Train ride to the west coast

Evpatoria is a city of happiness, a children’s resort and the largest city on the west coast of the Crimean peninsula. This wonderful tourist and historical center of the Republic of Crimea with its long sandy beaches attracts more than one generation of people. Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians each year travel thousands of kilometers in order to sunbathe, swim and relax. How to get to Evpatoria from Moscow? This question worries many tourists. Let’s try to answer it.

Train ride to the west coast

Why go to Evpatoria

But first, let’s decide why we need Evpatoria. The slogan “children’s resort” appeared for a reason. The fact is that here are the best beaches in the Crimea for holidays with small children. There is warm white sand under your feet, rather than sharp and sometimes dirty pebbles, the entrance to the sea is very pleasant, gentle, the depth is “gathered” gradually, which makes staying with a child on this beach absolutely safe. In addition, absolutely clean air (there are no factories and plants here), a mixture of herbs aroma with sea phytoncides is the real protection of childhood and adult immunity from all diseases for the whole year.

Train ride to the west coast

In Evpatoria there are also a lot of places where you can go with children. Many people think that the main sights of Crimea are located near Yalta, but this is not so. There is a wonderful park of miniatures in which models of all famous places of the peninsula are collected. The “Little Jerusalem” route is popular; it is a walking tour through the medieval part of the city with visits to religious places: Karaite kenas, teky dervishes, Muslim mosques and Orthodox churches.

Another highlight of Evpatoria is the tram – this is the only city of Crimea, which has such a mode of transport. Finally, in half an hour’s accessibility from the city is the city of Saki, famous for its therapeutic mud; the largest water park in the Crimea; in an hour of driving are the crystal clear waters of Tarkhankut, cave cities, the Bakhchisarai Palace, which Pushkin used to be, and the capital of the republic.

Another undoubted advantage of this place is the relatively low cost of rest. So, here you can stay in a good hotel with a pool and a restaurant near the sea for about the same price as in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory (Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse), while the southern coast of Crimea from Foros to Sudak cannot boast such affordable prices. True and nature in Evpatoria is very different from Yalta: there are no mountains, forests and reserves – only the steppe and the sea are around.

Want to come here as soon as possible? Do not hurry. First you need to find out how to get to Evpatoria from Moscow. So, more.

Method One: Airplane

The easiest way to spend the minimum amount of time along the route “Moscow – Evpatoria” – the plane. True, there is no airport in the Crimean city, but it is in Simferopol, from where you can reach the place of rest by bus or car for an hour. This is a relatively inexpensive way to travel, since many flights are subsidized by the state. Moreover, it takes very little time – just two and a half hours from the Russian capital to the Crimea. For a ticket for two back and forth will have to pay from 25 thousand rubles.

Method two: train

If you are afraid of flying, you might think about the train. But there is a lot of trouble. Until 2017, there was a direct train “Moscow – Yevpatoria”, which went for several days bypassing Ukraine, going on a ferry across the Kerch Strait. In the opinion of tourists, it was, to put it mildly, terrible and uncomfortable, because the route was closed until the Crimean Bridge was built. Today, since there is no “Moscow-Evpatoria” train (although there is a train station in Evpatoria), you can take a train to Anapa, and from there, take a bus to Evpatoria itself. Travel time by train is 1 day and 15 hours. Bus "Anapa – Evpatoria" without taking the crossing, it will take about 7 more hours. Keep in mind that the crossing may take from an hour, if all is well, to several days, if there is a storm on the sea. The whole trip will cost 10-15 thousand rubles per person in both directions. For two – the same 20-30 thousand as on the plane.

Method three: a single ticket

It was designed to facilitate route planning. Everything looks as follows: you take the train in Moscow, reach Anapa or Krasnodar, transfer to the bus to the ferry, then the ferry waits for you, after which the bus from Kerch to Evpatoria. Everything is about the same as in the previous version. The only difference is that all modes of transport are included in one ticket, and you will definitely leave at the appointed time. The price here is the same as in the second method, the trip time is from 40 hours one way.

Method Four: Bus

Bus “Moscow – Evpatoria” – this is probably one of the cheapest ways to get to the resort. A trip for two in both directions will cost from 10 to 15 thousand rubles, travel time – from 30 hours. The bus goes to a detour of Ukraine, so here everything again depends on the crossing. If the storm in Kerch, the ferry simply can not go to sea, so you have to wait. However, it should be noted that the bus gives an advantage: in the case of a queue, he is the first to board the ferry. By the way, by the way, there are comfortable large buses with a toilet, internet and air conditioning in the cabin.

Train ride to the west coast

Method Five: in the Crimea by car

The question of how to get to Evpatoria from Moscow, worries and many motorists. The route “Moscow – Evpatoria” by car can be overcome in two ways. The first is a detour of Ukraine. The distance is 1800 km, the travel time is about 20-30 hours without taking into account the crossing. A one-way trip will cost about 7 thousand rubles, excluding overnight expenses. The second option: go through Kiev and checkpoints in the Crimea. In this case, you will have to cross the border twice. On the border with the Crimea, this may take a lot of time and difficulties, so this way of travel is chosen by few. The journey time is approximately 25 hours, the distance is 1400 km.

What is better?

So, we considered five possible ways to get to the Crimea from the Russian capital. The fastest of them was the first – the plane. It will take you no more than 3 hours, although it will take a lot of money: a flight for two to two sides will cost about 30 thousand rubles. The cheapest way is the direct bus “Moscow – Evpatoria”. In this case, you will spend only 10 thousand rubles for two in both directions, but you have to go for a very long time: 30 hours or more. Now you know how to get to Evpatoria from Moscow and what to do in this beautiful city, which millions of people love and come back every year for the warm sea, bright sun, magical sunsets and, of course, for health and relaxation.

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