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Letting IELTS on your computer C July 2018 new IELTS format already in Russia!

The largest IELTS test center We accept IELTS throughout Russia

IELTS for a UK visa: IELTS UKVI and IELTS Life Skills

Online registration for the exam anytime, anywhere is convenient and fast

The nearest dates for which there are free places

Where can I hand over IELTS in Russia? Hand over IELTS in your city!

IELTS certificate is recognized by all educational institutions in the world.

Preparation for IELTS in Moscow and weekly pretests

Do you want to pass an exam Ielts in your city?

View the schedule in your city and, if necessary, register


We have special permission from the UK Migration Service (UKVI)

Only in Students International IELTS Test Center

Do not like writing by hand? Want to take a listen with headphones? Get results in 5-7 days? Hand over IELTS in a new format – IELTS on a computer.

Students International IELTS Test Center –

This is the largest and most comfortable center for IELTS exams in Russia. We take IELTS exam in 30+ cities. Choose where to take IELTS wisely! After all, choose for yourself! And so then do not regret the conditions of delivery, for example!

Only here

Presents the entire line of IELTS exams that exist today. Need a UK visa? Most likely, you need to take IELTS to Students International.

Sign up for IELTS online from any device, wherever you are

Do not believe if you are asked to bring in or mail the original documents! Everything is much easier and more convenient! Everything can be done online!

Registration for the IELTS exam on June 29 is extended!

Official registration on the desired date is completed? We traditionally extend registration. Here is the latest information on availability for the nearest dates in all cities!

All IELTS centers on one map

Select the IELTS center nearest to you on the map and find out all the dates of the exam, as well as the types of exams you can pass in the selected city. We take the IELTS test in more than 30 cities from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

Hand over IELTS for study abroad!

With an IELTS certificate, you can enroll in foreign universities and colleges. The choice of programs is limited only by your academic interests and ambitions! Have we passed IELTS? Ask Students International about discounts on design!

Individual approach, courses of various duration:

From 2 days to 2 months: individually and in mini-groups. Realistic prices are 20% lower than the city average.


All about IELTS exam, all existing types of IELTS tests, information on preparation, registration and results


Want to get IELTS results in 5-7 days maximum and pass Listening in headphones? To read from the screen and type on the keyboard, but not to write by hand?


We are the winners of international awards IDP IELTS Australia: “Best Audit Award” (2010 – 2015) “Performance Excellence Award 2012” and “Excellence in Leadership Award 2017”


International Examination Center IELTS Students International – the official center for the IELTS exam throughout Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. We conduct a test in more than 30 cities of Russia. On this site you can see all the cities in which we conduct the IELTS exam, as well as select the date of interest in any of the presented cities.

Since 2008, we are proud to be the Center, which cares about candidates!

Our IELTS Center was established on the basis of the Center for Study Abroad Students International – the leader of Eastern Europe in the international educational services market.

Top Cities to Visit in Canada

We are the only * in Russia who take all types of examinations, in

Online registration without a personal visit to the office and free booking

Only in our center you can pass IELTS in a new format – IELTS on a computer

Free IELTS preparation resources for all registered candidates

Ability to coordinate the time and date of the Speaking part

We report the exam schedule, including Speaking time, a week before the exam.

IELTS on the computer now in St. Petersburg!

From the end of January, now and in St. Petersburg, you can pass the new format of the IELTS exam – IELTS on your computer.

Exam IELTS in Kazan, Vladimir, Pyatigorsk and Penza!

We are pleased to announce that once again we are expanding the geography of IELTS in Russia. In the new 2019, we added 4 more cities to the IELTS map.

Now the IELTS exam can be taken 7 days a week, twice a day!

Since the end of October 2018, the IELTS exam has become more accessible. We announce the beginning of receiving IELTS on the computer every (!) Day. It is more convenient to take on a fresh mind on Monday? No problem! Do you think that the peak of activity falls on the middle of the week? We will be happy to arrange an exam on Wednesday. Have free time only on weekends? We are pleased to hold for you IELTS on Saturday or Sunday. Further more! And this is another innovation that no longer exists in any IELTS center.

IELTS exam cost increase

Due to the sharp fall in the ruble exchange rate from August 13, 2018, the cost of the IELTS exam increases

Meet the computer IELTS in Russia!

Meet the new format of the most popular English test for study, work and emigration in the world – IELTS on a computer.

All about the new format of the IELTS – IELTS exam on the computer

The advantages of IELTS on a computer, sample assignments and practical training materials

Have you passed the exam? What’s next?

Educational group Students International offers higher and postgraduate education abroad: from the most elite to the most economical options

Preparing for IELTS via Skype

Individual preparation for IELTS and IELTS Life Skills on Skype at a convenient time for you. Price will please you!

Scholarship Fund Students International

Scholarships and grants for study abroad: from the school desk to the master’s mantle! Search for scholarships by country and a transparent way to submit documents online.

Education in Australia

A unique project for people interested in learning and living in Australia. Age of students: from 8 years (for study at school) to 37 years (for training in a magistracy).

Hospitality Industry: All Options

From classic hotel management schools, teaching in the Swiss model, to vocational colleges and university hospitality faculties.

Secondary education: elite private schools

Which country and type of school to choose, which program will then ensure admission to the best universities in the world? Our collections of Casual, Premium and Luxury schools for you!

Education in Canada: training for work!

Thompson Rivers University is distinguished by low tuition fees, partial scholarships and a high percentage of graduate employment in Canada.

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