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Isle Busuanga (Busuanga) and the neighboring island Coron one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines, a nature reserve with magnificent nature and excellent diving.

This view is the visiting card of the Crown. This picture is for everyone who visited the island of Coron &# 128578;

Coron Island known for its bland lakes kayangan and Barracuda , sharp black rocks (as in El Nido), the purest emerald water in the sea and a variety of underwater world.

The island of Coron itself and the water spaces near it belong to the Tagbanua tribe, only the front part of the island (which is opposite to Busuangi) is open for tourist visits, during the tour only two of the eleven lakes can visit tourists. But to get to the largest lake Corona – lake cabugao need to get special permission.

Lake Kayangan on Coron Island

Near the island of Coron is a large island Busuanga (Busuanga Island) , in which there is a city called Coron – Coron town. Because of the identical names of the island and the city, confusion often arises: before planning a trip, I was at first not sure where to look for accommodation on Busuanga or on the Crown? And then I figured out that there is no housing on Coron Island – you can take a boat trip to the island, and hotels are located on Busuanga Island in Coron Town and on neighboring small islands.

How to get to Busuangi and Corona

1. On the plane. Busuanga Island has an airport, so getting here is much easier than getting to El Nido. Several times a day, there are direct flights from Manili, and during the peak season from Cebu. You can buy tickets here or on airline websites, such as Cebu Pacific. The cost of a one way ticket is 30-50 dollars. From the airport transfer to the hotel or to the center of Coron Town 150 pesos (

Bright airplane company Cebu Pacific. Fly from Busuangi to Manila

We flew in the opposite direction from Busuangi to Manila, the plane is small, travel time is less than an hour. Weighing hand baggage at the airport is very funny – along with the passenger. From the window of the plane there are magnificent views of the Busuanga and Coron Islands.

We fly over the islands. Beauty!

2. On the ferry from Manila. The ferry from Manila to Coron runs once a week, departing from Manila on Wednesdays at 6 pm, the estimated travel time is 18 hours. From the Crown, the same ferry leaves for Manila on Saturdays at 6 pm. The cost of one-way ticket is 1150 pesos (about $ 25). Current information on the availability of ferries can be viewed on the website.

Tour Overview Chichen Itza

3. By boat from El Nido. A small boat runs every day from El Nido to Coron and back, with a maximum capacity of 35 people. When the weather is good and the sea is calm, it’s about 8 hours, but there are times when the boat goes 10-12 hours. On the way, lunch is served: rice + meat or fish. The fare is 1,800 pesos per person (

$ 40). During the peak season, it is advisable to take boat tickets in advance, at least 2 days in advance!

The main pitfalls when going by boat from El Nido to Busuangu (Coron) or back:

  • In bad weather, the flight may cancel
  • Boats often break and well, if it happened on land, and not in the way
  • A couple of times the boat even sank.
  • When the sea is full of passengers and baggage, it floods with water
  • When the excitement in the sea on the boat can greatly rock
  • If the boat is full of passengers, then it is not comfortable to swim, to sit on wooden benches for at least 8 hours is not easy at all. But if there are fewer passengers, you can take “lying” places &# 128526;

Despite all the risks of crossing such a long distance on small boats, we still took the risk and chose this particular route from El Nido to Busuangu. Otherwise, we would have to move from El Nido to Puerto Princess (which is also extreme!), A plane flight from PP to Manila, and from Manila to Busuanga. Most likely the road would take more than one day and would have to spend the night either in Puerto Princess or in Manila.

I must say that we were very lucky to move by boat from El Nido to Coron. Here is how it was. 3 days before the planned departure, we walked through the agencies and bought some suspiciously cheap boat tickets for 1200 pesos (

$ 27). Departure was scheduled for 9 am.

In the evening before leaving, we sat quietly on the veranda of our hotel Kalinga Beach Resort and drank delicious Filipino rum and coke. And then a woman came to us who sold us a boat ticket. How she found us is not clear! Maybe we told her the name of our hotel – I do not remember. But the fact is that she found us in the evening, in the dark and said that our boat is canceled, and some other one will sail, but at 6 in the morning, and for her we have to pay extra 600 pesos. Nothing to do, I had to agree and she wrote us new tickets &# 128526;

Early in the morning we arrived at the El Nido central pier. There was already a crowd of tourists with backpacks and there were obviously more than 35 people (as many as fit in the boat). We registered baggage in the plane, checked passports, issued boarding passes. We checked whether we are carrying mango (for some reason, it is forbidden to export and import mango to Palawan).

When I saw the boat, I was very surprised – it was not a small open boat, but a rather large boat with soft seats, like on a plane, air conditioning and a TV. Not so big, on which we traveled to Koh Tao island in Thailand, but also not quite small.

As I sailed from El Nido, I almost immediately fell asleep and woke up only when we landed on some shore. What was my surprise that it was already the island of Busuanga! And we only sailed about 4 hours!

Hmm, how quickly we got to Coron Town from El Nido &# 128578;

It turns out that just before our arrival in the Philippines, from El Nido to Coron and back let the Montenegro speed boat, which takes only 4 hours. Coming out of El Nido at 6 am, and from Coron Town back at 12:00.

Unfortunately, this vessel melted in the Sulu Sea between El Nido and Busuanga for a short time and according to the information for November 2014 is under repair.

four. Another way to get from El Nido to Coron or back to buy five day island tour from the company Tao Philippines costing 25,000 pesos per person (about $ 550), during which you can visit the many beautiful islands of the archipelago. There will be an opportunity, I will definitely go on this tour, I think it will be an unforgettable journey!

The route from El Nido to Coron and back from Tao Philippines

Where to stay at Busuanga. Hotels in Coron Town

Busuanga can stay in the city Coron Town or on neighboring islands.

There are no beaches in Coron Town itself and in general it is a big village, so you should not count on super hotels.

We stayed at the budget diving and very popular Hotel Sea Dive Resort. Despite the very simple rooms, the hotel is very popular, I advise you to book it in advance. All those who came with us without reservation heard in response “full booked”. For the first time in this two-week trip to the Philippines, we heard Russian in this hotel!

View from the roof of the Sea Dive Resort to the bay and islands

I booked the hotel more than a month on the site

Inexpensive and popular hotel Sea Dive Resort

Please note that Sea Dive Resort is right on the shore, the smell from the water is specific (well, sometimes it stinks, yes!)

Hotel Sea Dive Resort for unpretentious tourists Sea Dive Resort stands on the very beach in the bay

Despite the minor flaws, we liked the hotel, we were especially delighted with the free Wi Fi, after 2 weeks of traveling in the Philippines, we already forgot what the Internet is!

Enjoying the internet at Sea Dive Resort

And we liked the places to stay. Here in these hammocks we lay in the evenings and drank wine.

Comfortable hammocks at Sea Dive Resort Relaxation places &# 128578;

Breakfast is not included in the room rate, but tea-coffee-water is free around the clock. Our modest room for $ 19 per day

Before traveling to Busuanga, I chose between the two hotels Sea Dive Resort (which later booked) and Jendi Seafront Resort, which is also located on the coast, but further from the center.

Another cheap hotel in the center of Coron Town is Oriental Lodging House, rooms from 800 pesos per day (

Coron Reef Pension – a sort of Filipino house. Room rates from 600 pesos per day.

Of the more expensive hotels in Coron Town, I advise you to consider:

Princess of Coron – the hotel is a bit away from the pier, there is a swimming pool, free Wi Fi. Room rates from 2100 pesos per day (

Coron Gateway Hotel and Suites – a fairly new hotel with an excellent location in the central square, near the boat pier, free Wi Fi, clean and comfortable rooms. Room rates from 4400 pesos per day (

Coron Hilltop View Resort is a hotel with a beautiful green area, but quite far from the center of Coron Town. Room rates from 4000 pesos per day (

Coron Casa Hotel, room rate about 2000 pesos per day (

And for a beach holiday I recommend choosing the Club Paradise Resort hotel, which is located on the neighboring island of Dimakya Island.

Hotels in Busuanga Island can be found and booked using the card

What to do on Busuanga and in the Crown

one. The main reason why tourists come to Busuanga is boat tours to Coron Island and exploring the beautiful lakes of Kayangan and Barracuda with fresh water, snorkeling in coastal waters, visiting the snow-white paradise beaches on the islands of Banana Island and Malcapuya Island.

The main transport in the Philippines is boats &# 128578; Here are how many boats in the Crown! And they are all ready to take you to islands and beaches. &# 128578;

2. Diving. According to the Forbs magazine, Coron is among the top ten diving sites. Here is the famous Apo-Reef and sunken Japanese ships.

3 In Coron Town itself you can climb viewing platform on Mount Tapyas. To the top leads 710 steps. It is best to climb before sunset, taking with him a bottle of wine or a cold beer. We are lazy and decided not to go to the mountain.

Here on that mountain with a cross on top you can climb to explore the surroundings and meet the sunset

four. Near the town are hot springs Hot springs maquint . You can reach them by tricycle (average price 300 pesos (

$ 6.7) back and forth). Entry to hot springs 150 pesos (

Tour Overview Chichen Itza

$ 3.3) per person. Mode of operation from morning until 22:00. It is best to come in the evening when it gets dark.

Hot springs near Coron Town Hot springs near Coron Town Hot springs near Coron Town

During our visit to the springs there were too many locals. We liked the hot springs in the north of Thailand much more.

five. If you go past the hot springs further along the road, you can get to pebble beach. The beach did not impress us, but with nothing to do, we sunbathed for an hour there.

Pebble beach near the hot springs Starfish!

6 Near Busuanga on the island of Kalauit can be visited wildlife sanctuary and feed the giraffes. The reserve was opened in 1977, 104 animals were brought there from Kenya, now there are more of them.

The way to the Kalauit reserve is not close: either 2-3 hours by boat in one direction or by jeep on the bad roads of the island also for 3 hours. We decided not to go to the giraffes, I already fed the giraffes in the zoo in Chiang Mai &# 128526;

7 You can go look at cock-fights .

eight. Go to massage (300 pesos (

That’s basically all the fun in Coron Town. It seems there is still karaoke, but we are not lovers of singing &# 128526;

Coron Town

Coron Town itself is a village in a village consisting of several streets. Travel around the city on a tricycle of 10 pesos per person.

In the center of the city of Coron City of Coron View from the water of the city of Coron

Many residents live in such houses on chicken legs.

Philippine Slums Philippine Slums

In the center is the square and a large market. We lived just outside this market, on arrival immediately rushed there for fruit. But the smell there was such that we very quickly fled. &# 128526;

Market in the city of Coron: not only vegetables and fruits are sold there, but also meat, fish, seafood

Where to eat in Coron Town

In Coron Town there are shops and bakeries with delicious fresh bread and coffee shops. But we preferred to have breakfast and dinner in restaurant of our hotel Sea Dive Resort. The food there is very tasty, the waiters are quick, everything is brought quickly. In the evening, it is not easy to find a free table. We got the impression that tourists from all the hotels in Crown are dining right here at Sea Dive Resort.

Every evening we had dinner at our hotel – Sea Dive Resort

Every evening a new set-menu was offered at a special price. Here we ate the most delicious crabs! Well, they drank as always rum and coke. Let me remind you that you can pour tea and coffee for free.

Delicious and very spicy crabs Yummy: crabs in spicy sauce And more yummy &# 128578; Standard Filipino Drink: Rum, Coke, Ice and Halamansi

Another popular restaurant, standing right on the sea – La Sirenetta. The owner of the restaurant is either French or Italian. It seemed to us that the menu in La Sirenetta is less interesting and more expensive than in Sea Dive. Therefore, at La Sirenetta, we just drank cocktails and watched the sunsets. And there they are, like everywhere in the Philippines, gorgeous!

Restaurant La Sirenetta Restaurant with mermaids – La Sirenetta In the restaurant La Sirenetta we went to delicious cocktails :)

Sunsets in the Crown

And now a few photos of sunsets in the Crown.

That’s all for today! Subscribe to my blog so as not to get lost on the Internet. In the next article I will tell you about the tour to the lakes of Coron Island.

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