The best weather in January

Milan is located in the subtropical climate zone, which is typical of the inner plains of northern Italy, with a rather high humidity regardless of the season. However, due to the proximity of the mountains, there are elements of the continental climate characteristic of the foothills of northern Italy. As a result, the climate of the capital of Lombardy suggests a hot, humid summer and a no less humid cold winter. The city is often shrouded in mist. Of the average annual rainfall of 1000mm, half falls in early spring and late autumn.

The best weather in January

Weather in Milan in January

January in Milan is one of the coldest months of the year, although the thermometer rarely shows less than -7ºС. The weather is very uncomfortable – wet and wet.

The best weather in January

As a rule, the average monthly temperature ranges from -4 +6 ºС. But since high humidity stimulates the feeling of cold, it should be very warm to dress for exploring the city. January is often accompanied by snowfall and blizzards. Fallen snow can lie for quite some time.

Weather in February

In comparison with January, the weather in Milan in February is much warmer. Although at night the temperature, especially in the first half of the month, still quite often drops by 1-2 degrees below zero, during the day the thermometer rises to the level of +6 degrees.

Snowfall is still possible in early February, but more often it rains with snow. February is quite a cold and damp month, the city is often shrouded in mist. In the second half of the month, night frosts are possible. The weather determines the need for a still warm jacket and the presence of an umbrella while exploring the city or walking around boutiques.

Summer in Milan is hot and long

Weather in March

March in the capital of Lombardy is the most unpredictable month. Although the arrival of spring is already clearly felt, the weather in Milan in March is very changeable. Sunny days, when the air warms up to +11 – +14 ºС, are replaced by a dull gray rain. Night temperature rarely drops below zero degrees and then only at the beginning of March.

Frequent fogs are also characteristic of the weather. Toward the end of the month in Milan is significantly warmer. Due to frequent rains, it still makes sense to grab an umbrella on a trip, but sunglasses should also be “at hand”.

Weather in April

The weather in Milan in April is already truly spring. But the nights are still cold, and the thermometer can even drop to almost zero. In the daytime, the temperature rises to + 13 + 17ºС, young foliage appears on the trees, and the first flowers are already pleasing with bright colors.

The best weather in January

Although April may still spoil the spring mood: the sun is often hidden by clouds, and it is normal to have a little rain drizzle. Therefore, those who are going to visit the city in April will not hurt to take a raincoat or an umbrella on a trip.

Weather in May

May is one of the most wonderful months of the year, when the cold chill of the early spring months is no longer felt, but, as a rule, there is still no summer heat. In recent years, the weather in Milan in May is more associated with the beginning of summer than with the end of spring.

Although the nights are still cool, but the day the sun is in full swing and the temperature rises to +20 + 22C. And even torrential rain with a thunderstorm – an indispensable companion of the month – is perceived as a herald of a waking nature awake. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that May, especially the second half of it, is practically the beginning of summer.

June Weather

The weather in Milan in June corresponds to our idea of ​​the first month of the coming summer. During the day, the air warms up to a comfortable + 23 + 25С, and the night temperature, as a rule, does not fall below the mark + 14С.

In recent years, June in Milan was marked by frequent thunderstorms and heavy rains, and sometimes squalls, accompanied by a 6–9 degree lowering of temperature. However, year on year is not necessary, and the beginning of the “rainy season” can be shifted in one direction or another. There is no strong heat this month, rarely when the temperature rises to 30ºС.

Weather in July

July is one of the hottest months of the year. The weather in Milan in July, as in other months, is also high humidity. And high humidity, in combination with air temperature of + 25 + 33C, are perceived as incredible stuffiness. Therefore, ordering a hotel room during this period, it is necessary to clarify whether it is equipped with air conditioning.

Sometimes the weather can be pampered with summer refreshing rains that bring down the heat. However, this, in turn, further enhances the humidity.

October is one of the best months to travel to Milan.

Weather in Augusta

The weather in Milan in August practically does not differ from July: the same high daytime temperatures with the same high humidity. August is the holiday season. The city is emptying – its inhabitants are in a hurry to shelter from the exhausting heat and dullness on the sea coasts or mountain lakes.

As a rule, only those residents whose business is connected with tourism or the service sector remain in the city. The August weather does not have any active activity at all. And at a temperature of + 35C in the shade, even the thought does not arise that summer is running out.

Weather in September

With the arrival of the calendar autumn, the summer in Milan continues. Only from the second half of the month the daytime temperature begins to gradually decrease to 20-22C. Evening temperatures are also becoming more comfortable, conducive to nightly entertainment.

Weather in Milan in September one cannot be called too rainy, but, nevertheless, it is clear from all signs that autumn is coming.

October Weather

With the advent of October in Milan, it becomes cooler, and the thermometer is increasingly rising above + 15C. Drizzle rain that does not encourage walking is becoming frequent. There are still sunny days, warm with warmth, but, in general, the weather in Milan in October already clearly indicates that summer is over.

But prices for permits are falling, and the number of tourists is decreasing, which will allow you to quietly enjoy the city sights.

Weather in November

November is perhaps the most rainy and foggy month of the year. The fact that a quarter of the annual precipitation falls in the city in late autumn does not characterize the weather in Milan in November in the best way. Yes, and the temperature rarely exceeds + 10C in the daytime, and increasingly insistently tends to 0C at night. Often there are frosts, and sometimes there are snowfalls.

Weather in December

The weather in Milan in December is damp and cold. There is a lot of precipitation in the form of rain or snow – depending on the air temperature. The thermometer rarely rises above + 5C, and by the end of the month the temperature drops to 0C and below. The weather is already truly winter. There were days when the temperature dropped to -10C and even to -15C! In general, December in Milan can hardly be called a favorable month for tourist travel.

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