The world’s largest plane

Today’s high-tech mechanisms, which can be called the most qualitative-quantitative in characterization, are designed to implement certain tasks. And here is no exception the largest aircraft in the world.

The heaviest, he is the most lifting aircraft in the world is called the An-225 “Mriya”. It was developed in 1984-1988 in the Kiev Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex. Antonov. The aircraft first flew on December 21, 1988.

The largest aircraft in the world includes a six-engine turbojet high-wing aircraft, in which the two-fin tail and swept wing. During the creation of the An-225 aircraft, the heavy An-124 transport aircraft was taken as the basis. In turn, the story of the appearance of the last giant is closely connected with the space program “Buran”, which was implemented in the Soviet Union. Then for transportation from the place of assembly to the spaceport of the spacecraft and the heavy parts of the launch vehicle, heavy-lifting transport was needed. It was assumed that such an aircraft would also be used for the first stage of the spacecraft launch system. According to the tasks, the capacity of the aircraft should not be less than 250 tons. This is exactly the weight that the An-124 could lift, but it was carried by an external load. But the design feature of the spacecraft and the launch vehicle were such that the transport needed to replace the tail unit. In this case, the designers found it necessary to develop a new model of the aircraft, but take the An-124 as a basis. Then the new model would ideally fit the purpose.

The An-225 has the following dimensions of the cargo compartment: width is 6.4 meters, length is 43 meters, and height is 4.4 meters. And above this cabin there is a cabin for the crew members. It may be 6 people. In addition, there is room for 88 people on board, those who accompany the cargo.

Control systems have fourfold duplication. The aircraft itself can transport equipment of various sizes on board. However, it can be placed in the cargo compartment, as well as mounted outside the fuselage. The maximum weight of the cargo can reach 250 tons.

The wingspan of the largest aircraft in the world is 88.4 meters, its height is 18 meters (this is more than the height of a five-story building), and the length is even greater – 84 meters. Total experts laid two aircraft. And only one managed to finish. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, engines were removed from the operating aircraft. Therefore, the An-225 stood mothballed for a long time. However, after 7 years the aircraft – the giant again saw the sky.

Now the An-225 makes commercial cargo flights. Transportation is organized in the air transport unit of the complex named after Antonov, this is the airline “Antonov Airlines”. Design work is also underway to use a huge aircraft for a flying launch complex for aviation systems.

The world's largest plane

The plans of the plant named Antonov and finish the second aircraft. The so-called twin brother of the largest aircraft in the world. His willingness is estimated at 70 percent. By the way, today the completed An-225 is almost a quarter of a century old.

But this is already the largest aircraft in the world, which is designed for passenger traffic. The double-deck liner has the following dimensions. Its height is 24 meters, its wingspan is 79.4 meters, and its length is 73 meters. The Airbus A380 can hold exactly 555 passengers, but the charter version can accommodate 853 people on board. Such an aircraft can make non-stop flights for quite a long distance, up to 15 thousand kilometers.

It is worth noting that the Airbus A380 is also the most economical airliner of the aircraft of this class. It consumes only three liters of fuel per passenger and per hundred kilometers.

Developed this model aircraft for ten long years. The costs were also impressive – 12 billion euros. The aircraft was originally announced as an alternative to Boeing – 747. Until the Airbus A380 appeared, the ship was the largest airliner for 35 years. But the novelty from Airbus immediately dismissed the American competitor from the podium. And it’s not even in profitability. The Boeing is capable of carrying about 400 passengers, moreover, it is 15 percent more expensive.

The greatest achievement of the designers of the model Airbus A380 is that they were able to significantly reduce weight. And this happened thanks to the use of a new and unique composite material. From it made the wings and fuselage. The largest aircraft for passengers is almost half, namely 40 percent made of graphite.

After Airbus introduced the A380, the company also offered the cargo version of the A380F. The aircraft can carry 150 tons of cargo over a distance of 10 thousand kilometers.

The world's largest plane

By the way, A380F relatively recently began to go on sale. However, there are already those who want to get a record holder. And not only airlines, but also private individuals want to have such roomy airliners. For example, Prince Al-Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, a cousin of the King of Saudi Arabia, does not mind paying $ 500 million for reaching developers. However, only 320 million of this amount is given for the car itself. The rest of the money is the cost of finishing, the prince wants to see his plane as smart – to cover the fuselage with gold leaf outside. Inside it is supposed to be a luxurious lounge-lounge, a bath with a sauna and a jacuzzi, a dining room for 14 people, as well as bedrooms, a gym and a cinema.

Russian billionaires are not far behind foreign oligarchs. For example, Roman Abramovich also bought an Airbus A380. His airliner is cheaper, “only” 300 million dollars. As soon as the aircraft entered the ownership of the businessman, he immediately instructed Lufthansa Technik to reschedule the salon. It is not known what Roman Abramovich wanted to see on board, but most likely the same comfort and luxury as the Prince of Saudi Arabia. Subscribe to our channel in

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