Top Business Backpacks

PP folder, perforated, A4, prose. tit cover blue

Folder for papers with springs PP PP A4, Barocco, blue

Board wall magnetic marker. 90 x 120cm, white

white magnetic board in aluminum frame, enamel coating, galvanized back side, shelf for markers, wall mounts in set

Handle ball. nastol Forpus Chain Pen, Round Base, 0.7mm, Blue

A4 Paper SvetoCopy 80 gr

– Sveto Copy, A4, 80 gr / m ^ 2. SvetoCopy A4 paper belongs to the quality category C – The most popular office paper due to its excellent technical characteristics and low price – Excellent print quality on any copying equipment and printing devices – Lack of dust separation, high rigidity, ideal sheet geometry will ensure smooth operation of everything office equipment – Paper SvetoCopy was tested in laboratories in Finland, where it was highly appreciated

Carina napkins 100 pcs.

Natural cellulose table napkins are designed for everyday use.

The folder is coated "A business"

Folder cardboard, A4 format. Made from high quality, dense coated cardboard with a density of 300g / m2.

Forpus brackets for stapler №24 / 6,1000pcs, steel

– Staples for stapler №24 / 6 – Made of special steel – Honed, which makes stitching easier – 1000 pieces in a package

Top Business Backpacks

Sugar Refined Ball-Sheker 750g

Sugar Refined Ball-Sheker 750g.

Files with A4 perforation, 100 pcs, glossy, 40 μR

A4 file insert format, density 40 microns, 100 per pack, price per pack. Transparent liner with universal perforation, for storing non-perforated documents in any folders, logo on the side tape, capacity – 60 sheets. 100 pieces per pack,

Garbage bag 30l

In a roll of 30 pieces

Dry cream "New Cream", 500 g, vacuum packaging

As a substitute for powdered milk and cream, it has worked well among manufacturers of confectionery, bakery, oil and fat, and dairy products, as well as manufacturers of instant food. Today, brand products are exported to most countries of the world due to its generally recognized quality.

Packing adhesive tape, 50 mm x 66 m, transparent

Packing adhesive tape 50 mm x 60 m, transparent

Adhesive sheets EU 75x50mm, 100l, yellow

 made in Germany from high-quality European paper  water-based glue, does not leave marks on the surface after peeling off the piece of paper  paper does not contain chlorine  the product is completely biodegradable and recyclable

Forpus brackets for stapler №10,1000pcs, steel

– Staples No. 10 staples – Made of special steel – Hardened, which makes stitching easier – 1000 pieces in a package

Files with perforation A4, 100 pieces, matte, 42 md

Office Plus A4 file insert, 42 micron density, glossy. In a pack of 100 files.

Correction fluid with a sponge, 20ml

alcohol-based, quick-drying, perfectly covers any kind of ink on all types of paper

Top Business Backpacks

Toilet paper "Eurostandart" 10 rolls

Toilet paper "Eurostandart" from the white cleared waste mass. Toilet paper is made of creped, in rolls weighing 100 g. Toilet paper is soft, made from one hundred percent cellulose

Ring binder marble-green, A4, 80mm, disassembled

Recorder Forpus A4, spine width 80 mm, black marble. Folder with arch mechanism made of hard wear-resistant cardboard, effectively saving office space, ideal for creating an archive, favorably distinguished by the presence of a pocket on the spine with a replaceable information label for marking, a field for entries on the inside of the cover, a hole for conveniently removing the folder from the shelf.

Marker text skok. 2-5mm yellow

Forpus Redactor highlighter, beveled tip 1-4 mm, blue. Designed to highlight text on paper of any type .. Light-resistant ink does not fade even in the open sun

Files with A4 perforation, 100 pcs, glossy, 50 μR

Indices 15x50mm 4tsv. x 50 sheets., paper

 self-adhesive indexes for selection and systematization

Anti-stapler for staples No. 10, black

– Anti-stapler with double-sided grip – Designed for removing staples no. 10 of open and closed type of fastening – Materials – metal, plastic

Viscose cleaning cloths "Bonus" 10 pieces

Excellent quality napkins will get rid of all sorts of pollution and permanently maintain cleanliness in your home. Due to the exceptional properties of absorption, perforation and super strength, it will allow for a long time to keep clean. The napkin is super durable and has exceptional absorbency. For universal use.

Paper d / notes 9x9cm in the right. 800l stand, color.

– The block for records will not allow you to forget or miss something important, transfer information to an employee or a loved one, organize a functional workplace. – The color block for records in the plastic box. – It is packed into a thermofilm. – Density 80gr / m2.

Envelope C4 229х324mm with neg. stripe, white

– Envelope format C4 is made of high quality offset paper. – Density – 80 g / m2. – The envelope flap is secured with a tear-off silicone tape. – The valve is located on the narrow side. – Glue is applied to the valve and taped. – To seal an envelope – remove the protective tape and press the flap against the envelope. – Designed for mailing documentation, letters, and the like. – Shelf-life Unlimited.

White disposable plastic cups, 10 pcs per pack

Disposable cups are designed for both cold and hot drinks. The maximum fluid temperature is 70 degrees Celsius. They have corrugated walls, made of white polystyrene. Volume – 200 ml. Supplied in packs of 10 pieces.

A set of markers for the board, 1-3 mm, 4 colors

A set of markers for the board FO70500. 4 pieces in a set, red, blue, black, green. Ideal for magnetic whiteboards.

Marker text skok. 2-5mm blue

Forpus Redactor highlighter, beveled tip 1-4 mm, blue. Designed to highlight text on paper of any type .. Light-resistant ink does not fade even in the open sun

Scissors from nerzh. Steel 15.5cm, black handles

• stainless steel versatile office scissors • finely ground blades • delivered fixed in a cardboard holder

Typing text. markers Forpus Redactor, 4 col.

 beveled rod  line from 2 to 5 mm  designed to work on paper  wide range of colors

Logbook "Outgoing correspondence" Nabokov

– Log outgoing and internal documents – Format: A4 – Suitable for secretaries, office managers, assistant managers – Allows you to record letters, telegrams, faxes, phone calls – Indoor unit – offset paper, 48 sheets – The book is stapled with the help of stitching.

Marker text skok. 2-5mm orange

 beveled rod  line from 2 to 5 mm  designed to work on paper  wide range of colors

Stapler metal. No. 24/6,26 / 6, to 25 l, black

• high-quality plastic case, steel mechanism • stitches up to 25 sheets • two types of bending of a paper clip • brackets No. 24/6, 26/6 are used • capture depth – 96 mm

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