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A pleasant addition to the rest in Thailand are shopping trips. Samui Shopping allows the tourist to buy the right product and chat with representatives of the local population. Pre-correspondence acquaintance with the main points of sale will save a lot of time and make the process of making purchases less tedious and more productive.

In the article we will tell and show on the map the most popular and large stores and markets on Koh Samui, as well as describe, recently opened, the Central Festival shopping center, which is a paradise for shopping on the island.

Review of large stores on Samui

If there are a lot of small kiosks and markets on Koh Samui, then large Thai supermarkets cannot boast of their abundance. However, shopping on Samui fully satisfies the farang. The world-famous network of supermarkets Tesco on Samui opened three shopping centers. One of them operates on Nathon, the other stands between Chaweng and Bophut, the third welcomes visitors to Lamai Beach.

Tesco Store on Lamai

The second most prominent is Big C. Great shop on Samui consists of many sections, the production of which varies by purpose. Here, the buyer can stock up on home goods and clothing, buy quality jewelry and trinkets for relatives waiting for their homes. Demanded goods are mobile devices, gadgets, all kinds of equipment. To power shopaholics there is a separate zone with Wi-Fi. Also in Big C there is a hairdresser.

Big C store on the ring road between Chaweng and Bophut beaches

Small wholesale shop on Samui is makro. Products in it are sold at the lowest prices. There is an economical selling point in front of Tesco. Foreigners can make small purchases in the shops of Seven-Eleven and Family Mart.

The Makro store, also located between the beaches of Chaweng and Bophut

Central Festival on Samui

The brand new Central Festival shopping center opened in March 2014 in the center of Chaweng Beach. It has three floors and 90 000

Also in Central Festival on Samui You can find boutiques of sportswear and appropriate inverter, casual clothing and various accessories, audio and video equipment and much more. By the way, the photo at the very top of the article was taken inside this particular shopping center.

Top cities to visit in Asia

Where to buy jewelry: jewelry stores on Samui

Holding shopping in Samui impossible to imagine without visiting Samui Lapidary. A large jewelry store is located on the ring road, which lies in the northern part of the island. You can’t name a variety of local assortment – the same model is presented in different sizes and with variations of stones. Another interesting jewelry store can be found in the southeast of the island, called, Bowtiful Samui (on the map).

Top cities to visit in Asia

Visiting jewelry stores on Samui, lovers of expensive jewelry can buy white gold and diamonds for 100 thousand rubles. More affordable prices are set for wired silver, stones of precious and semiprecious groups. Visitors jewelry stores on Samui Certificate for gold is offered.

A walk through Samui’s markets

Integral part shopping in Samui presents a march on markets (on how to bargain on markets in Thailand, read in a separate article). All markets on the island are divided into food, vegetable and souvenir. Deserves attention and fish market on samui District Bangrak, which is the eldest among similar. Fresh fish and nutritious seafood on the counters koh samui fish markets come from sailors, hurrying from the night or morning fishing. Any species of fish, small and large crustaceans, shrimp, solid crabs – all this range fish markets on Samui. King prawns are sold at the rate of 250 baht / kg, others – less than 200 baht.

Samui Markets, offering an assortment of food, are in the following points in Thailand:

  • Nathon;
  • Muslim village, adjacent to Lamai beach;
  • on Bophut not far from the Big Buddha monument (with the help of the ferry, buyers come here from the islands of Koh Tao and Koh Phangan);
  • on the ring road, next to which there is a right turn in the direction of the Fisherman’s Village.

Fair Volkin Street on Samui

This is not the wrong street of debauchery Volkin Street, located in Pattaya – it’s just a lively meeting place for merchants, artisans and buyers, striking an abundance of smells, tastes and colors flashing in a crowd of people. Between 5 and 10 pm Volkin Street on Samui becomes exclusively a pedestrian zone. On it, merchants smartly offer their goods in the form of clothes, drinks, food and souvenirs. Also on the street there is an improvised scene, from which music and songs in English can be heard.

On different beaches of the island a trade event Volkin Street on Samui held on a specific day of the week:

  • Chong Mon – Wednesday;
  • Maenam – Thursday;
  • Bophut – Friday;
  • Lamai – Sunday;
  • Chaweng – Mon-Sat

On Chaweng Beach, the fair is noisy every day except Fridays and Sundays. It is easy to find this lively lot, because the traders are always located on the main ring road. Orientation facilitates the accumulation of people and vehicles, which regulate the movement of the police.

Delicious corners of Samui – fruit markets

Fruit markets on Samui represented by three points:

  1. Chaweng Market, standing on Beach Road in Chaweng. Sellers are going to noon and work until night.
  2. Lamai Market. Reasonable prices and relatively small territory allow the buyer to quickly determine the appropriate product. The market is open from 5 pm until late at night. You can find it on the main ring road nearby with the establishment of Ayudhya Bank and a petrol station.
  3. Laem Din. This fruit market is adjacent to the Boxing Stadium – the famous part of the island where Thai boxers compete.

Everything fruit markets on samui hit the assortment of exotic fruits. He is so rich that even seasoned voyagers are lost in choice. Spiny durian, mango, jackfruit, mangosteen, coconut, rambutan, salak – the list of goodies can be continued indefinitely.

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