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Profitable proposition

GK “Buryatia”

Siberian Federal District, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude

Hotel complex “Parade Park Hotel”

Siberian Federal District, Tomsk Region, Tomsk


FSI sanatorium “Baikal” FSB of Russia accepts for treatment and rest of adults, as well as parents with children from 4 years.

Primary Medical Profile

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system
  • Diseases of the nervous system
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Diseases of the digestive organs
  • Circulatory system diseases
  • Diseases of the ear, nose and throat
  • Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Urology

Leading natural healing factors

  • Nearest reservoir: Baikal (150 meters).
  • The climate is medium mountain.
  • Local mineral waters for external use: sodium chloride.
  • Local drinking mineral waters: medium mineralized.
  • Local therapeutic mud: sapropel.

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Available treatments

  • Apparatus physiotherapy: galvanization, interference currents, sinusoidal modulated currents, muscle electrostimulation, diadynamic currents, ultrasound, electrosleep, electrophoresis of medicinal substances, local donsonvalization, microwave therapy, microwave therapy, UHF therapy, magnetic therapy, induction therapy, EHV therapy. -radiation, phototherapy visible spectrum.
  • Balneotherapy: oxygen baths, medicinal, vortex, carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen gas, sodium chloride mineral, gynecological irrigation, underwater shower-massage, horizontal traction in water.
  • Mud therapy: mud applications.
  • Thermotherapy: paraffin, ozocerite applications.
  • Inhalations: hypoxytherapy, oxygen therapy and other inhalations.
  • Naturotherapy: hirudotherapy, apitherapy, phytotherapy.
  • Systems of psychological recovery: music therapy, aromatherapy, color therapy, meditation, psychoenergy stimulation, biofeedback.
  • Other types of treatment: biologically active additives (BAA), halotherapy, homeopathy, diet therapy, cryotherapy, therapeutic exercise (physical therapy), manual therapy, massage, drug therapy, mechanotherapy, ozone therapy, psychotherapy, relaxation capsules, reflexotherapy, terrenkur.

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Commercial trip to Sanatorium Baikal

Tell me how to buy a commercial ticket to this sanatorium?

There is no connection with the sanatorium (((just a secret of some kind

I wanted to buy a ticket on a commercial basis, but there is no way to see the price list of the sanatorium. There is no official website, none of the presented phones answer, even normal photos are not found anywhere else. And from medical institutions in this area has the status of a sanatorium only "Baikal". How to be?

Unable to reach the resort.

Why is it impossible to reach the sanatorium? Maybe the phone numbers have changed. Tell me please!

Phone number needed!

Help! I can not get through to the FSI Sanatorium Baikal! No one picks up the phone at any number listed on the Internet!

In the sanatorium (rehabilitation center) was in 2014 in December. I liked almost everything:

About clouded rest

We rested in the sanatorium in March 2015, this is not the first rest in this sanatorium, but this time everything is a shock, Rooms are where the furniture they write about, where is the wonderful

We visited the sanatorium Baikal for the third time.

I love this place of rest very much, there is such a positive energy here!

Over the past five years there have been significant changes, suites, new beautiful bedding, renovation of the administrative building, beautiful furniture, all contribute to good rest and treatment.

Very interesting procedures that are not available in other sanatoriums: for example, salt cave, cryosauna.

I liked everything, I love very much and always order fish in the menu, where, if not on Baikal, try freshly prepared fish – omul, for example!

One thing remained unchanged – almost homely atmosphere of the sanatorium, not swaggering, but very friendly and caring staff!

Many thanks to our attending physician, young specialist, Taikova Maria Yanovna for the sincere attitude!

We wish the staff of the sanatorium further success in their work!

Salatova Veronika Vadimovna. Leningrad region. Pinery.

We rested in the sanatorium Baikal in the summer of 2012, lived in building 4, on the 1st floor. Living conditions can be called simply terrifying (the floor has collapsed, the room is damp and cold, the furniture is skewed, the place is not provided for the child, the sanitary ware is antique – from the post-war times, toilet paper is issued at the rate of one roll per stay). More respected people lived in the main building, the conditions there are incomparably better, but the price for living is the same, which is surprising. The treatment and attitude of the staff were at a very decent level. The food is rather monotonous and dietally tasteless, the small staff of the canteen does not have time to serve all those arriving, although it honestly tries, for which they are especially grateful. Due to the repair of the pool, as well as the entire sports complex, they were left without expected physical exertion and saunas; they had to spend time reading, walking and picking up mushrooms, which, due to sanitation, are worthless. It’s quite difficult to indulge yourself outside

this paradise in paradise was in a sanatorium 3 times in a row always in winter there is not enough time to enjoy all the beauties of skiing walking to Listvyanka and back to Lake Baikal is just a miracle the doctors are very good and don’t have to say that they are not responsive this is someone who loves and appreciates people like me always from the sanatorium I come back rested and well enough for a whole year of energy, you need to see the beautiful in everything and treat people as you would like to be treated

and the resort is still super.

Alexander and you do not accidentally from the transfer of what? Where? when?

how cleverly you determine who is from which city))

Irina, I myself am not local, I live in Irkutsk for a little less than a year and on Baikal I have met mainly cultural Muscovites, met of course noisy, but I can’t say anything bad about them in general.

But among the Irkutsk people just the opposite is a lot of boorish boys and men, women with beer in buses and smokers at the bus stop a lot.

it’s not in the region. business in education and education.

about the sanatorium: I will give a rating of 4. quite a place suitable for recreation and normal food

just back from the sanatorium. Having read reviews of likely Muscovites, I was directly afraid to go there. And in vain. Of course there are minuses – a lot of things do not work (swimming pool, sauna and

They lived in the 3rd building – very cleanly, they offered to change the towels after 3 days, the bed – after a week, they cleaned the room every day in our absence (they didn’t understand what was so terrible here? We didn’t lose anything).

In general, rest perfectly.

But about. comrades from the uncultured capital, but simply Muscovites (not about everyone, but there were cadres) —that is. zazhralis- they can be seen with the naked eye. In the dining room, there is no scandal (the reason is straight-fearful – they brought salad for breakfast instead of fish) – so are all the capital’s faces. And it is necessary to be indignant at the whole dining room. The waitress darted and immediately changed the dish, so there would be no silence – it also gave her a lecture, loudly, in full voice. And the most fun was when an adult and outwardly even too healthy uncle at the entrance to the main building waited for him to open the door (in the sense she was not locked with a key, just the epaulets were not allowed, probably). Oh, you have to be easier.

The weather is cool by our standards – all the same, Baikal cools down, but the humidity is much lower than Vladivostok. The air is a miracle.

True, if you believe the rumors about the abolition of benefits for paying spa treatment for the FSB from next year. for the full cost, I will not go there, it is cheaper for me to come closer to Primorye Abroad.

I really liked everything! Did not want to leave!

SK – apparently the lady from MSC! That says it all. :-)) We liked Everything, even though we saw the service better.

Rested together with a child from 09 to 29 June 2012, lived in the 1st building.

Baikal is beautiful, the sanatorium is terrible (for those who met their love there and ate tasty food in the local canteen – do not read further!).

A short list of achievements of this sanatorium.

Ladders are not equipped for lifting suitcases and wheelchairs (while disabled and children with cerebral palsy are accepted).

There are no places for storing money and documents: the room does not even have lockable drawers in the bedside tables. At the same time practiced “cleaning” rooms in the absence of tenants.

The balcony in the room was locked, and the laundry dryer had to be put on it through the window.

The water in the shower stall is practically unregulated – either cold or boiling water, it is impossible to clean up normally.

Toiletries are given only toilet paper – one roll for the entire stay, regardless of the number of residents.

Towels are changed once a week – despite the fact that the same (.) Towels are used in the procedures.

Swimming pool, mud, sauna, pump room, beauty salon and laundry – NO. Wi-Fi, of course, is also missing.

Manual massage is prescribed only for children and only with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Procedures are scheduled at lunchtime (from 14 to 15). We were assigned: 14:10 – I have a bath, 14:35 – hydromassage in a child, 15:00 – halo camera in a child, 15:05 – hydromassage in me. On the request not to assign the procedure at lunchtime, the answer was: “You haven’t eaten for an hour!” The first time we came to the halo camera 4 minutes after the appointed time – the employee who released the procedure was absent from the workplace, she arrived 15 minutes later , telling us that we are “late”, that we need to come 10 minutes before the start.

They do not warn in advance that the missed hydromassage procedures are not restored without a “prolongation” by the doctor;

that the sanatorium book is a document of strict accountability, and in case of loss it is not renewed (.) except through an appeal to the deputy head of the regime.

In addition, in the morning of the third day after the settlement, a completely magical incident occurred.

After the nurse took the garbage out of our room, someone appeared in the room in a white robe, introduced himself as a doctor on duty, and began to find out how long we have been living in this room. Then he declared that the sewage system was clogged in the sanatorium, and accused me that I threw into the toilet “what the plumbers find”, and that the head of the sanatorium ordered to “warn”, because “they will still find out about the riser”. A nurse stood all this time beside her and nodded, then asked the man: “Do you no longer need me?”. It became clear that the nurse in the trash bin noticed a freshly opened box of tampons, but did not notice the used tampons, since I packed them in special plastic bags of blue color. From this it was concluded that the tampons fell into the toilet. Therefore, I showed these bags to a nurse and a “doctor on duty” and explained where to look for used tampons when the nurse next time checks our garbage. To which she received the answer that “no one ever confesses.” And about an hour later a lady in a white robe appeared in the room and, without having presented herself, despite the request not to make a scandal in the presence of my child, she started again about the sewage system, and that “absolutely everyone” was warned and that I “offended” the nurse, who “good worker”.

I do not question that the nurse is a good worker. A bad worker would not be so vigilant.

I suggest the administration of the sanatorium to keep strict records of women’s tampons, issue tampons to residing women under painting in a special journal, and hand over used tampons to the doctor on duty for destruction according to the act.

Also I can not fail to note the work of the dining room.

For lunch, let in 10 minutes later than the time specified in the schedule, the main dish bring another 20 minutes wait. In spite of the fact that the dinner according to the mode of operation of the canteen is listed from 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm, if you come to the canteen at 7:20 pm, they say to you: “You are too late to come, we are already cleaning”.

Even dietary dishes (rice, for example) are plentifully watered with greasy gravy. On a plate with a second dish there is a grated carrot, cabbage or beet, mixed with the main dish – well for someone who likes to eat a variety of mash, and who does not like – not that much.

Kefir is poured into disposable plastic troughs (.) – it struck me so much that I asked what it was? And I received the answer that it was specifically so that it was convenient to carry the kefir into the room (it is forbidden to take the dishes out of the dining room, but it is possible to take plastic troughs).

Bread is given out once for the whole day, it winds up, pieces crumble, cut badly.

There is no tea for lunch, only sweet compote or jelly, even if herring or balyk is served as a snack. There is no simple water either, and if there is a can with an unexpired (look carefully at the expiration date of the can!) With mineral water, there are no empty glasses. A clean empty glass must be asked for separately and explained for a long time – the table ladies look at you like a madman.

When you have tea, pour it – a problem: a titanium tap sprinkles, a puddle on the pallet, glasses without handles (.) – to put it mildly, it is not quite comfortable to hold, especially for a child – the constant risk of scalding.

The waitresses sleep on the go, confuse the ordered dishes, they may not bring what they ordered, they can put the dish intended for an adult to the child.

And this is not a complete list of everything that you encounter there, and we are also well settled compared to those who got into the old buildings.

the sanatorium is good, there are always bad and good reviews for everything. someone is going to rest, and someone is cursing and spread rot. as a rule, with some mood arrived, and the rest passes. I can arrange a meeting from the train, plane and deliver to Listvyanka or to the sanatorium. write to

I really liked everything! Doctors are very good! Super! And Baikal itself is a fairy tale!

I was in a sanatorium about 13 years ago for a departmental voucher – everything was just fine: the food was nourishing and really tasty, the medical staff really liked it (procedures, including massage, were discharged themselves without surcharges). The only negative: there were no excursions, from entertainment – a disco of the 70s. However, the impressions are very good. We want this year to go with her husband: he is a soldier, I am a doctor. It is impossible to get vouchers even for a year. Are there any benefits if we bring in certificates from work? Or is it exactly a PACKAGE?

Do not believe comments negative, especially those who write from the capital. They are always dissatisfied with everything! ((((

Alya from Stavropol thanks for not forgetting me. Olya is from Kaliningrad, and I have a mark on my face (((

Hello everybody. Tell me, who went to Lake Baikal with a child in the range of 1.5 years – how appropriate is it to carry such a small one? And then my husband and I gave the vouchers, but the locals do not know anything about the child – can such a small thing be carried at all, and if so, under what conditions it is placed there

Rested in November and December. Liked the treatment, the attitude of the medical staff. Nutrition is satisfying, but tasteless. Nature is a delight! Crazy energy! Interesting excursions! Cheap cafes in the area of ​​Nikola.

For lung people, there is not enough time to lift, that’s for sure. I went alone and I did not have to get bored, I always found something to do. I regret one thing – I didn’t swim in Baikal! Al, thanks. Hello to you too, to all tourists in September 2011 greetings from Kaliningrad!

Rested at the end of February 2010. In this sanatorium we have a rest for the 4th time. Once were at the beginning of October, and 3 more times in winter! In October, they lived in the 3rd building, winter house in 1. A wooden house, a window overlooking the lake, titmouses fly into the open window, profit from the seeds, squirrels jump on a tree! In winter, Viktor Nikolayevich, arranges ski trips, in the fall, boat trips on Baikal with a visit to the reserve! Thank him so much! In addition, you yourself can also find a lot of entertainment (a bathhouse with an ice-hole, trips to the surroundings, an art gallery, a church

Rested family

Excursions, but a little expensive, but having been on

In the sanatorium rested in the month of September. She lived in the 4th building (wooden house). Rest was very pleased. If you wish, you can always find something to do. I, personally, did not have 20 days of rest. And I can not understand why many are not so happy with living in wooden houses! If I go to the Baikal resort again, then I know for sure that I will live in one of the old buildings. And the fact that the forest is all around is so wonderful. If you want to rest from the city rush, be sure to go to Lake Baikal and do not sit in their rooms.

I can not share my trip to the resort Baikal. I, after reading various reviews, still decided to go. It is necessary to see such beauty at least once, but regretted it on the very first day. The trip was from August 6 to 26. About the weather: it was hot in Moscow at that time, it’s good that before I left I looked at the weather in Listvyanka (not in Irkutsk – it’s much warmer there) and took a warm jacket – I went there for the whole holiday, even if you need to take the heat ,

impressions from the trip. I advise you to think before this is not a cheap trip, it may be better to go to Europe for the money, because there is no service here.

The resort is very good. Do not believe bad reviews. They were probably written by pompous and thieves, accustomed to lizoblyudstvu, employees and not employees. I was driving and was afraid that they would settle in the old building (I read reviews). In fact, the old case is very good in all plans. Especially for bachelors,

The only inconvenience is to get from the airport to the sanatorium. Currently in the resort there is a free delivery from the airport, railway. train station and

In general, go, you will not regret.

The treatment is excellent, the restorative procedures are super. Baikal is simply amazing. On the tour I advise you to go to about. Olkhon (surely, no one has regretted it yet), on the Circum-Baikal railway. the road, an overview of Irkutsk and the Mineralogical Museum (the lowest prices for crafts from local stones will not be deceived). Travel in with. Arshan and in Ulan – Ude (to datsan) are debts, tiresome and, in principle, to an amateur. Prices for excursions are quite reasonable. Who says that expensive – either a complete miser, or used to relax for free.

Michael probably all told so the staff, who does what in the sanatorium, and what does not. Amuse such reviews. as it was grazing a little lower, who goes to the sanatorium to rest, and who is the one who crap everything and everyone. we liked everything, well, the food is certainly not an elite restaurant, but nothing tasty. and why it is interesting in the voting room there is no point treatment – for the sanatorium the characteristic is the most important. treatment – 5!

returned yesterday from there. There is of course nothing to do there as there is no leisure as such (namely it was raining cold and windy, the excursions were canceled for this, you sit in the room all day as there is no other place, it’s good if the weather is good and there is money because the excursions are expensive, it’s better to come family or in the company)))) and the pool until next year will not work exactly as nobody does anything there)) corps old two)) one is new to pull

the sanatorium is good, there are always bad and good reviews for everything. someone is going to rest, and someone is cursing and spread rot. as a rule, with some mood arrived, and the rest passes. I can arrange a meeting from the train, plane and deliver to Listvyanka or to the sanatorium. write to

I was going to rest in this sanatorium, but alas, after reading the reviews I decided to abandon this adventure. There are a lot of other sanatoriums around Baikal, where there is clean air and great nature! I respect myself a little more and I am not used to begging and pleading for privileges for my own money! and with considerable. and about the administration, they need to be brought to court, and I’m sure you will win – just no one wants to get involved!

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people respect yourself a little more and demand what you need, and do not beg!

I wish everyone a good rest this summer.

We rested in the sanatorium in December 2010. At first we were settled in the old building – a nightmare. wanted to leave! but we were promised to be relocated to a good building. a week later we moved to a new room, just renovated – is another matter. furniture, plumbing, tv, refrigerator, dishes – everything is new. The doctors are very attentive, the equipment is good, a pity the pool did not work. a lot of young people. we liked it :) let’s go again.

rested family in the middle period. just a class. Especially memorable New Year’s Eve (four different Santa Claus), and sportog at all good! no matter what they say, the staff is just five points. I would like to visit you in the summer, and especially on the vaunted olkhon.

Were in a sanatorium in February

The mechanism of accommodation, treatment, nutrition, and organization of leisure has been well established. Wonderful surroundings, impressive landscapes, the village Listvyanka.

There are drawbacks: a non-working pool (under reconstruction), repair of rooms in the main building, rather poor equipment of rooms in buildings No. 3, 4, but it is believed that all this is temporary difficulties, and most importantly, the desire of all staff to improve the quality of service for guests .

I am sure that 99% of the opinion about the sanatorium is due to the mood of those who came to rest. Those who want to see a positive, do not pay close attention to the shortcomings and vice versa. I think that is quite a real value for money and quality of rest.

A personal thank you to the doctors: therapist Maria Yanovna, the cardiologist Elena Nikolaevna, the psychotherapist Tatiana Nikolaevna, the administrator Galina Nikolaevna, the sport sport Viktor Nikolaevich!

An example of how to spoil a wonderful impression of nature

Rest is excellent, the only negative is the wife of the head of the sanatorium who is engaged in resettlement. It counts himself Hozyaykoy that I want to turn over. Behavior terrible, arrogant, divides people into LOVE DO NOT LOVE. Were there 21 days, not from one person did not hear about her that good. All in shock. It seems a long time to take on them to be higher. Zazheralis.

Rested in the sanatorium "Baikal" in February 2010 in 1 building.

Tips for checking in:

1. Ask to be resettled in 1 building (this is the most well-equipped building, although the construction of a new building for the most important guests is currently ending);

2. If you are not a soldier and pay the cost of the voucher completely out of your pocket, we give advice: when you will be offered to pay extra for accommodation in the semi-suite when you check in, first demand that you be shown an order where it will be stated that the room you are settled in is a junior suite, and only then agree to stay in this room. An order with a list of rooms that are semi-suites will most likely not be shown to you, then ask them to show you simple rooms and semi-suites in building 1, so that you can personally compare and see the advantages of the semi-suites;

3. Has anyone ever seen a price list for accommodation, treatment and add. sanatorium services? Payment is made only according to the workers of the sanatorium.

4. There is no list of medical procedures and other additional services of the sanatorium. As a result, a person can not take part in the appointment of medical procedures or at least somehow affect the treatment process.

1. toilet paper is issued for two people on 1 roll per week (I do not know how the rest, but we were not enough);

2. towels. and bed linen is changed once a week;

3. not all rooms have a hairdryer (even semi-suites);

4. beds: are single, there are one and a half. Check when checking in so that the beds do not creak like old carts.

5. Food: a) too much cabbage; b) too fatty cutlets (even steamed) and too much butter in pasta and mashed potatoes; c) someone eats up, but someone does not.

6. for two people only one room key;

7. problems with transport: a) there is no bus from the sanatorium to Irkutsk (city visitors sometimes want to walk around the city on their own, without excursions); b) there is no regular bus from the sanatorium to Listvyanka and back (guests are forced to either wait for a bus that runs rarely, or go on foot (about an hour).

8. In the evening discos music 70-90-ies (for people over 40).

5. Sporting events.

Conclusion: I will not go there anymore.

Just a complete scoop! For the money you can go abroad and get good service and courteous attitude to yourself. And here they look at you with the creepy sovkov eyes of the chief, and you dust in front of them. Just feeling like a subhuman and paying for everything!

Agree with

treatment, especially massage, must be solicited, an indifferent attitude

I read about the sanatorium a lot and different. I can educate so to speak from reliable sources: 1) The cost of the voucher is set for two categories of holidaymakers: a) agency employees who pay for the vouchers in accordance with the certificate of benefits (if any), b) commercial vouchers. The cost of a commercial voucher can be found on tel. (3952) 490-156 (accounting), an application for a ticket indicating the number of people, the date of the planned arrival and the form of payment should be sent to the Aksu (3952) 490-299. 2) In the free sale of limited voyage vouchers, it is easier to purchase them from September 15 to May 15, the rest of the vouchers are distributed to VMU in the prescribed manner. 3) Payment is charged for the actual number of days of rest.

Were read here different, therefore

We want to book a double room in the first

more ugliness in all not met

Not the best resort of those in which I was. But, my doctor was wonderful, the procedures are wonderful, but it’s not worth talking about nature. The only thing that is striking is the lack of dry rations during long excursions, and the excursions are sold in a sanatorium, and vacationers leave on sanatorium buses. In other sanatoriums in these cases, rations are always issued,

Honestly I do not understand those people who scream with delight! The sanatorium is perhaps one of the worst departmental institutions.

First of all, the wife of the sanatorium’s head is engaged in resettlement and allows herself to divide people into decent superior rooms (with large beds, a fridge and a kettle) in building 1 and those not worthy — building 3 and 4 (with a sloping floor, showers with a wonderful wall ledge and very close location of the toilet, so that from the shower you will fly either in the jamb, or in the toilet). In these cases (3.4) there is no refrigerator in the room, not even a kettle. everything "facilities" are on the first floor, the so-called "cottagev"therefore, it is necessary to burn the hands of carrying glasses of hot water into your "super" number. Our buddies wife could not sleep at night, because because of the sloping floor, the child in a dream rolled off the bed! In these "overheard" houses lodge, with small names, civilian family, despite the cost of their vouchers. the rest "beneficiaries" and commercial visitors lodge in the superior rooms of housing 1! Note: the cost of rooms, as the administrator told us, is the same, that in buildings 1, that in buildings 3, 4. The truth is, there are 3 and 4 in one conditionally improved number! but, our cocoa was astonishment when, on leaving, we learned from regular holidaymakers that trips to housing 3 and 4 cost half as much as to the first building, and people come with initially expensive trips to improved rooms, but they allow themselves , without compensation, move in cheap. Because, the taught holidaymakers come with an initially cheap voucher and lodge them with an extra charge in good rooms.

one more trick: having a rest, about half of the arrival, due to transport conditions, they leave for their regions so that the departure day falls on 21, that is, they stay in a sanatorium for 20 days, and they are taken as 21 for them, where the difference is .

Dining is special "song". The diet is bad, and the child will not be able to pour an extra glass of compote, arguing that it is not there. Vacationers are not allocated dry rations on excursions and they are not being fed these days, not earlier and not later, but on the contrary, they are trying to quickly close the door in front of their noses! notice, in spite of the fact that the person is the food PAYED. At the same time, we didn’t observe how our " kind" the waitresses can barely lift bags from work!

In order to clean the room, you need to be reminded that in order to change the laundry, you must demand that you give a normal portion of food, you have to swear!

In the book of comments and suggestions, you can repeatedly find such records, having a rest, but still books, upon arrival Dear people on vacation are removed from public view. Similar comments go from 2000 to the present year (2009), and things are there!

incidentally, one of the staff of the sanatorium told us about comments on the numbers that people who were undemanding live quietly in degraded rooms, while going down, that they pay double for them, rendering an unconscious gesture of benevolence of the sanatorium administration.

Since this is an endemic region for tick-borne encephalitis, there are signs everywhere " carefully ticks", and there is a fight against ticks, while for the 21 days of our stay, we cut grass on the territory 1 time, and many vacationers, especially in salyarey, managed to grab ticks, however, some of them, having announced for their own money, that they were not encephalitic!

But only the magnificent nature of Lake Baikal outside the sanatorium and a certain circle of good medical staff will save it. The truth is the same on whom you ran. There are doctors who will not interrogate the treatment.

In a sanatorium "Baikal" My husband and I were in May 2009. I confess that at first everything was not happy there: the rooms are old (building 4), dishes on duty, to put it mildly, did not want to eat. But as soon as it came to visiting doctors and treatment, my personal opinion changed. Doctors wonderful, nurses attentive, friendly. I learned a lot of useful things from a dermatologist; I have never received such high-class advice. The gynecologist is a beautiful woman, a neat, wonderful specialist. I bow to these people.

This is the most wonderful resort, which I managed to visit. Here is so attentive medical team that I want to come back here again and again. The beautiful nature and powerful energy of Lake Baikal helps to forget about all the problems with which you come. Thanks to all the staff HUGE for everything you do.

I adore this sanatorium, I myself have traveled since childhood, and soon I will go with my baby. just great staff, wonderful doctors.

Our honeymoon trip will be magical !!

I can not wait for this, my love. – *

Yes. I can not imagine how my favorite so long splashed in such cold water =)))

When we go on a honeymoon trip, I will overcome the fear of freezing and plunge with you. : – *

I love you too, Chamomile! : – *

Beautiful place. you can swim there. I learned to swim there in general.

I met a lot of good and wonderful people. and met my beloved there !! I was there in 2007. Olenka, I LOVE YOU.

Wonderful place. Beautiful nature, clean air! Beautiful resort. Pleasant staff.

Been there with

The weather was great!

Entertainment varied and interesting! Concerts, discos, contests. Many excursions.

In this beautiful place I met my fate! His beloved.

Good day ! Please tell me how you can purchase permits in "Baikal" , how can I find you ? who can I contact? What diseases do you treat ?. I ask you to reply with leave

Wonderful sanatorium! Rested there in the summer, left the most wonderful memories. A wonderful team – kind and responsive doctors, staff, comfortable rooms and a pleasant atmosphere, tasty and nutritious cuisine, very good health and healing procedures, a wonderful organization of excursions, hikes and entertainment programs, simply unforgettable nature and views of the lake, clean air. I would like to return there more than once. Many thanks to all the staff of the sanatorium and congratulate you on the 45th anniversary. I wish you further growth and prosperity!

Good day ! Tell me you can in your sanatorium "Baikal" purchase vouchers, how to find you, with whom you can contact, what diseases you treat. Please reply with the coordinates, how to contact you. I really want to see you. Thank.

Pavel, better call right there. In fact, this is a departmental sanatorium of the FSB of Russia and, as far as I know, commercial vouchers there are only from October to March, it seems. But I can be wrong.

Wonderful sanatorium, I want to return there again and again, for several years there I rested, and I hope that I will go again :) perfect order, excellent attitude, everyone can choose for themselves the rest he needs.

Clementine. Hello. Could you please advise where you can get vouchers to the resort Baikal? I searched all sites – dubt only hotel Baikal, but not a sanatorium. Thank you very much.

We rested as a family in this beautiful sanatorium and came in complete delight! There really is a wonderful place, a wonderful resort and kind, helpful people! You will go to all sorts of useful and pleasant procedures, and in the evenings there is a disco or cinema. The food is wonderful there! The air is great! Just take with you plenty of warm things, Baikal itself is cold, but it’s hot in Irkutsk! There is a children’s room for children, everyone likes it! Well, in general, go and enjoy!

Dear sanatorium manager "Baikal"

With you there is no connection from the city of Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region.

so by e-mail.

Our company "Evrazruda" there is an interest in referring our employees to you for recovery throughout the year.

I urge you to respond to my message

social development Valery Maltsev.

Our family loves this

I had a wonderful rest! The first time after 3 weeks of rest did not want to go home! And when, after all, she arrived, she was depressed. Finally, I found a place where I want to return again and again! It is a pity that with permits problems. And so I advise everyone! I don’t think I’ll have to spare the time and money spent.

You know, they have vouchers from October 1 to June 10, in principle for any period, it is problematic to purchase a voucher for the New Year holidays, and for the summer the probability is generally small. And they do not work with intermediaries. Only directly. In addition, they have changed the telephones: fax 112-299, phone accounting 112-156. I buy vouchers only from them.

You just have a wonderful resort. I have been there three times and I would like to, but unfortunately for me the big problem is to get a ticket,

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