The best time to go to the big canyon

On the territory of the city of Sochi, various peoples have lived for several thousand years, they often fought, taking land from each other. And only in 1838 officially founded the resort city, which is today the largest in Russia. Due to the fact that it is located behind a mountain pass, the climate here is mild and warm, summer lasts from May to November.

The old city of Sochi has a lot of artifacts and sights that have come from ancient peoples. In addition, the whole city is littered with various monuments, observation wheels, shopping and entertainment centers, ski resorts, baths, endless temples, manors, fountains and public gardens. To see everything, one vacation is not enough.

Botanical Park “Arboretum”

In 1892 a botanical garden was founded, numbering several thousand rare plant species, collected from around the world, as well as animals living in the park, many of them are listed in the Red Book. The park is divided into two parts. On the upper territory are rare plants. Near each of them is a wooden plate that carries information about it. Reading the names on the tablets, it becomes clear that the park was visited by politicians and famous people of the past centuries.

The best time to go to the big canyon

In the lower part there are animals and birds, some freely move around the park. These are mainly white, black swans, ducks, geese and beavers. Through the park flows the river in which they inhabit. There are also fountains, fabulous statues, benches and Greek pavilions to help you have a good time.


The largest aquarium is located in the Adler district of the city of Sochi. This is a two-story building by area. 6,000 m 2 . On its territory there is a small park with different varieties of palm trees and rare trees. Here are collected numerous species of fish, cod, carp, slope, crucian, etc. There are several separate aquariums for turtles, lizards and other reptiles.

In the oceanarium there is a huge tunnel, passing through which you will see the pool above your head, sharks and fish swim in it. The length of the tunnel is 44 meters, and the bottom of the reservoir is decorated with sunken ships, colored pebbles and rare plants.

The aquarium offers travel services for feeding sharks, carps, photos from professionals, and also selling sea charms.

Park “Riviera”

In 1989, the Riviera National Park was founded in the center of the city. Its founder was V. A. Khludov, a monument which is located at the entrance. The square of the square occupies 14 hectares, palm trees, spruces, cypresses, bushes, violets and other plants grow here. The best time to visit is the evening, at this very moment you will see the beauty of the park, decorated with numerous colored light bulbs, and endless cafes, restaurants will not leave you hungry.

Beach “Riviera”

On the territory of Sochi there are many beaches, sand and pebbles. The central beach is located next to the park “Riviera” on the left side. The seashore is covered with stones of medium size, but they, despite their size, have a smooth shape.

The water is clean, clear and warm until mid-November. Along the coast there are 130 beaches, 100 of them are paid, belonging to the boarding houses, the rest are free. Due to the large influx of tourists, vacationers take place on the beach at 6:30 am.

National Park “Berendeyev Kingdom”

Park “Berendeyev Kingdom” is located in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi, in order not to get lost, look for a wooden sign with the name. It is located on the left side when you go towards the central part of the city.

The path to the waterfalls is through the tea house. It offers tea and trout dishes. By the way, the fish will have to catch from the pool on their own, located in the cafe. Here are gazebos, benches, which are closely intertwined with the greenery of nature.

The path to the waterfalls is winding and difficult, sometimes there are wooden stairs and narrow paths. But, all the way as much as possible is protected by a railing, and is safe for walking.

Here were shooting the children’s film “Snow Maiden”. All waterfalls are named after fairy-tale heroes. To get around the sights and not get lost, stick to the red marks on the trees, suggesting the direction. By the time the tour takes 60 minutes.

Center “Galaxy” on Krasnaya Polyana

The cultural and entertainment center is located in the mountains above sea level 540 m. The complex is huge in 500 thousand m 2 , offering year-round fun. Here are available:

  1. Water parks with warm sand and greens, the temperature in them reaches 30 degrees.
  2. Restaurants and bars of national cuisines.
  3. Cinemas are two in 3D and one in 5D.
  4. Bowling, there are 8 professional tracks and one for children, which is designed so that the kid can easily knock out a strike.
  5. The ice rink has a capacity of 150 people, a great place to relax with your family.
  6. Billiards club, individual tours are held here on Saturdays.
  7. Shopping complex, where they get fashionable clothes.

Caucasian Reserve in Krasnaya Polyana

In the captive complex live rare, wild animals that live in the mountains of the Western Caucasus. The reserve is mainly brought animals, which for some reason were left without parents. Here they are nursed and released into the wild. In the zoo live 25 species, some are listed in the Red Book. In addition, there are other attractions, for example:

  • Khostinsky grove, which has more than 500 species of rare plants.
  • Ecological complex “Laura”, in which there is a rope park.
  • Canyon “Devil’s Gate”, here flows the river Khosta, along it grow numerous plants, some of them are rare.

You can come here by bike or by car. The reserve is open all year round.


It is located in the Adler district of the city of Sochi. It was founded in 1927, plays a large role in science and medicine. All monkeys are experimental animals, they carry out various experiments related to human diseases. And also on the animals are tested vaccines of viral diseases. This park is of great importance for our country.

Excursions are held all year round. At the exit are sold souvenirs from the nursery.

Olympic Village

In 2014, the Olympic Games were held here. In the sports park there are mainly ice arenas of various directions. And here to be “Wall of champions”, On which the names of the winners of that year are written.

On Saturdays, live concerts of Russian stars. Every day at 20:00 you can see the show of singing fountains, for free. Do not forget to capture the camera at the performance and take the first places.

Maritime Station

In 1955, the Sochi Marine Station was built, which receives tourists from different countries. Here are the sea cruises to Turkey and Georgia. When there was no port, people were brought ashore by small boats, and today it is a commercial and commercial facility. With the help of the seaport you can visit any area of ​​the city.

Akhshtyrskaya cave

Modern archaeologists claim that ancient people lived in the Ahshtyr cave. In the vicinity of the city there are 400 caves, but, unfortunately, they have not been preserved or have partial destruction. On the way to the cave come across signs that tell the story of the origin of places. It passes over the Mzymta river at a height of 120 meters. The length of the cave is not great, only 12 meters.

Near this picturesque place there is a cafe where you can eat.

Park “Sky park”

The Sky Park was built for several years; foreign specialists took part in its construction. Here are:

  • Rope park.
  • Pedestrian bridge.

The bridge is the main attraction, its length is 440 meters, and the height is 207 meters. There are two viewing platforms on it, one of them has snow-covered mountains, and the other side of the Black Sea. And also there are extreme entertainment. With the help of the ropes you can jump down, feeling the adrenaline rush.

Rope park, is also not fun for the faint of heart people. With the help of special equipment you will be rolled on the cable car at a speed of 120 km / h. This is where you will feel like a bird hovering over the tops of the trees.

Mount Agepsta

Mount Agentsta is the largest in Sochi, its height is more than 3 thousand meters. The border with Abkhazia passes through it. There are hiking trails of varying difficulty on the mountain.

Climbing there you can see the waterfall Gege river, its height 40 m. Here is a small cafe where you can relax, have a snack and enjoy the beautiful views. In 1970–1980, archaeologists tried to study Mount Agepsta, because a glacier formed at its top over the millennia. But, climbers could not get close to him, because of the difficult obstruction.

Mount Ahun has a height of 662 meters above sea level. Here is a favorite place for all tourists. It has gorges, caves and mysterious passages. In 1935, on the orders of Stalin, a road was built on which you can drive. And also you can get here by taxi, which is located at the foot of the mountain. At its top there is an observation deck, which is built in the form of an ancient castle, with a view of the sea coast.

Dzykhrinskoe gorge

It is located in the Adler district near the village of Cossack Brod. The path begins with the parking “Trout farm” and lasts along the cable bridge across the river. When you reach the gorge, you need to walk another 20 meters along the path, there is Dzikhrinsky waterfall.

The length of the gorge 1.3 km, and the width at the narrowest point 10 meters. It is covered with dense vegetation, varying from top to bottom. Upstairs, oaks, ash, dogwood, and wild rose trees grow, and near the water is boxwood, beech, and low-growing plants. In hot weather, it’s pretty cool there, so you should take warm clothes. And also take food with you. Despite the fact that the mountain is low, after the climb you will want to eat.

House-Museum “Stalin’s Dacha”

A stone’s throw from the sanatorium “Green Grove” is the House-Museum “Dacha Stalin”. You can get there by yourself, but you can see it only with a guided tour. The house is painted green, in those days it was demanded by state security. When the house was built, there was a fountain in its courtyard, which Joseph Stalin did not like as it could attract attention from the air. By his order, he was removed overnight.

Inside the house is quite modest, there are no extra things of luxury. The leader liked to have lunches in the living room, where his family often gathered.

Guides offer to walk around the place and stop overnight or order dinner. By the way, lunch at tourists is a favorite part of the rest.

Museum N. A. Ostrovsky

In 1935, the Soviet authorities decided to build a house for the great writer N. A. Ostrovsky. The government decided to take such a step because of the writer’s illness. The building plot was chosen by mother and wife, it is located not far from the sea, and far from the city bustle. The writer said that he could not work for a long time because of the beautiful nature and the sea air.

Its window is constantly open, and the bed was in one position head to the sea. It was inhabited by a mother, sister, assistant writer and wife. Women helped each other with household chores, preparing dinner and kindling a stove. A special luxury at that time was telephone and radio – this was the only connection with the outside world.

Tours are open all year round, you can visit the rooms of the museum and plunge into the past century, when basic things seemed like luxury.

Glass art studio

Not far from the trout farm in the Adler district there is an art glass studio. Every day there are shows of masters showing their professionalism in manual work. None of the glass figures is unlike each other, they are unique.

The best time to go to the big canyon

After each presentation, the masters offer to buy any product as a keepsake.

Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel

In 1864, in connection with the end of the Caucasian War, a decree was issued on the construction of the church of the Caucasus by Mikhail Nikolayevich. During construction, D. V. Pilenko, agronomist A. V. Vereshchagin, philanthropist S. I. Mamontov, and architect A. S. Kaminsky contributed. Despite the fact that the money was periodically allocated, they could finish it only by 1891.

During the Great Patriotic War, the temple was closed and transferred to the storage room where the weapons were kept. In the postwar years, the church was returned to the people, but without property and architectural heritage. Over time, the temple was restored and returned to its former appearance. Today it is a landmark of the city of Sochi.

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