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Railway transport is still considered one of the most reliable and convenient, and in the near future in this industry the situation will not change. For those people who want to help her in development, a college of rail transport has been created in Moscow. What specialties can I get here? Let’s find the answer to this question for applicants wishing to attend the Russian Railways College in Moscow after the 9th grade, and also get a better look at the educational organization.

History of the school

Modern college, working in Moscow, appeared a long time ago. Its history began in 1872. Emperor Alexander II ordered the opening of a technical railway school in Moscow. The school was named after Baron A. I. Delvig. This man was a famous leader and organizer of the construction of many large engineering structures in the lands of the Russian Empire.

In the years of its existence, the school was independent. It changed its name several times. It is currently referred to as the Moscow College of Railway Transport. The educational organization is a structural unit of the Institute of Applied Technologies, which, in turn, is part of the Moscow University of Railways, Emperor Nicholas II.

Familiarity with college: open day

Metropolitan College of Railway Transport has an official website. It contains all the information about the suspension and training in it. However, it is often not enough for applicants to have an online resource to make a decision on admission to this college. So that applicants can learn the merits of the college and the peculiarities of studying in it, its employees organize an open door every year. At this event, future students and their parents get acquainted with the management, members of the selection committee, teachers, ask them questions, learn about the proposed specialties, and consult on training and admission.

On the open day, everyone who wishes is given the opportunity to walk through the Russian Railways College at Alekseevskaya, see its audiences, and provide material and technical support. Also, guests are invited to go to the museum of the school. Here are a huge number of photographs and documents related to the history of the college. Having only been here, one can understand what obstacles and events the educational organization went through in its development, what it has been able to achieve over the years.

On the level of education

The Moscow College of Railway Transport is part of the structure of the university, but it does not offer incoming higher education programs. The training includes mid-level specialists. The college is open to graduates of grades 9 and 11. Also, graduates of other colleges and universities who wish to get a new specialty may come here.

Each student of the metropolitan college of railway transport studies many disciplines. After successful completion of all subjects and practices, a diploma of secondary vocational education is issued. With this document, you can easily find a job. If you wish, you can enroll in an institution of higher education for a specialty that was acquired in a secondary vocational school and continue studying under an accelerated program in order to get a higher education.

Specialties related to the transport industry

And now let’s talk about the areas of training that the Russian Railways College offers in Moscow after the 9th grade. All available specialties can be divided into several groups. One of them relates to the transport industry. This group includes specialties related to:

  • with the technical operation of the transport electronic equipment;
  • the construction of railways;
  • maintenance and repair of motor vehicles;
  • the organization of transportations and management on transport;
  • automatics and telemechanics on railway transport, etc.

Travel after college

Each of the specialties is relevant and in demand. For example, the direction of “Organization of transport and transport management” is technical, but at the same time and creative. On it, students learn to organize the movement of trains, effectively and competently manage this process, look for the most rapid and economical solutions.

Travel after college

Computer related professions

Another group of training areas related to computers. One of the specialties in the metropolitan college of railway transport is Computer Networks. On it graduates are awarded qualifications technician. With such a specialty, they can participate in the design of network infrastructure, organize network administration, operate network infrastructure facilities.

The second specialty of the group is “Information systems (by industry)”. It also qualifies for a technician. Students are prepared for the operation and modification of information systems, participation in their development.

The most popular specialties

Some applicants enter the railway college in Moscow because of the presence in it of the most popular specialties in the modern world, allowing them to work in different organizations, enterprises, and individual entrepreneurs.

One of the areas of training – “Economics and Accounting (by industry)”. In the college for this specialty, students study all the necessary disciplines for future practical activities. Training allows you to prepare for accounting, documenting business transactions, performing work on the inventory of the property and financial obligations of the organization, reporting, calculations with budgetary and extra-budgetary funds.

Another of the specialties in the Russian Railways College is Operational Activities in Logistics. By entering it, applicants plan to become operational logisticians in the future. This profession allows you to plan and organize the logistics process in organizations (divisions), manage logistics processes in procurement, production and distribution, optimize organization resources related to managing intangible and material flows, evaluate the performance of logistics systems and monitor logistics operations.


All specialties implement a high-quality educational process. Railway College in Moscow has the necessary material and technical base. There are audiences in which general disciplines are held. There are specially equipped classrooms for practical training. For technical disciplines equipped laboratories.

For example, there are laboratories:

  • computing system architectures;
  • technical means of automation;
  • electrical engineering and electrical measurements;
  • telecommunication systems, etc.


The high quality of education at the Russian Railways College in Moscow after grade 9 is provided by highly qualified specialists. Pedagogical personnel have a higher education in the profile of the taught discipline. Many of them have teaching experience and practical work experience, which is a very important advantage.

Teachers periodically undergo internships. So they update their knowledge, get information relevant for the modern world. Employees are sent to internships to specialized organizations. Such a procedure is carried out at least 1 time in 3 years.

Institutional Reviews

On the metropolitan college Railways reviews leave very different. Many people praise the school, speak after receiving a statement about the fulfillment of their old dream, leave positive comments about the teachers. But there are people who speak negatively about ssuze.

Should I go to Russian Railways College in Moscow after grade 9? Everyone must find the answer to this question himself. The first is to talk with those persons who are in college. They can tell how much quality education you can get in a secondary school. By the way, some of the reviews are just evidence of the fact that teachers teach students very well, give out all the necessary information in class, help those students who could not grasp something.

If, however, it was decided to enter this secondary school, how can you reach it? You can take the subway and get on “Alekseevskaya”. The Russian Railways College will be located 5 minutes away on foot at Kuchin Lane, 14. Here, the admissions committee starts to work in the first building of the educational institution in the summer.

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