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Tour to Egypt

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Last-minute tours to Egypt from Kiev

  • Capital: Cairo
  • Local time:

Why we choose tours to Egypt

Sunny Egypt has long been loved by the people of Kiev, because it is the pearl of an ancient civilization. Traditional winter holidays in Europe are successfully replaced by Kievans tours to egypt. Less than four hours will pass after boarding the plane in Kiev before it is already possible to step on the land of the pharaohs, enjoy the warm, gentle breeze and get ready to watch the luxurious fauna of the Red Sea. Trips to Egypt will allow you to get from Kiev and in Sharm El Sheikh, and in Hurghada. As for the level of service, the latter is slightly inferior in this Sharm el-Sheikh, but from Hurghada you can make excursions both to the pyramids in Cairo and Luxor, the ancient capital of Egypt. Especially popular are New Year’s tours to Egypt, the prices of which make it possible to meet the New Year in a very unusual way in the company of Red Sea fish. The attractiveness that tours to Egypt from Kiev have is based not only on a high level of service, but also on relatively low prices, relative to tours to the UAE or exotics. Buy a tour to Egypt through the system "all inclusive" can be in any travel agency of Ukraine. The best way to buy a burning voucher is to select a tour to Egypt on our website. Just be patient in anticipation of a low price for your upcoming vacation, make a tour search, view its details and make a reservation online.

Tour to Egypt

How to buy a hot tour to Egypt on our site

Last-minute tours to Egypt from Kiev have long ceased to be the lot of the elect. Many of Kiev residents have adapted to inexpensive, but proper rest, in which they do not deny themselves anything. There is already a peculiar caste of travelers who purchase only last minute trips to Egypt from Kiev for two. They are already even recognized on the streets. The most resourceful representatives of this caste do not bother to search for last-minute tours to Egypt, they easily entrust our managers to conduct this process. The managers have a task to inform such tourists about the presence of last-minute tours that meet the specified parameters (date of departure, hotel category, price and accommodation options). Just a few calls with offers – and tourists already kindly accept the offer of one of the travel options, which is usually cheaper than the standard by 30-50%.

Our portal provides an opportunity to choose not only last-minute tours to Egypt from Kiev, but also to other countries. And if you have a need for a luxury vacation for reasonable money, we will be very happy to sell you expensive tours to Egypt with departure from Kiev or other cities of Ukraine, which has a charter program to this country. Hotels 4 and 5 stars on the food system "all inclusive" available for booking at any time before the appointed travel date, and without having to leave your own apartment or office.

How to choose a tour to Egypt on the Pilgrim website

Now you are on the page that displays the best trips to Egypt from Kiev in terms of price and quality of services. Of course, you can find another, even better, in your opinion, version of tours to Egypt from Kiev, using the advanced search form presented on the page. Just enter the desired parameters of your trip to Egypt and click on “Show Tours”. From the search results page you can find out more information about the selected tour, after clicking the “More” button. This data will help you in making a final decision on where to go, to Dahab, Taba or Sharm El Sheikh. Here you can order and book a selected tour. We recommend that you go through simple registration to be able to track the status of your application. You can easily book other countries with Kiev departure.

If you have a question, how to buy a last-minute ticket to Egypt – immediately contact our online consultant. Your question, whatever it may be, will give him great joy. If it is already past midnight, and it is New Year in the yard, and it was not possible to contact him, just order a callback to your phone number. The next morning, the consultant will call you back with no less joy than he would have experienced from the question you asked.

Prices for tours to Egypt from Kiev are particularly democratic, they will not disappoint even those who make their selection for the New Year’s tour. Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh with departure from Kiev will be a surprise for your second and third half. Holiday on the AI ​​system (all inclusive) will be provided. If you book a tour to Egypt now, you can get discounts up to 50%.

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