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Holiday Tours in Italy 2019

The great advantage of bus tours to Italy is that they allow for a short period of time to get acquainted with almost all the main attractions of this country. During each excursion program on our bus tours to Italy, an experienced guide, accompanying a group of tourists, will tell in detail about all the cultural sites that our tourist bus passes by during the trip.

The main features of the rest in Italy

It has long been known that Italy is the state with the largest number of architectural and cultural attractions. The rich history of the country amazes the imagination of any tourist during a wonderful and unforgettable vacation in Italy. But not only its historical heritage attracts tourists this country. First of all, the picturesque nature of Italy causes delight and deserved admiration:

  • the romantic canals of Venice and the abundance of Verona’s gardens,
  • the exciting green hills of Tuscany with the openwork architecture of Florence,
  • numerous beautiful lakes and famous vineyards of Lombardy,
  • mountain slopes of the Italian Alps surrounded by fertile valleys,
  • the colorful sea coast of the southern regions of Italy and the magnificent beaches in Sicily, Sardinia and other islands of the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian seas.

That is why, at present, our various bus tours to Italy with a rest on the sea have become particularly popular among many tourists.

In addition, this country is a paradise for gourmets. It is just a crime to go on holiday to Italy and not to visit local restaurants and cafes. Dishes of the national cuisine will bring pleasure and always raise an appetite. Who would refuse the aromatic, just from the oven, Italian pizza, and from the traditional pasta with tomato sauce or parmesan? Driving past vineyards during exciting bus tours, you can buy a young wine and really feel the taste of Italy.

And, of course, do not forget that this country is the trendsetter. The program of our bus tours can include visits to famous shops and boutiques, as well as the best shopping centers in Italy.

Due to the large variety of picturesque natural landscapes and many differences in the cultural national traditions of different Italian regions and regions, each new trip to this country becomes unique and unforgettable in its own way. That is why almost any trip to the tours to classical Italy, especially with a rest on the sea, will forever remain in your memories, and you will want to return here more than once.

Excursions and rest on bus tours to Italy

Excursion tours to Italy on a comfortable bus perfectly allow you to combine a rich educational program with recreation, including the sea. Every time you can choose for yourself the most diverse routes of such bus tours to Italy. A huge number of Italian cultural and historical sights allows each time during the rest to re-discover Italy, even if you have previously been in this country. Even night crossings during travel do not tire tourists. Rather, on the contrary, such a trip format adds romance.

Such bus tours to Italy can be called universal. They are equally well suited for active tourists, who always strive to get to the very center of events, and for people who want to quietly spend their holidays in a developed European country. Combined tours to Italy with a rest on the sea make the dreams of any tourist a reality. Just imagine, in one sightseeing trip you will visit immediately the south and north of the country, you will see their main attractions, such as:

  • Vatican in Rome,
  • Duomo Cathedral in Milan,
  • the square and the cathedral of San Marco in Venice,
  • “Pompeii” in Naples and much more.

In addition, combined travel is an excellent vacation in Italy at the sea at competitive prices and with maximum benefit, because you spend your vacation not in one city, but visit several at once. It is difficult to imagine another country, from a trip to which you will get so many positive emotions and impressions.

The best tours to Italy from the company “Petrotur”

If you are interested in sightseeing bus tours to Italy in 2019, you can always contact the managers of the Petrotur company. We offer our customers:

  • a wide range of different routes,
  • excellent excursion program
  • and a wonderful vacation in Italy on the sea in 2019.

Our bus tours to Italy will surely be remembered for you for many years, you will definitely want to visit this amazing country again and again.

If you need a quality vacation at affordable prices, then a hot tour to Italy 2019 from Moscow is exactly what you are looking for. These cheapest bus tours to Italy are no different from similar expensive ones, there are just a few vacant places left in the tour group that may have been waiting for you.

If you are a fan of a versatile, vivid, memorable vacation at sea, then a trip to Italy is the best option for spending your vacation. Routine work takes all the power, and you have long been waiting for new emotions? Then in 2019, even cheap tours to Italy with rest at sea organized by us at competitive prices will not leave you unsatisfied. This expressive country is interested in active and creative people who choose the right route on the travel map.

You can clarify the nearest arrival dates and book a tour to Italy for the season of 2019 by contacting our phone managers listed on the website.

The most interesting and fascinating type of travel in a country located in the central part of Europe is provided by bus tours to the Czech Republic that are very popular among Russians. After all, this country has not only absorbed the centuries-old traditions of the neighboring developed European states, but also a huge number of historical sights and cultural sites are concentrated here. If you are an admirer of ancient castles, then in 2019 trips on excursions of bus tours from Moscow to the Czech Republic will give you incomparable pleasure.

The Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, in which its unique flavor and originality has been preserved. Today excursion tours to the Czech Republic make it possible to consider it one of the most visited countries in the world; there are a large number of tourists here all year round.

The moderately warm climate creates excellent conditions for excursions to Czech sights, regardless of the season. In 2019, special attention should be paid to visiting the Czech Republic’s unique thermal spa Karlovy Vary by bus tours, as well as to spend an unforgettable trip to the Czech capital – Prague.

Comfortable buses will rush you from Moscow to the amazing Czech Republic for the May holidays in 2019, where you can spend some unforgettable days of your trip. Throughout the journey you will not get bored:

  • interesting bus tours routes,
  • numerous sights of Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic,
  • professional work and fascinating stories of the guide accompanying you on our bus tours.

Gothic fortresses, palaces, castles – such architectural structures are the hallmark of the Czech Republic. Traditionally, it is excursion tours to the Czech Republic by bus with night crossings used by tourists with the greatest demand. After all, this travel format allows you to enjoy all the sights of the country in one trip, to observe how landscapes and landscapes of unprecedented beauty change outside the bus window.

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Best bus tours to Prague from Moscow

The architectural appearance of the Czech capital is a unique collection of various historical monuments. The clearest example of this is the Prague Castle, which is the main decoration of the city. This is an amazing masterpiece that combines various architectural styles.

Excursion tours to Prague will open for you in 2019 a new world of the old city:

  • amazingly beautiful monuments of architecture
  • unique museums and art galleries
  • rich repertoire of theaters and concert halls.

Top travel groups for solo travelers

On the upcoming trip you will be able to discover the real capital of the Czech Republic. That is why a wonderful vacation on excursion tours to Prague on the May holidays in 2019 is a real holiday for lovers of the historical and cultural heritage of the city. In addition, there are always tourists waiting for comfortable hotels, delicious food in restaurants and, of course, cheerful Czech beer!

Having once visited the Czech capital on our bus tours to Prague from Moscow, you will never be able to forget it. This legendary city forever leaves an imprint in the hearts of visitors, its architecture and general atmosphere cannot be compared with anything. If you are looking for new experiences – come to Prague!

The advantages of tours to the Czech Republic from “Petrotur”

For a pacified holiday in Europe, a perfect trip to this country, where there is always a mystery and even some mystery. In 2019, a trip through our bus tours to the Czech Republic on the May holidays will not disappoint you at all! A rich program of these tours will not leave time for boredom, and the affordable cost of the trip will surprise every tourist. A professional guide accompanying each group will tell about all the secrets of this country and about the unique history of each historical monument.

During such sightseeing tours in 2019, you can not only see the many sights of the Czech Republic, but also:

  • relax comfortably in the famous thermal spa Karlovy Vary,
  • go shopping in Prague,
  • enjoy national cuisine in local Czech restaurants.

Our bus tours to Prague from Moscow are available to every traveler throughout 2019, as well as every year – all year round. The tour operator Petrotur regularly offers cheap tours to Prague with a high quality of service and accommodation in the city. By contacting us through the contacts on the site, you can find out:

  • prices of tours to Prague, including the May holidays in 2019,
  • in more detail the specific excursion program of each tour to the Czech Republic,
  • other conditions of residence in the city on bus tours from Moscow.

If you are interested in excursion tours to the Czech Republic, you want to know the dates of the races for the near future, read the information on our website or contact the managers of the Petrotur company.

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