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India is another sunny country where you can forget about the bustle of big cities, problems and touch the world of amazing exotic nature for a while. India is radically different from the daily life of the inhabitants of European countries with its distinctive history, traditions and culture.

In the big cities (Calcutta, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) you can see a lot of magnificent palaces with beautiful parks, giving a pleasant coolness of fountains, as well as green gardens, mosques and other attractions. There are many wonderful places in India for beach holidays.

The article presents the best beaches in India with photos and descriptions.

General Information about India

India is located in southern Asia. Its territory stretches from north to south, respectively, from the peaks of Karakorum to Cape Kumari, from the west from the deserts of Rajasthan to Bengal in the east.

Top Travel Companies for India

And what is the sea in India? From three sides (south, east and west) the territory of the state is washed by three seas – the Arabian, Lakkadivsky and Bengal – and the Bay of Bengal. In the northwest and west, India borders Pakistan, the greatest Himalayas in the north separate it from Bhutan and China, in the east from Bangladesh and in the northeast from Nepal. The name of the state comes from the name of the Indus River. From Urdu and Hindi, sindh translates as “river.”

By law, India can be considered a country of a huge variety of beautiful beaches, recognized as the best in the world.

Not only the best beaches in India attract many tourists. This is a country of natural wonders, a country of many historical and architectural landmarks.

India is one of the largest countries. Its territory occupies both the continental part and some islands. Many travel companies for a beach holiday recommend the following islands: Lakshadvipa, Andamany and Nicobara, located in the south-east direction from the mainland. The largest city of this part is Port Blair. Popular tourist sites are Chorao from Elephanta.

Popular islands are thanks to the wonderful scenic landscapes, beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent ocean surrounding these exotic land areas. There are many different kinds of entertainment (rafting, snorkeling, diving, etc.) and unusual natural attractions.

Features of the islands of India:

  1. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of island formations of various sizes, which stretches for more than 700 kilometers from north to south.
  2. Chorao is an island in the state of Goa, which is a popular tourist attraction located near the capital of the region – Panaji.
  3. Elephanta is a popular tourist destination located in Mumbai Harbor.
  4. Lakshadvip – island union Indian territory (consists of 12 atolls and 3 reefs).

Here it should be clarified that the most popular holiday destination – Goa is not an island, as many believe. He is one of the Indian states. Below is a brief overview of some of the best beaches in India (including the famous Goa).

Calangute Beach

This beach stretches along the coastline, filled with numerous hotels, shops and restaurants, for 7 kilometers. The colorfulness of this place gives a large number of Indians who come here to rest. Unusual on the beach and the nearby landscape: on the one hand there is the Church of St. Alex, on the other – spacious fields covered with green vegetation.

Top Travel Companies for India

The main attraction of the beach is “Kerkar” (art museum), where works of local artists are displayed. Evenings of national songs and dances are held here weekly. The beach is intended mainly for family, relaxing holiday.

Kerim Beach

Wonderful many beach resorts in India. South Goa is particularly notable for Kerim beach, located at the mouth of the r. Terekol (Tiracol). Although it is the furthest in this state (south), it is recognized as the best place to stay away from the hustle and crowds of people. Very often, tourists come here to retire and enjoy the unusually beautiful sunsets.

The length of the cleanest beach covered with white sand is 2 kilometers. Distinguishes this terrain surprising silence. And the vegetation here is unusual: among the banana palms here you can find coniferous plants. For complete privacy with the surrounding nature is best to rent a bungalow or a room in a hostel located right on the coast. You can eat in any restaurant.

Arambol beach

This beach is located in the town of Arambol in North Goa. The beaches of India, located on the coast of the Arabian Sea for many years chosen by many tourists. This is a fairly wide beach, covered with clean sand, and with surprisingly clear water. The peculiarity of the area is a fresh-water lake with a hot spring.

During the day, tourists relax on the beach, and in the evenings attend nightly parties. In addition, mass meditations are often held on the coast.

Palolem beach

Among the best beaches in India, this place is the most popular in Goa (south of the state). It is of particular interest to holidaymakers, since Palolem is a real paradise among the tropics. This is a wonderful site with white sand and turquoise transparent sea.

There is no infrastructure and hotels, and all this is not necessary here. Palolem is a pristine clean, secluded place with a warm sunny atmosphere. It is suitable for lovers of peace and quiet. On the coast there are small bungalows, where any tourist can stay for the rest time.

Although Palolem is very popular, it is small. The length of its coastline is only a couple

Guest reviews

Almost all the beaches of India, in the opinion of vacationers ever there, are very clean, except for some beach areas located in cities. The general opinion about the coastal areas – the beaches are excellent, covered with very soft and clean sand, as well as with a gentle entrance to the clear sea. The service is sensitive and quality.

Tip for tourists: when choosing a place to relax and swim, pay attention to the beaches, in which there are fewer locals. In such areas, rest will undoubtedly be more relaxed and you can fully plunge into the atmosphere of carelessness and pleasure without any annoying spectators.

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