Tour to Myanmar

In recent years, Myanmar (Burma) has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. In this country, there is something to see, its resorts are developing rapidly, prices are low, and residents are friendly.

Do I need a visa to Myanmar? Yes, it is, but it is not so difficult and very inexpensive to issue.

Varieties of visas

Most often issued a tourist visa. It allows you to come to the country as a tourist, on a personal matter, or to participate in a cultural or charity event.

There are individual and group (for participation in an organized tour) tourist visas. If it is necessary to travel to Myanmar in transit to another country, a transit visa is required.

Tourist visa valid for 3 months from the date of issue and allows you to stay in the country for 28 days. A transit visa is valid for a day.

Tour to Myanmar

For children older than 7 years, you must apply for a separate visa. Younger children inscribed in their parents ’passports do not require a visa.

It should be noted that Myanmar is very reluctant to issue visas to foreign journalists and the media in general. Therefore, care should be taken to indicate the type of occupation in the application form – in order not to be refused.

Visa Documents

To apply for a visa to Myanmar you need to prepare the following set of documents:

  • a passport valid for at least six months at the time of presentation of documents (for children – a birth certificate or also a passport if the child already has it);
  • a copy of the first page of the passport containing personal data (for children too);
  • a completed (in English) questionnaire, including the full name of the hotel, where you plan to stay;
  • 2 photos 3 by 4, colored, on a white background, and one must be affixed to the questionnaire, and the second is attached to it with a clip, as is done everywhere with documents (photos from children from 7 years old are also served).

These documents are required for individual visa to Burma. If you plan to tour, you must add another confirmation letter from the host country. It must provide a travel agency.

If it is assumed that the child will go to Myanmar with only one of the parents or even with a third person (for example, a relative), you need second parent’s consent (or both parents), notarized.

Embassy of Myanmar in Moscow

It is safer to get a visa through the embassy. It will not be difficult to find it in Moscow, since it is located on a fairly well-known street in the center of the capital, address:

Moscow, st. Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, 41. (building of an old mansion)

850 m.) Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line
Krasnopresnenskaya (

1030 m.) Ring line
Smolenskaya (

1120 m.) Filevskaya line

Pre-registration in the consular department for the delivery of documents and obtaining a visa is not required, but it is better to call the consulate in advance and sign up, there have been cases of empty trips.

Work time at the moment:

Documents are accepted on working days from 10:00 to

In general, this time often changes, sometimes without warning, so it’s best to call +7 (495) 691 5614

Getting a consular visa

Consular visa to Burma for Russians can be issued for 5-7 days, and urgent – 1-3 days. To obtain it, the above documents should be sent to the consular department.

Personal presence is not required – you can ask a relative or friend; Often a member of a family or an organized group submits documents and obtains visas for all participants of the trip.

The consular fee in 2018-2019 is $ 40 (it has risen in price in 2016, it used to be $ 20), plus another 10 if the visa is urgent. You need to pay directly at the embassy upon receipt of the document.

It is important to know that the money should be counted without surrender, and bills should be new, without unnecessary marks and in any case not folded in half.

Myanmar visa online

You can also get a visa online through a special service of the Burmese Ministry of Immigration. To do this, in the appropriate section of the embassy website:

  • select the desired type of visa;
  • enter your personal data, including the name of the hotel where you plan to stay;
  • specify the contact phone number and email address to which the visa will come;
  • Attach an electronic photograph (1.5 by 1.8 inches, not more than 2 MB).
  • If the trip is organized by the agency, his contact details will also be required.

The official site of the Embassy of Myanmar in Moscow: http: //

In this case, the registration fee is $ 50, and you can pay it only through a Visa or Mastercard card.

Online visa is only one-time. In addition, with it you can not cross the border at some land border crossing points.

The decision is made within 3 days, and the form is sent by email. It needs to be printed out and presented at the control when crossing the border.

Checkpoints in the country

Most often, Myanmar get through the international airports of Yangon or Mandalay. However, there are several checkpoints on the Thai border, through which foreigners can also enter Myanmar. it

  • Kawthong-Ranong;
  • Hti Ki-Phunaron;
  • Tachilek-Me Sai;
  • Miavaddi Mesot.

But it happens that some items are closed. In addition, it is not through everything that people with an online visa are allowed to pass. Therefore, it is better to still use the plane or find out in advance exactly which checkpoints will be possible to enter the country.

Overdue document

Finally, Myanmar law is fairly strict regarding expired visas. If one is found by a tourist, he will have to pay a fine. Its size is $ 3 for each day beyond the time limit.

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