The biggest cities in the world

In an effort to get away from hometown in noisy metropolitan areas, they often forget about the problems of these densely populated klopovniki. Large, developed cities are great for tourism, and not for everyday life. What are the biggest cities in the world and what can they offer?

The biggest cities in the world

Shanghai is recognized as the largest city in the world. It is home to over 24 million people! And this is all on the territory of a little more than 6 thousand square meters. km In addition to the population, this city is known for the tallest skyscraper in China (630 m).

Indescribable beauty can be observed from the last, 121 floors. Like the whole city in the palm of your hand. Notable is the fact that in the very center of the metropolis rises Mount Sheshan, which only adds to the mystical attractiveness of the environment.

The biggest cities in the world

The city of Karachi, in Pakistan, has escaped to the second position. Its population is growing exponentially and in recent years has more than doubled.

Now, almost 24 million people live in Karachi, and the city occupies 3.7 thousand square meters. km For such a development, it took a little over 200 years. Previously, Karachi was just a small town, but now houses are literally located wall to wall to save space.

Third place rightfully belongs to another Chinese city – Beijing. Unlike young Karachi, Beijing was founded around the 5th century AD.

Its such a long history attracts more and more tourists, and every year the population continues to grow. Incredibly beautiful old quarters and architecture make it one of the most popular places in the world.

The capital of India, Delhi, the oldest metropolis of all. The population of Delhi is over 16 million people.

Most of them live in dilapidated shacks in one part of the city, which is conditionally fenced off from business districts, where everything just shines. Megapolis perfectly combines dilapidated hovels, ancient buildings and modern skyscrapers.

The inhabitants of Lagos in Nigeria feel most uncomfortable. Population density hits all records. Per square kilometer accounts for more than 17 thousand people. They all literally walk over each other’s heads.

In addition to the huge number of inhabitants, Lagos is struck by poverty and devastation. There is practically no medicine and conditions for a normal life. The governor of Lagos was appointed governor, who has long led this mini-country. The city is not attractive either for permanent residence or for tourism.

But in Istanbul it is possible to settle in very well and come to rest. About the attractiveness of life in it shows a constant increase in population.

Every year Istanbul is replenished with several hundred thousand inhabitants. Location, high salary prospects and attractions literally beckon to this paradise.

Having considered the most large-scale cities of the world, it is possible with courage to declare that they are suitable only for a temporary visit. Permanent residence in such a place may not be pleasant to everyone.

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