Top Travel Luggage Brands

In the summer, most people go on vacation. Therefore, it’s time to take care that the things were packed securely, and the suitcase (travel bag) looked stylish, attracting the views of fellow travelers. Leading brands presented fashion trends, from which you will be absolutely delighted.


This is one of the most famous French brands that produce lightweight and practical travel bags. The news of this season was the capsule collection of suitcases, which was presented by model and writer Iness de la Fressange. The red suitcase, equipped with wheels, looks stylish, made in the best traditions

All models of a ruler differ in capacity – inside two pockets are provided. Products differ in ease and maneuverability. The main reason for the small weight of the suitcases is the use of nylon – light durable synthetic fabric. The heaviest suitcase, presented by Lipault, weighs just over 2 kilograms.

Top Travel Luggage Brands

This brand in its new collection made a bid not only for practicality, but also for the unusual shape of a travel bag. All so that the suitcase was impossible to confuse during baggage claim. The highlight of the products from this brand is the acid citric yellow color of products.

Suitcase Logoduck Spinner has become the central model of the new collection. Made of lightweight polycarbonate, it has a capacity of 112 liters. The inside pocket of the suitcase closes with a zipper. It is ideal for family travel. It is so roomy that you can stuff all your favorite things and even a laptop into it.

Lovers of not long journeys should pay attention to travel bags – compact and stylish, you can take them with you on board the aircraft as hand luggage. Brand Longchamp with designer Jeremy Scott, this season presented a new product – a light travel bag with a portrait of the most famous movie diva Merelin Monroe.

The model is made of organic cotton and small leather inserts, complemented by a spacious inner pocket. Due to the bright, memorable design, the product since its appearance has managed to collect hundreds of thousands of “likes” from Instagram users.


There are travelers who like to carry with them fragile things that require special, careful handling. So people just can not do without luggage from Samsonite (a collection called Cosmolite). Road cases of this line are made of a very durable material – weave polypropylene fibers. Even if the airport staff accidentally drop a suitcase, the fragile luggage in it (laptop, souvenirs) will not suffer.

One of the most spectacular models of the road case from this brand is Magritte. On the lid of the suitcase, a reproduction of the painting by the artist of the same name “The Son of Man” is painted. One of the main features of the model are four wheels and a convenient retractable handle. Inside there are two pockets of different size (large and small). And the total volume of the suitcase is only 36 liters.

American tourister

This travel suitcase brand has a wonderful model designed for business people who often work on business trips. The main feature of the case, designed specifically for businessmen, is the presence of several internal and external pockets of different sizes, with a convenient zipper. Additionally, there is a department for clothing.

The compact size of the suitcase allows you to take it with you to the cabin. Made from durable polyester. Additionally equipped with two wheels and a retractable handle (for easy movement).

Top Travel Luggage Brands

A novelty of the season, made in a strict classical style, is a model called Horizon. This is the simplest and most elegant travel suitcase of all that was presented this year. Four wheels and a wide retractable handle make the case very maneuverable. Suitcase closes on a special combination lock. However, it is possible to open the case using the key available to customs officers of leading countries (USA, Israel). This makes it possible to carry out customs inspection of the luggage without breaking the combination lock.

The suitcase model is compact – suitable for travel with hand luggage. The exterior design of the product was designed by Mark Newson. It includes two design options – monophonic and with branded monograms. The model is made of special durable canvas and trimmed with leather inserts.

These wonderful bags and suitcases will surely make the journey pleasant, and your image will be stylish and memorable. Warm summer to you and pleasant rest.

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