Tour to Madrid Spain

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Tour to Madrid Spain

Tours in Spain have long been loved by the domestic tourist. The country needs no introduction. Knocking castanets, passionate flamenco, brutal bullfights – everyone who visits the sultry country, swirl the whirlpool of the most turbulent emotions!

Spain: leisure options

The country is ready to hospitably accept every tourist and give him an unforgettable experience. You can choose a variety of leisure activities:

Tour to Madrid Spain

  • beach Spanish resorts with their luxurious hotels and clean beaches will satisfy even the most demanding. Tenerife, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Mallorca, Ibiza, Canaries – the names of these resorts have long become synonymous with impeccable recreation;
  • alpine skiing On the territory of the country are the Pyrenees. There are dozens of comfortable ski resorts;
  • therapeutic and health. Spanish thermal springs are famous from the time of the Roman Empire. The main balneological resorts can be considered Alama de Aragon, Verin, Caldes de Malavella, Caldas de Montby, Lanharon.

Tours in Spain

Sightseeing tours can give just amazing impressions. The country is rich in monuments from different eras. Bridges, amphitheatres, aqueducts remind of the Roman period. The well-preserved arched bridge – Alcantara amazes with its magnificence.

The Spanish architecture of the Middle Ages was significantly influenced by Arab culture. One of the most famous buildings is the Alhambra Palace, the fortress, whose walls change color under different lighting conditions.

The ancient cities of Pamplona and Cuenca, the major European megacities of Barcelona and Madrid, La Rioja grape paradise, the Major Square in Salamah, the Prado Museum, ancient castles, the virgin nature of the Pyrenees, Catholic churches, bright carnivals – you will definitely find something to admire!

Tour to Madrid Spain

When is it better to go to Spain?

For travel any time of the year. The choice of period depends on the purpose of the trip:

  • The period from May to October is the best time for a beach holiday. July and August are the months when it is so hot that the air literally burns. This time is better to choose for a trip to the northern resorts;
  • lovers of excursions is better to choose the off season. Ideal spring and autumn months;
  • If you want to save money, but get bright emotions, choose March. Prices for tours to Spain will be low, but a tourist can get to an amazing festival of papier-mâché dolls, as well as other festivals;
  • If you are planning a flight so as to get to the bullfight, choose April-October. Bullfighting takes place in all major Spanish cities (except Barcelona);
  • ski season starts from mid-December. It lasts until the very end of April.

Choose vouchers from Tez Tour – Spain will spin you in a sultry dance! This is a country, the welcoming atmosphere of which you will surely love with all your heart!

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