sochi, then I didn’t hope that I would win, but now I’m already collecting things for the Seychelles)) TNT competition is going on, you can at least believe that they’ll actually be taken away to the Seychelles, but not far away)

That’s cool!)) Our friends also won a trip to Sochi from Gazprom. And what a competition for TNT?

My glorious tour is a really great site, I also repeatedly bought tours from Novosibirsk from them – I had no problems!) Thanks for other resources)

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