The most friendly city in America

If you have been looking for a stylish, exciting and new fighter, then this game is what you need. You are presented the 5th part of a unique series of applications that will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere again, where incredible battles take place with the participation of the most unsurpassed and long-known characters. Nero is presented as the main character, who will meet again with a hunter whose goal is demonic entities. Also in the story will be new heroes in the form of a mysterious Wee, possessing a gift that is significantly different from Nero and Dante. Namely, he manages to call the forces that help to fight the demons and similar creatures, but at the same time he has a great sword.

The most friendly city in America

Far Cry New Dawn – Deluxe Edition (2019) (xatab RePack) PC

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Metro: Exodus – Gold Edition (2019) (RePack from xatab) PC

  • Resident Evil 2 (2019) (Reatab from xatab) PC

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  • 8-02-2019 04:11
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The new game Resident Evil 2 will take you to the dark and gloomy town of Raccoon City, in order to fully control the actions of two heroes: Leon and Claire. The deadly virus that turned the inhabitants of the city into the walking dead was created by Umbrella Corporation. People to profit, shake the streets in search of living meat. The main characters will have to go on a dangerous journey to find the surviving citizens, and in every possible way to help them survive in this hell. The task is not easy, gamers will have to fight with the most dangerous and cunning enemy, whose main desire is to quickly deal with you and then destroy.

Battlefield V (2018) (Reatab from xatab) PC

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Just Cause 4: Gold Edition (2018) (RePack from xatab) PC

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Monster Hunter: World (2018) (Reatab from xatab) PC

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It offers a living ecosystem in which you will become a monster hunter and other evil spirits. You will have to train your hero during the entire period of the game. Fighting with absolutely fantastic creatures, you will begin to collect rich loot from the enemies you killed, which will improve your weapons, equipment and armor. In addition to collecting loot, you will be able to make some types of weapons and equipment – this will give you additional advantages in the “new world”. If you do not feel in yourself the strength to solve the task before you or ridding the world of another monster, it will become an unbearable burden for you – call to the aid of three more hunters, and together you will definitely cope with it.

Generation Zero (2019) (FitGirl RePack) PC

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The Nine Worlds Saga 2: Four Deer (2017) PC

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 1-4 (2018 / License) PC

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The most friendly city in America

Clementine has to make her life better and take under her custody an orphaned and absolutely helpless little boy named Aj. The final season is filled with sentimental emotions and chilling fear. Only the result of the fights with the dead and the culmination end of the story depends on you. It is necessary to constantly look around for a way out of the room and hide from the dead, and it is better to be from everyone around. Clem throws assignments related to the child, as if hinting to her that it is her decisions that will shape the personal qualities of the little boy. The plot is spun around teenagers and children who are left to the mercy of fate.

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