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The foundations of a successful holiday still laid at home. Despite dozens of opportunities to purchase a tour to the desired country, for some, buying a tour turns into a nightmare. It is necessary to ring dozens of travel agencies, search the Internet in search of the necessary information, compare the departure dates with your vacation and much more to do. Of course, no one wants to pay more for his vacation than it costs. Finding the most optimal in terms of price-quality ratio of the tour often takes more than one day or even more than one week. How to check the reliability of the purchase? How many tourists, arriving in a foreign country, turned out to be completely not in the conditions that were expected, or without any shelter at all! Therefore, the issue of registration of the tour should be taken seriously.

Tour Secrets

But do not panic. I will not abandon you even in this difficult situation and sort through the whole mechanism for choosing a tour to Montenegro. There are two options for issuing a voucher: self-booking via the Internet and buying at a travel agency. The Internet now provides tremendous opportunities for booking hotels, buying tickets, ordering transfers and making excursion routes. But if everything was so simple and cheap, as some “wild” tourists tell about it, most of the travel agencies would have closed long ago. Meanwhile, they continue to appear almost every day on every street. Because independent tourism is not very simple, not very reliable and not such a profitable business.

After all, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances: plane tickets, hotel booking, transfer, medical insurance and so on. And in this case, unfortunately, much more than those who are disappointed in this kind of travel or, faced with numerous problems, completely refused to travel.

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After all, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances: plane tickets, hotel booking, transfer, medical insurance and so on. And in this case, unfortunately, much more than those who are disappointed in this kind of travel or, faced with numerous problems, completely refused to travel.

Moreover, the possibility of saving is very illusive. For example, regular flights will unpleasantly surprise you with their value. And tickets for charters, which fly tourists from travel agencies, or for the action “catch” is not easy. Information on the Internet is not always complete and truthful. Only a travel agent who works daily with tourists will be able to provide current data on the selected hotel. By the way, the best hotels, most often, distribute vouchers only in bulk and do not allow making self-bookings on the Internet. You have to somehow make payments unknown to you Montenegrin partners.

Tour Secrets

You will have to solve all these problems yourself. And it is far from a fact that you will reach the end of this path. Maybe only time will be lost. And in the worst case, and money. It is better to trust your vacation to travel industry professionals, who know the details, underwater reefs and often have seen with their own eyes the hotels that offer. If you competently approach the issue of choosing a company and during the time to arrange a tour, financial costs will be quite comparable with independent travel, but time, nerves and spoiled mood will be much less.

The travel company, with which you have an official agreement, will take care of convenient departures, and advance booking of rooms, and transfer to the most remote corners. And about a dozen little things that you can just lose sight of. But how to choose a travel company? – you ask. After all, tours now offer in the literal sense of the word at every corner.

In tour operators specially trained people make tours for us day and night. They select convenient dates, good hotels, conclude contracts with the host country and collect all this into tour packages. These tour packages, vouchers, are bought out by travel agencies and are sold to end consumers. That is, the tour operator can be represented as a large factory, and travel agencies as shops selling goods in factories.

The most profitable, simple and reasonable option for buying a tour is to contact a travel agency. And not anyhow, but good. Choose it is not difficult. First, avoid one-day firms. The company should work on the market for more than 3-4 years. Pay special attention to travel agencies that were able to survive the crisis of 2008 and at the same time remained not only on the pilaf, but were able to increase their tourists. And also, pay attention to those agencies that opened before 2010, when the license for travel agent activity was canceled. The license required the collection of a solid package of documents, training, plus a bank guarantee (which insured the financial risks of tourists). Careful attention to customers is the second important criterion. Already on the first call to the office, you can easily understand whether the manager is looking for the best option for you, whether he considers your wishes and whether he can answer the questions. It is important to consider both the discounts offered and the bonus system. Why, before each trip, look for a new travel agency, if you can turn to one familiar and reliable, while receiving pleasant surprises and gifts? Conveniently, when a travel agency offers a range of additional services. In order not to seek happiness elsewhere, you can immediately purchase extended medical insurance or a travel SIM card along with the ticket.

All the above requirements are fully consistent with the travel agency. “Around the World Tours”. Four years of experience of excellent work, lucrative partnerships with tour operators, satisfied, rested tourists, many of whom have become regular customers – this is what our agency is rightly proud of. But it does not stop there and continues to improve. High demands are also placed on company employees. Managers travel around the world to see for themselves countries, cities, hotels, and then tell you about it, honestly and without reserve. Because choosing the tour that the client wants is the main task of the company. And it is very easy to do: you only need to carefully listen to the wishes, and the daily updated base of more than 100 million tours will allow you to find an option for every taste!

In the office “Around the World Tours”, In addition to attentive attitude and high professionalism, pleasant surprises also await you. Looking for an original gift for relatives? Give friends and family adventure and travel with a gift certificate. Book hotels, buy air, bus and train tickets, order visas! The more you travel, the less you pay. A unique discount program allows you to accumulate bonuses and then pay them part of the tour or the entire trip! Agency “Around the World Tours” always keeps his promises and loves to give presents.

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Tour Secrets

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