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5 reasons why you should visit Thailand at least once

Clean beaches and rich underwater world

It doesn’t matter where you want to relax: on a popular resort or on an uninhabited island, there is pure sand and crystal clear water everywhere. Thailand has a very rich sea life, which you can watch while diving.

Paradise summer all year round

Throughout the year, Thailand’s temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees, which makes the country attractive to visit. And a week off from Russian frosts, say, in December – what could be better?

Spa treatments and Thai massage

No wonder Thailand is considered a forge of health and happiness thanks to the world-famous Thai massage. And in Thailand, spa treatments are inexpensive. You can attend massages at least every day.

Meet the local exotic

Thailand is one of the most amazing places on earth. Here you can ride elephants, take a walk in the most real tropical jungle, see crocodiles, and also go kayaking around tropical islands.

Expensive service at a low price

Star hotels, large pools, brilliance and elegance – in terms of service, Thailand will not yield to any European country. Only now you pay for it much less.

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A drop of adrenaline and lots of emotions

For people who do not like to sit in one place in Turkey there are many active types of recreation – diving, rafting, yachting, mountaineering, safaris, water skiing, paragliders and balloons.

More Seas – More Beaches

Turkey is washed by 4 seas – the Mediterranean, Black, Aegean and Marble. And the beaches are among the ten cleanest beaches in the world. These facts are a good reason to come here to rest.

The famous “All inclusive”

What do we most often hear about Turkey? That’s right, everything is included. Virtually every hotel in the price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, and each – a chic buffet.

Delicious oriental sweets

Turkey is famous for its sweets – baklava, Turkish delight, halva, kadaif, kuneef. Have you tried? Sure? Believe me, as they are cooked in Turkey, do not cook anywhere else.

Expensive service at a low price

Star hotels, large pools, brilliance and elegance – Turkey will not yield to any European country in terms of service. Only now you pay for it much less.

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Traditional Indian Cuisine

Indian dishes are a paradise for a vegetarian, but if you prefer meat, you will also have something to surprise. Locals use in their dishes a huge variety of spices and seasonings, which in turn has a beneficial effect on health.

Dive into the Arabian Sea

Exploring the depths of the Arabian Sea will appeal to lovers of diving. Ancient wrecks, coral reefs and the diversity of inhabitants of marine fauna will give you an unforgettable experience!

Atmosphere of the middle ages

Old Goa is an archaeological reserve attracting with its unique atmosphere. You can familiarize yourself with the late medieval architecture, Catholic churches of outstanding beauty, as well as museums, palaces and estates.

Traveling is easy! Especially on a motorcycle

Goa does not necessarily resort to the services of public transport. At a very affordable price and with minimal time you can rent a scooter or motorcycle and build your own route.

Meditation to the singing of a million birds

On Chorao, you can hear a choir of at least a million bird voices. Here is the wildlife reserve “Salim Ali”, and if you were looking for a reason for meditation, you can’t find a better entourage and music.

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Kilometer-clear beaches

In Vietnam, just a crazy number of beaches! The coastline is more than 3000 kilometers, which allows you to arrange absolutely all marine entertainment – diving, yachting, water skiing and

Acquaintance with unique architecture

The multifaceted architecture and the abundance of Buddhist temples are harmoniously combined with the magnificent nature of the country. In Hanoi, you can visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Opera House, the Temple of Literature, the Citadel, or take a walk in the parks with beautiful lakes.

Underwater world with my own eyes

In Vietnam, one of the most picturesque places to dive under the water that attracts divers from around the world. Diving in different parts of the country can be almost throughout the year. On top of that, Vietnamese diving is one of the cheapest in the world!

An opportunity to evaluate the taste of natural coffee

Vietnam is one of the largest coffee exporting countries on the planet. If you do not like coffee, you should still visit the local plantations, find out how different varieties are grown, and buy high-quality Vietnamese coffee as a gift to your friends.

Quality service, low prices

Vietnam is one of the most inexpensive for tourist countries. What are the only markets where you can find absolutely everything: souvenirs, flax and silk, silver and gold, even the discounted prices of expensive brands. In addition, in Vietnam in a good hotel you can spend the night for only 15-35 euros.

about traveling to Vietnam

Youth Resort – Ibiza

Ibiza is a unique combination of rich nightlife, miles of comfortable beaches and colorful narrow streets with many shops and souvenir shops. The club season in Ibiza opens in early June and lasts until the end of September. Coming here, you will find yourself in the youth atmosphere of endless parties and festivities.

Great weather all year round!

Spain is one of the sunniest countries in Europe, where, despite the time of year, you can soak up the sunshine. The reason for this is the Mediterranean climate, which gives a dry and hot summer and an incredibly mild and warm winter.

A great choice for family holidays.

Sandy beaches and shallow entrance to the sea will bring real pleasure to lovers to bask in the warm sunshine. Almost every resort in the country has "children’s zones", which provides a high-quality cultural program, attractions and excursions for children.

Sagrada Familia

The temple is located in the capital of Catalonia – Barcelona. The design of the Sagrada Familia is based on complex geometric shapes. This brilliant display of human imagination throughout the century inspired the best engineers and architects in the world.

Spanish cuisine – just delicious!

Each region of Spain is unique not only for its nature, architecture and entertainment, but also for its cuisine. Real gourmets will appreciate tapas, jamon, shrimps, Tortilla de Patat, Patatas Bravas, gazpacho. Does it sound tasty? But some bars offer these dishes for free in the afternoon!

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Shopping dreams

Shopping in the Emirates is a great pleasure. A huge number of malls and oriental markets, from which the head is spinning. You will find everything you want, because the choice is very wide, as is the price range! During periods of festivals and discounts, you will not only get the joy of acquisitions, but also be able to save a lot.

The largest DUTY FREE

The world’s largest DUTY FREE store at Dubai Airport deserves special attention. Presented here are branded clothing, cosmetics and perfumery, alcohol, tobacco products, jewelry, appliances, toys, souvenirs and much more.

Leisure activities for every taste!

If you are not accustomed to sit on the ground, and the blood asks for adrenaline – you will like the trip to the UAE. Aerostat flight, sandboarding, camel polo, go-karting, walking with sharks, water races. This is only a small part of the waiting entertainment.

Underwater Zoo

In the Dubai Moll shopping center is located a size-striking aquarium. You can literally reach out to sharks with your hand! Even penguins live in an indoor zoo standing on the sands of the desert. Charming atmosphere will leave you with indelible impressions of the visit.

Arabian Nights Village

Jeep safari, camel riding, henna painting, dinner and show program while sitting in the desert under the open sky. At the deliciously laid table, with Arabic music, you feel how time stops. Many guests rent out their mobile phones at the reception to immerse themselves in the fairy tale of the East.

about traveling to the UAE

Rest in the best hotels

World-famous hotels with high standards of service and reasonable prices, such as Hilton, Holiday Inn, Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton and others. Spacious hotels with breathtaking gardens, SPA, waterfalls and pools – will allow you to find something for everyone.

Unique teas

If you like tea, you will appreciate the local varieties. True connoisseurs will be able to comprehend the secrets of the real Chinese tea ceremony and the secrets of the correct use of the drink.

Pleasant Hawaiian climate

If you look at the globe, it becomes clear why Hainan Island is called "Far East Hawaii". Hawaii and Hainan are on the same parallel, which favorably affects the island’s climate.

Amazing exotic cuisine

In addition to the seafood we are used to, the island of Hainan has a fantastic selection of exotic dishes. Medusa, clam, snake tincture, turtle soup will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Valley of thermal springs

Combining business with pleasure is easy! The hot springs of Nantyan are 36 thermal pools with a water temperature of 30 to 60 degrees, and the nutrients contained in the pools have a healing effect.

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Video call from Valeria and Natalia

Alena Shipova

Many thanks to the Travel Agency "REST OF THE YEAR ROUND" and separately Julia. For my first great vacation in Thailand Phuket. hotel on the first line, good area, gorgeous beach, gorgeous sea across the road. it was better than in heaven. thanks from the heart I advise everyone to this travel agency.

Video Review from Catherine

Olga Naryzhnaya

Thank you so much Julia for your patience, care, and help in choosing a great tour in Goa. Spent about 40 per person (along with a visa, transfer flight and hotel) went for 12 days and we will never forget these wonderful days.

Video call from Sofia

Video Review from Yaroslav

Video Review from Alexandra

Video call from Stas, Anna and Zhenya

Video call from Lisa and Sveta

Video call from Oksana and Pavel

Kristina Brencheva

The fourth year we buy permits only through this travel agency. More thanks to Julia, who always finds the best option for us :)

Video call from Olesya

Arina Chikurova

We appealed for the first time in connection with the honeymoon and were so pleased that with the advent of a new opportunity to go on vacation, we decided to return to the agent Yulia Lozova again. Her competence, individual approach and pleasant personality are indisputable! We wish you many years of successful career in the field of tourism, financial stability and human happiness! Hooray

Video call from Ruslan and Yulia

Elena Chinakhova

Julia picked up several tours, helped to foror a visa to Germany, and also always gave competent and detailed answers to all and all questions, even the most stupid))) thank you very much. I recommend everyone to contact her only.

Video call from Tatiana and Irina

Daria Sharov

We went to Thailand in October, to the island of Phuket, an excellent hotel, a beach and, of course, excellent agency support of the tour, thanks to Julia. ))) The next time you are sure to get a ticket!

Video Review from Vladislav

Julia Ushakova

The whole family flew in November to Tai, Thai is usually gorgeous, but of course Kaolak is not Koh Samui, but also quite good, but it was our conscious choice, as Ty’s fans =) Everything was wonderful, but of course excluding wild leaps =) Yulya is very a positive person, friendly in communication, also withstood the test of stress, well done!)

Julia Dubnel

In the spring of this year, she was vacationing in Thailand! The trip was a success! :)) Thank you so much for the managers of T / A, they picked up a convenient option in an optimally short time! I will continue to travel further with you. )

Martha Kazakova

I really enjoyed working with Julia! Patient manager who will find the perfect option even for the most capricious customers! Everything will study, call will find out the nuances that are important for customers. In general, Thank you for the excellent organization of our vacation))) WE ARE HAPPY.

Albert Safin

Lucky you got to Julia. Bypassed much, for the sake of an outlook. And returned to her !! Everyone would work like that. Even on the flight for the day registered in the plane at the place at the window. )) this is not forgotten. I demand that you raise the fee. ))

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