Three day vacation

Chapter 269 – Three Day Vacation (Part 3). The end of the 12th book.

Theo’s face froze. There was no smell left, but Veronica definitely sensed that something happened to Aquilo between them.

Perhaps it was the intuition of the magician, or perhaps the keen feelings of the descendant of dragons.

However, the whole thing could be altogether in a simple female sensitivity. Veronica’s slender hands began to squeeze Theodore little by little, raising his already high body temperature. This was a testament to the fact that the powerful magical power of the Master of the Red Tower began to spiral out of control.

He should not have lied. And so, Theodore’s brain desperately earned and managed to find a convincing excuse.

– We spent three or four days together, crossing the sea.

This explanation was clearly not enough, however, in the end, Veronica sighed with a sullen expression on her face. She decided to close her eyes to this. However, only temporarily.

“Well, that’s fine … I will definitely come back to this, but now I’m too tired to fuss …”

Only a month has passed since the beginning of the war, but Veronica has already lost her usual dynamics.

She was a magician of the 8th Circle who inherited the blood of the red dragon. But now, this absolutely strong person stood with an extremely exhausted face … Naturally, she could only show herself like this in front of an extremely narrow circle of people, and therefore Theodore realized how hard the present battlefield was.

Veronica once again firmly hugged Theodore, then released.

There was no more playfulness in her deep voice.

– There are not many people who can teach you something else. Vince is a worthy wizard, but even he cannot see everything, because he trusts you completely.

People, in whose veins blood of two kinds flowed, did not just receive certain characteristics of their ancestors. Their very nature has changed.

Half-elves lived three times longer than ordinary people, but beyond that they were very close to nature and had a soft kind. Meanwhile, half-orcs in size were larger than people, but could not boast of high intelligence and, as a rule, behaved extremely expressive.

In the case of Veronica, she inherited the wildness of the red clan and the insight of dragons living in this world for many thousands of years.

So she saw a gap that Theodore did not yet know about.

– Theo, you have already passed through the civil war in the Kingdom of the Soldier. You acted in your own way and probably believed that you had adapted to military action.

“Not so,” answered Veronica, patting Theodore in a friendly way, “The only thing you did during the war in Soldun was to fight face to face with several masters: Marquis Fergana and Pan Elliones. You were not a unit commander and did not feel with your whole body a deep hatred for your enemy. You have not fought for real.

It was an indisputable truth. During the civil war in Soldier, Theodore Miller was none other than a third party. His actions were aimed at preventing Andras from interfering in the current alignment of forces. However, this time his position was radically different.

Like the real hero of the Meltor Kingdom, Theodore Miller will be at the forefront and be targeted by hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers. And this was a completely different scenario.

This time he will have to step over the bloody lakes and mountains of corpses.

How many talented young people broke down and failed to do this? That is why Veronica’s words were worth listening to.

“Well, I can’t worry about you,” the Master of the Red Tower continued to say with a slight smile, “But we should not slander our hearts either.” Be cool and do not get drunk on your strength, killing a thousand people with one spell. Having such power, it is easy to indulge in excessive vanity.

– … It seems I understand.

Three day vacation

Naturally, people had excessive emotionality. Those who had power always looked down upon those who did not have it. The Andras Empire was a state centered around the cult of power.

Sometimes Theodore himself indulged in this desire. He wanted to meet his classmates who despised him at the academy, and make them worship him. However, at the same time, he understood that this was not the answer to his questions.

As for the battlefield, it was a concentration of the lowest values. Law and order were powerless here, leaving everything to the right of the strong. The dignity of human life here turned into numbers and resources, and the victims were considered inevitable losses. Only here some people were intoxicated with a sense of superiority caused by the murder, while others made fun of their vanity with great military achievements.

Often, such people became excessively cruel and actively participated in this massacre.

“But in the end, aren’t we magicians?”

As Veronica said, first of all on the battlefield Theodore needed to secure not the body, but the mind.

“Do not forget that even though you can use this force to fight, you should not use it for senseless killings.” Got it?

Feeling the heat on his cheek, Theodore closed his eyes and nodded. However, he shut his eyes, not only from the heat emitted by Veronica, but also from her voice. Perhaps that is why he completely unconsciously replied:

– Yes. I will remember this, sis.

Veronica’s face reddened. Then she cleared her throat and firmly pressed against Theodore’s cheek so that he would not look at her.

“Y-you really disarm me with such things!” Where did you learn this technique? Are you a player?

– Do not pretend you do not understand!

Veronica removed her hand from Theodore’s head and stepped back.

The sun had already begun to descend to the horizon, and therefore the sky began to acquire reddish tones. Veronica’s facial expression darkened for a moment, as if she glanced at a distant battlefield, invisible from the window of the Red Tower.

Having carefully laid her hair and calmed her breath, Veronica waved to Theodore.

– In the near future I can no longer see you. Travel three days later to the Karul Plains. See you there.

– Yes. Take care of yourself, sister.

After that, Veronica finally left. The sound of her steps gradually dissolved into the twilight of the corridor, leaving Theodore silently looking at the empty room.

“Is it really a real war …”

Perhaps he did not think so seriously about it, however … Theodore recognized his own arrogance.

Until now, basically, he fought with much stronger opponents.

Sometimes they were not people, but monsters, and therefore in such cases there was no place for conscience and morality. Besides, how could he have any emotions towards the enemy, who himself wanted to send him to the next world?

“But from now on, I must remember that.”

After three days, he will have to kill people who presented absolutely no threat to him. They were like moths flying on a flame. A slaughter awaits him, which even the war hero, Alfred Bellontes, has not seen. That is why Theo was not sure that without a certain preparation his spirit would remain as steadfast. That’s why he has to keep it in his head all the time …

He must remember that all this is done for the sake of his younger brother and parents who lived in Meltor …

He will kill for the sake of his comrades, who will also shed their blood …

He will fight for the sake of Veronica, the wounded Horta and the companions who will accompany him.

And the next moment one thought flashed through Theodore’s head.

“Is it possible? No, that’s as possible. If I do everything right, the result will be … “

After trading with Paragranum, he had about 70% of the initial amount of medicinal herbs. He also has about 50% of the production obtained in the Paracelsus laboratory. Theodore’s mind lit up with a bright flash. Neither the Empire nor Meltor knew about it. And, as they say, to deceive the enemy, you must first deceive your friends.

“Well, let’s try,” Theodore decided, completely forgetting about his fatigue.

Belfort, the capital of the Empire Andras.

“Ho-ho,” the handsome man admired, looking at the knight who bowed to him. He had gorgeous blond hair and reddish eyes, and a blood-soaked sword hung from his belt. It was Fermut, the 3rd Sword, who had recently carried out the successful defense of Rutben.

– So he came back?

– Yes, he arrived at the port of Ribenda. He sailed with the sea dragon, presumably Aquilo. The dragon dropped him off and headed back to the sea.

– … Sea Dragon. It must have been the woman who was in the meeting, Fermut muttered with his fists clenched.

After they fled from the rampage of Veronica, Crowd explained why they shouldn’t get involved in a fight. The blue-haired beauty who accompanied the witch was supposedly a dragon. And if so, Fermut could not reproach the 1st Sword in such a shameful act.

Perhaps the dragon was somehow also involved in “his” return?

– This damn lizard dares to interfere in their affairs …!

However, the crown prince could not help but admit that in that situation he was really scared. No one has ever trampled into the dirt of his arrogance rising to heaven. However, in fact, Fermut was not afraid of Aquilo, but was simply angry.

– I understand that. What did the emperor say? – Calm down, asked the crown prince.

– He leaves you command of the front lines.

Three day vacation

– I see … So, he does not want to go to the front personally at that age.

Fermut grew, perfectly aware of the power of his father, the current emperor. Despite the fact that the emperor was an elderly sword master, he possessed enough strength to make the heads of all the Seven Swords bend.

The fire witch, the water sage …

Even the two most important trumps of Meltor were not an obstacle for the Emperor Andras. And Fermut was one hundred percent sure of this, since his memories of his father’s might still shone with bright colors.

“Well, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

However, Fermut did not give up. He knew that his era was only approaching. It was not at all necessary to send the long-established sun to the battlefield to revive its glory. After the war of unification comes to an end, Fermut will be crowned.

The Crown Prince suppressed his fear of the emperor and looked towards the battlefield, where petty battles had not subsided for almost a month.

He has already achieved outstanding achievement by stopping the White Tower Masters at Rutbene. In the end, Orta was one of those wizards who delivered the Andras Empire the most headaches.

Moreover, Fermut approximately guessed how much time it would take for the White Tower Master to heal.

– At least two, and maybe even three weeks. Before that, he was ordered to enter the battlefield.

Fermut wanted to kill Orta, but suddenly a traitor appeared and destroyed all his plans.

“I must end this war within the next two weeks,” the crown prince smiled grimly, recalling the hated Clovis.

The role of the Master of the White Tower in Meltor was not just to carry out silent murders. It was he who was responsible for all the information flows that could determine the development of the situation on the battlefield. It was not an exaggeration to say that without the Horta, the Meltor army was 30% less effective. And if Fermut does not take advantage of this opportunity, it will become a laughing stock for the whole world.

“Tell all the garrisons,” rising from his place, the crown prince proclaimed in an angry tone, “To immediately gather troops, leaving behind a minimum of guards, and advance to the Karul plains.” I will erase Meltor’s army from the face of the earth!

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