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Flight. There is a direct non-stop regular flight “Aeroflot” on the route Moscow – Havana (about 13 hours).

The best resorts of Cuba

Transit flights to Havana via Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam will take 15-20 hours. You can fly to Varadero and Holguin via Frankfurt.

About the country. Cuba is an archipelago consisting of 1600 islands and islets with a total area of ​​110,860 square meters. km, two of them belong to the Greater Antilles – the island of Cuba itself and the island of Juventud. Cuba is located in the western part of the Caribbean, 180 km from Florida, 210 km from Mexico, 77 km from Haiti and 140 km from Jamaica.

Climate. The climate is tropical. On average, 330 days a year are sunny. The average annual air temperature in Varadero and in Havana is + 25 ° С, the maximum summer temperature is + 34 ° С (August), and the minimum winter temperature is + 18 ° C. The average annual water temperature ranges from +26 to + 28 ° C. The dry season lasts from November until April, from May to October it may rain, in the autumn – hurricanes. The hottest and rainiest months are from July and August, during this afternoon there are strong but short showers, and in the morning you can always enjoy the sun.

The beaches. All beaches are municipal, free, sandy. For hotels secured separate areas of the beach, which are protected. There is practically no local population in these areas. Sun beds and umbrellas – for free. The main resorts are: Varadero, Holguin, Cayo Coco Island, Guillermo Island, Santa Maria Island.

Varadero. The resort of Varadero is located 140 km from Havana on the Atlantic coast. Varadero – the most famous international resort on the coast of Cuba, a resort where you can not be bored. Varadero is not only luxurious nature, but also attractive conditions for outdoor activities: several diving centers, a golf course, aero club, helicopter tours, safaris, an exotic tour of collecting sugar, swimming with dolphins, caves, equestrian sport. Located on a narrow 20-kilometer strip of land in the northern part of the island, 140 km east of Havana. In 1992, the stunning snow-white beach of Varadero with its amazing azure sea water was recognized as one of the 3 cleanest beaches in the world. This is a small resort town, full of exotic with dozens of comfortable hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Holgin. Holguin is the fourth largest city of Cuba and the administrative center of the province of the same name, in which one of the most famous resorts in the country is located. Located in the southeastern part of the island of Cuba, in the valley of Mayabe. Holguin’s main attractions are the numerous parks and squares located around the 300-meter-high Hill of the Cross, which has become a symbol of the city. The recreation area is considered respectable and expensive. Holidays here cost much more than, for example, than in Varadero. Here are the most elite hotels on the island. The resort offers a wealth of opportunities for entertainment and great relaxation. It includes more than 40 beaches. The largest of them is Nip Bay. Holguin is very popular with diving enthusiasts. There are coral reefs off the coast with many underwater caves and rocks.

Cayo Coco Island Cayo Coco Island is located in the province of Ciego de Avila, 20 km from about. Cuba, with which it is connected by a unique bulk road, which goes right on the sea, on the Bay of Dogs. This is the fourth largest Cuban island, part of the Jardines del Rey archipelago (Royal Gardens), its area is 370

Cayo Guillermo Island. Cayo Guillermo is small (13

Santa Maria Islands. Santa Maria is a complex of small islands united by a dam, 386 km from Havana, 48 km from about. Cuba, to which a unique bulk road leads. There is an airport, where planes of local airlines arrive, the domestic flight to Havana takes 50 minutes. Santa Maria and the neighboring islands are famous for their gorgeous beaches with soft white pearl sand. These are one of the most beautiful natural beaches of Cuba, an ideal place for a quiet, romantic, secluded rest away from the noisy cities, merging with the pristine nature. The archipelago is famous for its underwater world.

Hotels There are a lot of hotels belonging to the world “chains” (mainly Spanish), food in most cases is an all-inclusive system with imported drinks. Coastal hotels are usually located on the first line of the beach.

Sport. Diving – excellent preservation of the ecosystem, favorable climatic conditions, a high level of development of the diving industry, the presence of dive sites of all levels of complexity. Other water sports.

Tours. HAVANA (inspection of squares, fortresses, palaces and buildings erected in the XVI-XIX centuries, the Capitol, the Museum of the Revolution, the Presidential Palace, the famous MALECON embankment). VARADERO CITY TOUR, CARDENAS – (Central Park, Spanish Fort, Varadero Municipal Museum, Natural Park, Dolphinarium). SHOW TROPIKANA in Matanzas. MATANZAS, KUEVAS DE BAYAMAR CAVES (stalactts and stalagmites). SEA SAFARI. JEEP SAFARI (to the SATURNO cave where you can swim in the underground lake). JUNGLE TOUR (with a stop on a small island-reserve, home to flamingos, crocodiles, turtles, iguanas and exotic birds). GUAMA, BAHIJA DE KOCHINOS – (Trip to the peninsula ZAPATA, which is the National Park and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve). ISLAND KAYO LARGO DEL SUR – (on the island of Iguan, to the coral reef). AQUARIUM (in Holguin)

Entertainment. On the coast a lot of discos. Restaurants and cafes are, as a rule, only in resorts and in large cities – Havana and Santiago de Cuba. In other localities, catering establishments are represented mainly by eateries.

Map of the region. http: //

Holidays in Cuba will suit everyone: lovers of beach holidays, active, sightseeing, with children.

The resorts of Cuba, without a doubt, are among the best places to relax. Why? Yes, because here there is exotic nature, bright sun, unique “white sandy” beaches, colorful national cuisine, many hotels, entertainment, historical sights.

Resorts on the islands of the Caribbean – a paradise of our planet

Do you want to relax, swim with a mask, admire the majestic flamingos, want to “tan” in a Cuban way? Want to spend a romantic honeymoon? Want to try those Havana cigars. Want to relax in a country that you will never forget? Finally, want to make an amazing journey from winter to summer? Choose a vacation in the resorts of Cuba! And we will briefly tell about them.

Varadero – the most popular resort of Cuba

Varadero is probably the most popular resort of Cuba. He is known among tourists from all over the world. Varadero is a wonderful sandy beach that stretches for almost two dozen kilometers, one of the three cleanest – not only in Cuba – in the world.

The alluring waters of the Atlantic invite diving enthusiasts to plunge into the fabulous world. There are cafes, restaurants, clubs. Interestingly, the two famous restaurants Varadero are located in the houses where DuPont and Al Capone lived.

Havana – rest in the capital

The story of the resorts of Cuba can not be considered complete without mentioning Havana. The capital of the solar island is an ancient city, which is almost five hundred years old. There are a lot of historical sites. Here are great hotels, yacht clubs, amusement parks. Here you can not only visit interesting excursions, make purchases, enjoy the very real “Cuban” atmosphere, but also sunbathe on comfortable beaches, plunge into an unforgettable underwater world, in a word – just have a nice rest.

Holguin Province – Luxury Holiday

This resort of Cuba is among the elite. Here is another great beach – Playa Esmeralda, “Emerald Coast”. Total resort Holguin more than four dozen beaches. If you are interested in a relaxing holiday, if you need a high-class hotel, come on holiday to the Emerald Coast.

Island resort Cayo Guillermo

The island resort of Cuba Cayo Guillermo is suitable for lovers of beach rest and tranquility. – – Immerse yourself in the serene waters of the sea, forget about the problems, lying on the warm sand, enjoy the beauty of the flamingos.

Cayo Coco: Resort Reserve

Cayo Coco Island is a special resort of Cuba. What is its difference? This is a preserve. In the central part of the island is preserved pristine nature. Exotic birds live here, here you can see graceful flamingos and magnificent pelicans. Another feature of the resort is its beaches. More precisely, the white sand, which is so white that at times resembles snow. There is a circus and a large amusement park on the island.

Cayo Largo – Beach Resort

Cayo Largo Island invites fans of tanning and scuba diving to rest. You are waiting for a huge beach, which occupies the whole coast, marine reserve, the magnificent world of corals.

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Cayo Santa Maria – a resort for fishermen and divers

Cayo Santa Maria is another great resort in Cuba. Holidays here will delight anyone who enjoys diving, fishing, who loves clean, calm beaches.

Santa Maria del Mar – near the capital

This resort of Cuba is located very close to the capital (about 18 kilometers), which allows you to easily enjoy the entertainment, which is rich in Havana. The resort of Santa Maria del Mar itself is a white sand beach, ten good hotels, water sports centers.

Our travel agency will help you to choose and buy a ticket to the resorts of Cuba. Enjoy your stay.

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Cuba resorts are becoming one of the most popular destinations in the domestic tourism market. The long flight is brightened up by the luxurious tropical nature, the warm sea and excellent service, in addition, Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter the country. Cuban resorts can offer the most diverse price level – from respectable Holguin to quite accessible “eastern beaches” of Havana.

Perhaps the most famous resort in Cuba is Varadero. Located 134 km from the capital, the city became a center of tourism as early as the 30s-50s. XX century, while its development involved the Americans. Here is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, its length is more than 20 km. Varadero boasts many hotels, the city has both international chains and low-cost local hotels and bungalows. In the vicinity is the cave of Ambrosio, known for its cave paintings, as well as the dolphinarium and the crocodile nursery.

Holguin – the most fashionable resort of Cuba. Most hotels have a category of 4-5 stars, but there are relatively affordable hotels. Holguin has three main beaches, among which Guardalavaka is the most popular.

The most beautiful beaches in Cuba

You can make excursions to the provincial capital, as well as visit the city of Khibara, where the colonial architecture has been preserved. Not far from the resort there is an international airport that receives flights from Europe and Canada.

“Eastern beaches” of Havana, or Playas del Este – the most democratic resort of Cuba. Here not only foreign tourists have a rest, but also local residents who are simply denied access to other Cuban resorts. Playas del Este, or as it is also called – the Havana Riviera – is a chain of resort towns, stretching from Bakurano to Guanabo. Hotels are concentrated mainly in Santa Maria del Mar, in most towns you can cheaply rent a house or a room not far from the sea. From Havana to Playas del Este can be reached in 20-30 minutes.

The islands near Cuba – Juventud, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo, Cayo Iguana and many others are great places for ecotourism. There are usually fewer people than on the main Cuban resorts, and on some beaches you can even see iguanas and sea turtles. The Cuban islands are especially popular among divers – there are a lot of corals and an unusually rich underwater life.

Top Florida Resorts

Resorts Map of Cuba >>>

If you have already purchased tickets to the island of Liberty, you can only envy. After all, there you will find an amazing holiday on the warm sea. Most resorts of this state are similar in their original nature, as well as the good nature of the locals. Especially here tourists from Russia are welcome, by the way, in Cuba, many residents know Russian well, which is especially pleasant and even touching.

What are good resorts of Cuba

If you compare the resorts of Cuba with the rest of the popular resorts, you can find only a couple of shortcomings, the main of which is a fairly long flight and high airfare. But everything else is a solid virtue. A special spirit of freedom and comfort reigns on the island, and this atmosphere is felt right from the airport.

All Cuban resorts boast beautiful beaches, as if descended from pictures of paradise pleasure. They are distinguished by pure white sand, water of all shades of turquoise, endless expanse and emerald green of palm trees. Prices for accommodation here are more than affordable, even for tourists with an average income, and the service is simply excellent, strictly meeting the star level of the establishment.

At the Cuban resorts is always fun, because at one time it is unlikely to be able to go on all the excursions.

The most famous resort cities and regions

Especially famous among tourists are several resorts in this country. Many prefer to relax in Varadero. After all, this resort is more than 40 kilometers of the purest white beaches, which are located on the northern coast of Cuba. Here there are hotels of various categories, from hostels to luxury hotels and mansions. In short, Varadero is just a paradise for those who prefer a relaxing holiday, where complete relaxation is considered key.

No less famous are the beaches located near the town of Holguin, this is the north-eastern part of the island.

resorts cubes on the caribbean sea

The main entertainment area is called Guardalavaca. It was here that Christopher Columbus came down to the coast of Cuba. And his delight and surprise from the local spaces now can feel anyone who went here to relax. By the way, this area is great for those who love diving, they can plunge on the local coral reef, which is usually referred to as the most beautiful in the world.

If you want to relax on the islands, the resorts of Cuba – this is an excellent option. Among the Cuban resort islands can be distinguished Santa Maria, Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo. The privacy and charm of the past days remained on these islands, these pieces of sushi still remember the beautiful caravels and pirates who, in ancient times, walked along these expanses.

Hotels on the Caribbean Sea Cuba.

CubaKuba is a magical island separating the Atlantic from the Caribbean Sea, the bottom of which is literally covered with treasures. Neighbor of Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico – attracts not only tropical exotic, but also a special flavor of island life, warmth, openness and hospitality of local residents. Here every day, the carnival. There is no heat here, the caressing breeze from the ocean pleasantly cools. There are not even animals that are dangerous to humans. Here crocodiles are only in the form of roast. And countless fish, birds, mollusks becomes not only a gourmet delicacy, but also an object of fascinating hunting. Kilometers of the finest white sand and azure blue ocean waters seem to be specially created for a world-class resort. The rest was made by people: in tourism there is a large share of Spanish capital and therefore the service meets the highest requirements. The Republic of Cuba is located on the Caribbean islands of Cuba, Cuba, Juventud, and more than 1600 small islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It occupies an area of ​​110.9 thousand square meters. km It is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The island of Cuba is the largest in the Caribbean region, its length is 1250 km, and the width is from 31 to 191 km. The capital of the country is Havana. The population of Cuba is 10.8 million people (65% are whites, 12% are negroes, 22% are mulattos) and consists of two ethnic groups: descendants of Spanish immigrants and descendants of African slaves, introduced in the period between the XVI and XIX centuries. There is also an Asian population. The political system. Cuba is the only socialist state in the Western Hemisphere. The form of government is a socialist republic. The level of support for the Cuban government is quite high. The supreme body of the state is the National Assembly of People’s Power, which is endowed with legislative rights. It elects from among the deputies the Council of State, which represents the Assembly during the break between sessions, and appoints the members of the Council of Ministers – the highest executive and administrative body, which is the government of the republic. The chairman of the State Council is the head of state and government – Fidel Castro Rus. Climate. Cuba is located in the tropical belt of the globe. The climate of Cuba is very favorable, since the island does not have such humidity as in countries with a typical tropical climate, and the heat is softened due to constantly blowing winds from the ocean. The average air temperature from October to March is 28 ° -32 ° C and from April to September 35 ° -37 ° C. The water temperature, respectively, from October to March is 24 ° -25 ° C and from April to September is 27 ° -29 ° C. The rainy season in Cuba falls on the period March-April and October-November, although tropical rain spills within 5-10 minutes, and after two hours under the scorching sun it becomes still dry. The time zone. Time behind Kiev at 7 o’clock. Language. The official language is Spanish. However, the hotel staff will answer you in English, German, Italian. Religion. The church is separated from the state. Population provided freedom of religion. The most common Catholicism, there are many churches of great architectural and artistic value. The Afro-Cuban religion, which was the result of a mixture of African cults brought to Cuba by slaves, with the Catholicism of the Spanish colonialists, also has deep roots. This phenomenon is called religious syncretism as a result of the merging of cultures of Africa, Spain and Cuba.

Cuba – Caribbean resorts

In addition, there are other religious movements such as Regla de Palo Monte “with animistic gods, Regla Abakua”, which is based on the cult of ancestors, as well as other sects and beliefs that have more or less influence among the population of the country. Currency. The monetary unit is a Cuban peso, equal to 100 centavos (The course is approximately:

Indeed, in the Caribbean, washing the shores of the islands, there are more than 900 species of fish, bright polymites and marine animals. The population and national language The indigenous people of Cuba are the natives of the Sibonei tribe, as well as the Taino Indians who came to the islands from the mainland. However, at present, the indigenous people are almost completely ousted by the descendants of the Spanish conquerors and black slaves brought from Africa. The population of Liberty Island is approximately 11 million people, with 20% of them living in the capital, Havana. La cubania is an amazing mix of national color, character, culture and lifestyle. Kindness, hospitality, courtesy, incredible laziness, constant smile – this is what distinguishes real los cubanos.Spanish is the national language. HavanaClimate The climate of Cuba is tropical, trade-wind. The average annual temperature is 25.5 ° C. The average temperature of the coldest month (January) is 22.5 ° C and the hottest (August) 27.8 ° C. The temperature of surface waters off the coast in winter is 22-24 ° C, in the summer – 28-30 ° C. The average annual rainfall, usually in the form of showers, is 1,400 mm, however, dry years often occur. There are two climatic seasons in Cuba: rainy (May-October) and dry (November-April). During the rainy season, 3/4 of the total annual precipitation falls. The characteristic feature of Cuba’s climate is typical high humidity throughout the year. The combination of high humidity and high temperature has a generally adverse effect on people’s lives. However, on the coast, the wind from the sea tempers the heat, brings freshness, and in the evenings and coolness. In any place, the winds are distinguished by a known constancy, therefore trees can often be seen whose trunks have a corresponding slope. The cube is exposed to tropical cyclones that originate in the summer-autumn period (June-mid-November) east of the Lesser Antilles and in the west Caribbean. moving then toward florida. Typhoons are accompanied by heavy rains and strong winds that can cause great damage to the economy and population of the island. The rivers in Cuba are short, not wet. Forests covering about 10% of the territory are preserved only in mountainous and marshy areas. The sushi fauna is relatively poor. At the same time, there are valuable commercial fish in the waters surrounding Cuba. clams. lobster shrimp. and also sponges. See. also Notes

  • hotels on the caribbean sea cuba

hotels on the caribbean sea cuba

The resorts of Cuba are known to Russian tourists a long time ago. Here you can find a warm and gentle sea, bright sun (almost all year round), a mild climate, unique cities and people, excellent hotels, and much, much more. Remotely familiarize yourself with this “paradise island” with a map of Cuba with resorts. It shows the most visited cities, as well as hotels ready to provide tourists with their services. On our site you can find the best resorts of Cuba with photos, reviews, descriptions and other materials.

There is one more feature in which the resorts of Cuba are different from any others – this is the spirit of communism prevailing in the country. In addition, many hotels have been preserved since the beginning of the 20th century, the incomparable spirit of that era has been in them. For example, you can stay in a hotel that just 80 years ago was the villa of Al Capone himself. Imagine how you will sip a gorgeous Cuban rum from a glass in which the glare of the setting sun drowning in the waves of the Caribbean Sea will play. All this together – the unique atmosphere, cigars, rum, incendiary music, unsurpassed landscapes in their beauty – are waiting for you in Cuba, the Island of Liberty!

Cuba: Caribbean resorts

Modern resorts of Cuba on the Caribbean Sea are distinguished by tranquility and silence. The most famous resort islands are located on the Atlantic coast – this is Havana, and the main resort area of ​​the island of Varadero. On the Caribbean coast, you can visit small resort towns such as Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Juventud Island and small islands such as Cayo Largo. All of them are located on Varadero or on Cape Holguin. However, this is the main charm of the Caribbean coast – peace and quiet in conjunction with the unforgettable gentle sea and the unique nature can make your vacation truly unforgettable!

Find a more detailed description of the resorts of Cuba, you can on our website. This will help you determine which holiday destination to choose on this magical island. The fact is that you can stay without any problems in the same Varadero, and on the Caribbean coast to take a tour, which can take from one to several days with accommodation in local hotels. Do not forget that the main resorts of Cuba are still Havana, Varadero and Holguin, a little less known – the island of Cayo Coco and the island of Santa Maria. All these places are located on the coast of the Atlantic, but they made Cuba one of the most popular holiday destinations for our compatriots and millions of tourists from other parts of the world.

Reviews of resorts in Cuba

With the help of our site you can see the resorts of Cuba in the photo and read reviews of tourists who have already visited this amazing country. As a rule, Cuba collects only positive reviews, since practically any person can find entertainment for themselves here.

Our website allows you to see all the resorts of Cuba on the map, which will allow you to plan a route to visit different cities of the island. It is highly recommended to visit such cities as:

  • Havana,
  • Trinidad
  • Santiago de Cuba,
  • Varadero (to see “Cuba for tourists”).

All resorts in Cuba, of course, is not necessary, but you need to visit these cities. Just to feel the history and culture of this country. In the markets you can buy a lot of souvenirs: from carved wooden products to clothes with the face of Ernesto Che Guevara.

It is not known what the best resort in Cuba is – all of them are just beautiful, but our specialists will be able to suggest a suitable city after the conversation. Based on your preferences, we will help you choose the right tour, so leave your details and we will contact you.

Moreover, our prices for the resorts of Cuba are more than affordable, you can see for yourself!

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