Tours on the eve of the new year 2019

Holiday for New Year and Christmas 2019 in the Moscow region

The new year is the most cheerful and most beloved holiday of the Russians; everyone knows this. Both adults and children are anxiously awaiting to meet him all year, hoping that they will see many unusual joyful surprises and gifts, and maybe changes for the better, affecting the lifelong. By the New Year’s meeting, they begin to conduct troublesome preparation in advance, determined, to begin with, with the place. To make the holiday unforgettable, it is worthwhile to celebrate New Year and Christmas in the Moscow region, having plunged into the fabulous atmosphere of a winter forest or an ancient Russian city. Here one gets the feeling that the organizer is nature itself, creating real magical decorations, behind which Snow Maiden, Father Frost, the Snow Queen or the brothers of fabulous 12 months wait for their release. And they, really, as if by magic, appear by taking part in a festive show program, which will certainly be organized in holiday homes near Moscow.

The meeting of the new year 2019 in the Moscow region is a holiday for the whole family!

While celebrating the New Year in the Moscow region, children, adults, families, and labor collectives are having fun: there is suitable fun for everyone here. Decorating a lively fir, playing snowballs, paintball, erecting snow fortresses, sledding, ski runs, snowboarding races, winter fishing all this creates an enthusiastic mood of joy and a considerable appetite.

Tours on the eve of the new year 2019

Spend the winter holidays in the Moscow region 2019 with a tour operator "Fun Journey".

For lovers of gastronomic delights, dishes prepared according to ancient Russian recipes are served here, but for fans of original dishes, they can offer at least Hawaiian, even Chinese, even Mexican food. Several winter days spent in the Moscow region, for a long time energize the body, which is of great importance for people living in the metropolis and experiencing stressful situations on a daily basis.

Having met the New Year 2019 in the Moscow region, they, at the same time, can relax and take advantage of express programs of local sanatoriums aimed at restoring the nervous system. Only here on New Year’s cottages in the Moscow region at affordable prices! Here, surrounded by the silent nature, the silence of which is broken only by the rare cries of birds, one can enjoy solitude and peace, breathe pure frosty air, and admire the gigantic spruces covered with snow. A trip to Christmas in the Moscow region is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the native land, its history and traditions. Visiting Gzhel, Bogorodskoye, Zhostkovo or Fedoskino, you can see the famous folk crafts and visit the noisy folk festivals with songs and dances, which are necessarily held in the New Year in Moscow region.

Tired of busy working days? Tired of the endless vanity of megalopolises, with their eternal traffic jams, noise and dizzying movement, and you are increasingly dreaming of rest? It is this kind of rest, measured and at the same time active, surrounded by picturesque forests, fresh air and rivers with crystal clear water that offer tourists sanatoriums and boarding houses in the Moscow region. You have decided to spend the New Year in the Moscow region, but you have difficulty in choosing? Our experts will help you, call (495) 601-95-05

Tours on the eve of the new year 2019

Now there are all sorts of ways of recreation that can satisfy the most diverse needs. You can visit the pyramids of Egypt, soak up the sandy beaches of Turkey, plunge into the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea. But the soul wants so much something calm, cozy, familiar and painfully familiar? Then it is difficult to come up with something more suitable than a vacation in the suburbs!

Choose our tours for the New Year 2019 in the Moscow region cheap.

Sanatoriums, boarding houses, and recreation centers in the Moscow region offer a lot of relaxation opportunities to vacationers. Here you can just be alone with yourself and nature, wander through the mysterious forest in search of fungus and berries, sit with a fishing rod on the bank of the river, immersing yourself in your own inner world.

Particularly magnificent rest in the suburbs on the eve of the New Year holidays. Snow-covered forest in its pristine beauty, festivities and fun, taking place with the inherent age-old Russian soul scope – all this you will meet the New 2019, held in the suburbs. Want to gain strength, restore physical and mental balance? Then feel free to go with us to the Moscow region, the sanatoriums and pensions of which will give you courage and a sea of ​​unforgettable impressions. Believe that for a very long time you will remember those wonderful moments spent here with warmth and affection! Meet the New Year in the suburbs with the whole family.

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