Tours in England and Ireland

The British Isles are famous for legends about ghosts, witchcraft and other amazing things. These stories every year attract those who believe in the existence of ghosts and otherworldly forces.

Tours in England and Ireland

In honor of the upcoming Halloween, I invite you tonight to take a virtual walk through the gloomy and mysterious places where sometimes inexplicable phenomena occur.

Highgate Cemetery, London

Red Lion Pub, Avebury Red Lion is by no means the only English pub that ghosts like to drop into. Perhaps the reason for such popularity among ghosts lies in the fact that over the long years of its existence, ancient buildings have become silent witnesses of many incidents and have time to "to acquire" legends. Although, probably, the whole thing is that even ghosts sometimes want to knock over a mug or two of fragrant ale (sometimes – literally!). In any case, the Red Lion Pub boasts the reputation of Britain’s most enchanted pub. It is notable for the fact that it is located inside the oldest and longest in Europe Cromlech Avebury (Avebury Stone Circle) – a circular composition of stone blocks, which served as a cult pagan structure long before Stonehenge was built. The most famous ghost of the Red Lion Pub is the spirit of a woman named Florrie, who lived in this building in the 17th century, when it served as a farm. Her husband was a soldier. Returning from the war, he found Florrie with her lover. In a fit of jealousy, he shot his rival, and he slaughtered her unfaithful spouse and threw her body into a well. Since then, the spirit of Florrie often appears in the same place. When the dishes disappear inexplicably in the pub, and the salt shakers and pepper shakers begin to bounce – no one doubts that these are all Florrie’s tricks.

Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge Even the most inveterate skeptic, who denies the existence of ghosts and the afterlife, will shudder from an inexplicable horror when visiting this house of the 12th century, which once served as a tavern and inn. Squeaky floorboards, bare, uneven walls, inexplicable grave cold, the smell of dampness, small dimly lit rooms – this is how a real haunted house should be! The current owner of this terrible place gladly arranges small tours for everyone, telling in detail about all the cases of paranormal activity seen in the house over the past few centuries. Some creepy demon or ghost dwells here in every corner, and in the middle of the night one can hear knocks, gnash, babies crying. What is there just did not happen! To begin with, the house was built on the site of ancient pagan burials, and in the Middle Ages Satanists gathered here and ritual murders were arranged – the results of the excavations confirm this.

Glamis Castle, Scotland (Glamis Castle) Glamis Castle – one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland – is like an illustration to fairy tales about beautiful princesses, evil witches and dragons. By the way, it was here that Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the beloved Queen Mother of all, spent her childhood. The impressive architecture and the 600-year history of the castle are not the only things that attract tourists here. There are many mystical stories and legends associated with this place. The castle is inhabited by several violent ghosts. Perhaps the worst is the Bearded Earl (Lord Glamis, who lived here in the XV century). He was a cruel and merciless man. Once he decided to play cards on Sunday, but none of the servants and guests of the castle supported his idea – after all, gambling on Sunday is a sin. Angered by such disobedience, the count exclaimed: "Yes, I’m not afraid to play the card game with the devil himself!" The next day, a strange stranger appeared at the castle. He turned out to be the devil, who condemned the Bearded Earl to eternal torment. Another ghost castle Glamis – the so-called White Lady. In 1532 the lady of the castle, Lady Janet Douglas, was accused of witchcraft and burned alive at the stake. Since then, the silhouette of the White Lady, engulfed in flames, appears regularly above the towers of the castle. In addition, there are many legends about the Secret Room and the dark secrets she hid. One of these terrible secrets is the Ghost Monster, the ghost of an incredibly ugly child who has been kept locked up all his life.

The Tower of London (The Tower of London) The Tower of London is not only one of the main attractions of the British capital. This place has a strong connection with the other world. However, this is not as surprising as it may seem at first glance, considering how many people were hanged, beheaded and tortured in the walls of this gloomy fortress. Among the ghosts of the Tower there are VIPs: they had a noble origin, had power and money – and in a moment they lost everything. But such persons are not ready to leave this world peacefully! Take, for example, the ghost of Anne Boleyn, Henrych VIII’s second wife, who was beheaded here in 1536 and regularly appearing in the Tower.

Culloden Heath, Scotland (Culloden Moor)

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon (Berry Pomeroy Castle) In this 14th century castle, there are several ghosts from the Poumer family, to which he belonged. Among them are the White Lady and the Blue Lady. According to legend, the White Lady is Lady Margaret Pumera, who starved her own sister, Lady Eleanor. Eleanor always envied her younger and beautiful sister, and so she closed her in the castle tower and kept there until the poor girl died of starvation. The ghost of Margaret – a white figure with long flowing hair – is often seen floating above the very tower in which she died. Blue Lady – a ghost in a blue hooded cloak – also bore the name Pumroy. According to legend, she strangled her own child, and therefore can not find peace. Sometimes in the vicinity of the castle you can hear the creaking of non-existent doors, someone’s steps and children’s crying. Rumor attributes them to the ghost of the most unfortunate child.

Perhaps the ghost stories are just beautiful legends invented by someone. Then why completely different people again and again face the paranormal? In any case, one thing is clear: Britain keeps many dark secrets and unsolved mysteries – for this we love her!

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