The best tours in Italy for the elderly

Stress, constant nervous tension, high blood pressure, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, hereditary predisposition and other numerous risk factors often lead to the development of stroke. Modern medicine is capable of “smoothing out” the consequences of this vascular catastrophe, but full recovery is impossible without high-quality rehabilitation under the supervision of qualified specialists. In our country, unfortunately, there is still no culture of medical rehabilitation, so the patient in the selection of a sanatorium, or a rehabilitation center, is left to itself.

Do not neglect rehabilitation after a stroke!

A vocational rehabilitation center specializing in recovery after a stroke helps many patients return to a full life and minimize the risk of relapse. Whatever the consequences of a stroke (from reduced performance to difficult speech and impaired motor function), with the help of complex therapeutic measures, a significant improvement in the patient’s condition can be achieved.

In a modern rehabilitation center, all patients after a stroke undergo a comprehensive program of restoring health. It includes special procedures (exposure to electromagnetic radiation, ultrasound and other modern methods of physiotherapy in combination with physical therapy)

The company “Your resort” will be able to choose for you the optimal sanatorium – and the stroke will be a thing of the past. Your choice will be provided with the best domestic and foreign resorts in accordance with your individual needs and physical condition. Our rehabilitation center after a stroke is your unique opportunity not only to recover from your illness, but also to improve your quality of life. An atmosphere of comfort and tranquility combined with constant attention to your health is the best conditions for radically redefining your life and removing from it all the negative factors that led to a cardiovascular catastrophe!

Rehabilitation after a stroke in a sanatorium will allow you to recover as much as possible.

A stroke is one of the most serious diseases resulting from an acute violation of cerebral circulation. A rupture of a vessel, or thrombus, can lead to various negative consequences: from a small disturbance of speech to a decrease in intelligence and motor functions. According to statistics, 30% of people after a stroke suffer it again during the first year, but with already more serious consequences. Doctors see the reason for this lack of attention to the issue of proper recovery. But it is high-quality rehabilitation after a stroke that will reduce the negative health effects and negate the possibility of relapse.

The best tours in Italy for the elderly

First of all, during rehabilitation, maximum attention should be paid to eliminating the risk factors for stroke recurrence. These include high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose and cholesterol levels, stress factors, etc. Modern sanatoriums offer each patient after a stroke a professional approach to restoring health after such a cardiovascular catastrophe and preventing complications. Here you can effectively consolidate and improve the results achieved in the process of restoring health in the hospital immediately after a stroke.

Entrust the choice of sanatorium for rehabilitation after a stroke to us!

The best tours in Italy for the elderly

The advisory center “Your resort” offers a large selection of domestic and foreign sanatoriums for the rehabilitation of people who have had a stroke. Modern techniques, medical equipment and material and technical base of sanatoriums allow each patient to undergo a full-fledged complex of medical rehabilitation and preventive measures to return to a full life after a stroke.

Rehabilitation after a stroke in a sanatorium will give you the opportunity to restore your health as much as possible and replenish lost strength as much as possible. In accordance with your individual needs and state of health or your loved one, we will select for you the optimal sanatorium for recovery after a stroke.

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