Top individual tourist destinations

If the phrase “to see Paris and die” is about you, and the prospect of rubbing your favorite pair of shoes in the corridors of the Louvre does not frighten you or even inspire you, congratulations: you belong to the category of aesthetes, for whom the best kind of rest is excursion. While insensible and callous vacationers smoke under the scorching rays of exotic suns, your tender soul soars in the transcendental heights of painting, sculpture and architecture, music and literature, in the expanses of national parks and ancient temple complexes.

Top individual tourist destinations

Unlike such hobbies as diving or rock climbing, sightseeing tours do not have a specific army of fans. All of us, with varying frequency, no-no, and we will get out on a tour, even relaxing in the most beach-like country, thereby replenishing and diminishing the ranks of “excursion” lovers. However, there are popular destinations focused on lovers to see, admire and capture, for example, the capital of European countries with their abundance of museums and architectural monuments or natural attractions: Turkish Pamukkale, Australian Ayers Rock, Tanzanian Ngorongoro. The “excursion” countries are also visited by non-lovers of beach-sea tararama and heat, romantic-minded couples and those who cannot imagine life without meeting face to face with Dali’s canvases, floating buildings of Gaudi or frescoes of the Sistine Chapel.

Advantages and disadvantages

The opportunity to join the cultural heritage of mankind and enjoy the contemplation of art objects – these are the main advantages of sightseeing tours. This does not mean that apart from going to museums, cathedrals and city halls, there is no time left for anything: the “excursion” can be successfully combined with shopping and beach rest. Take, for example, Italy. Here you can explore the numerous sights of Rome for days (and not even see half) and then relax on the nearby Lazio Riviera: in noisy Ostia or secluded Anzio. Not to mention the fact that Milan is not only the famous Duomo and the Last Supper by Da Vinci, but also one of the best shopping cities in the world. The disadvantages of a “naked” excursion can be attributed only to “ches” on sights, as a result of which viscous porridge from facades, paintings, names and dates remains in my head. Here we note that everyone has the right to determine for himself the excursion program of suitable intensity and such a literally “gallop across Europe” should be avoided.

Top individual tourist destinations

Where to go

Popular sightseeing destinations are, of course, the old Europe with an exceptionally large concentration of monuments of all times and nations, the heir to the great civilizations of the past: Egypt, India, Mexico, Peru, Iran, Greece, Israel, etc., happy owners of fantastic natural landscapes: Rwanda, Australia, Indonesia, USA, South Africa, antipode states with unusual, and therefore interesting way of life for us, such as Japan or countries of the Arab East, and “native expanses”: cities of Russia and neighboring countries Tubing Petersburg or Bukhara. Recall also that the dosed “excursion” can be obtained on vacation in any country of the world: there are sure to be some ruins, a couple of museums and several monuments of architecture near the beaches.

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