Top travel accessories for Europe

The long-awaited restyled version of the 60th series pleases with the fact that it has kept everything the best that the previous models possessed. High degree of protection and durability of the new navigator case Garmin GPSMAP 62s combined with a rich arsenal of functions that can be useful for water travel, hiking or hiking in the mountains. This model is fully able to work with various types of topographic and marine maps, supports three-dimensional mapping of the terrain.

Tourist navigator GPSMAP 62s received a new, more durable rubberized body, which has a high degree of protection against moisture. The part of the device on which the GPS receiving antenna is located is no longer glued to the upper base of the device, but is a continuation of the front panel of the case. This aspect significantly strengthened the tightness in contact with water and during direct exposure to sunlight. The design of the Garmin GPSMAP 62s navigator resembles a single monolith, with a well-designed battery compartment lid and a thick rubber stopper that covers the USB connector.

Reliability itself

Having received such a durable and unpretentious body in circulation, the Garmin GPSMAP 62s boasts the highest reliability of satellite signal reception and accurate determination of coordinates. The faithful assistant and guidebook, GPSMAP 62s navigator, will surely help you out in difficult conditions of mountainous terrain and save you in the forest more often. Classic controls of the device will seem even more convenient to you, thanks to the detailed ergonomics and the choice of a more appropriate style of the user menu, to navigate through the main points of which is now just one keystroke.

When turned on, the Garmin GPSMAP 62s tourist navigator is ready for use for pedestrian navigation. In this mode, it displays in detail all the information of a topographic map, with support for 3D relief. The route planning menu will allow you to determine in advance the necessary intermediate points and set their order. Travel computer navigator will provide all the comprehensive information about the movement. You yourself can customize the order and style of displaying data depending on the purpose or type of your trip. It is very convenient to use a compass from the map display page to have an accurate idea of ​​the correct direction of movement. To quickly start navigating, go to the compass page and fix the chosen direction, which will later become a course for the GPSMAP 62s navigator, when deviating from which the device will warn you with special signals.

And what about the devices?

The model of the Garmin GPSMAP 62s tourist navigator has in its arsenal a 3-axis electronic compass, which makes it possible to obtain reliable data regardless of the position of the device in space. A built-in barometric altimeter will help you track pressure changes for accurate altitude calculations. Quick determination of location will provide the technology HotFix ™, which is able to predict the displacement of the position of the satellites. In addition, the device can calculate the area, choose the best time for hunting or fishing, can wake you up after a very active holiday.

Top travel accessories for Europe

Navigation modes

For hiking Navigator Garmin GPSMAP 62s can work with vector maps and satellite images of BirdsEye ™, which can serve as an excellent substrate for your main topographic map. Custom Maps ™ technology will allow you to convert and load necessary parts of a raster map into the device.

In the car Significantly redesigned car mode, in which you can easily switch from the main menu. Please note that when using the car profile, the location reference relative to the road automatically turns on, and the GPSMAP 62s routes will be routed exclusively on the roads.

On the water For lovers of sea travel provides a special mode of operation. This device profile allows you to display special sea symbols, shipping routes and depths. The device fully supports g2 Vision nautical charts, which contain satellite images of the coastal zone. Navigator Garmin GPSMAP 62s will alert you with signals about the approach to the ground, the occurrence of drift and deviation from the course.

Top travel accessories for Europe

Data exchange

Garmin GPSMAP 62s portable GPS navigator supports wireless data exchange with other owners of similar GPS receivers. Additionally, you can connect various wireless sensors designed for sports navigators, such as a pulse rate sensor. Using Garmin Connect ™ global service, share waypoints and routes with users around the world, and also enjoy photo navigation features. Fans of using third-party software will be a little saddened by the lack of the usual connector for hardware support for the RS232 protocol.

Garmin GPSMAP 62s Specifications

Design features Dimensions:

Display The size:

Top travel accessories for Europe

Nutrition Power Type: 2 AA batteries (rechargeable batteries) Operating time: up to 20 hours

Memory and maps Memory Expansion: microSD slot Waypoints: 2000 Routes: 200 Waypoints: 10,000 Ways: 200

Navigation functions Automatic laying on the roads: yes Electronic compass: 3-axis Barometric altimeter: yes Support Custom Maps ™: yes Photo navigation: yes

Additional features Calculator: yes Alarm clock: yes Area calculation: yes

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