The best time to go to aspen

So autumn has come … According to one of the signs about winter, if aspen leaves fell to the ground face up, then winter will be icy, and if mixed, then moderate. Aspen is called a trembling poplar. There are many legends about it in different nations of the world, and most of them are sad. Why, for example, does an aspen tremble?

Biologists explain it simply: aspen leaves start moving even from a weak breeze and with noise hit each other because the leaf blades are attached to the end of a flat, long, thin stalk, besides flattened from the sides, therefore easily bending.

But legends explain the trembling of the aspen in a different way. Thus, one of the legends tells that when the Mother of God hid with the baby Jesus under the trees from the soldiers of King Herod, they all fell silent, trying not to make noise so that the persecutors did not find the fugitives. And only one aspen continued to rustle, as if nothing had happened, for which it was cursed.

Aspen did not recognize Jesus and did not bow leaves to him. The cross on which Christ was crucified was from aspen … The aspen trees were the rods that scourged Christ before the crucifixion. Another legend says that the aspen began to tremble with horror when she learned that they would make a cross for Christ from it.

And aspen is also blamed for the fact that Judas Iscariot, tortured by remorse, hanged on her. Other trees drove him away, and aspen took pity …

The best time to go to aspen

However, aspen has always been considered an effective tool in the fight against all wickedness. Take at least the same aspen stake … In more ancient times, people propped up the doors with aspen stakes for the night so that evil would not enter the house. The clothes of seriously ill people were hanged on an aspen, believing that the tree would take on the ailment and the person would be healed.

According to the dictionary of Ozhegov and Shvedova:

“OSINA, s, g. Deciduous tree, akin to poplar. * In the language of native aspen (translate) (joke.) – say simply and clearly about what Mr. complicated. II adj. aspen, th, th How about the leaf is trembling s.o. (small and often, usually about the state of fear, fear) “.

In general, if you turn away from all the superficial and just look at the aspen with the gaze of the discoverer, it is easy to see that the aspen is a very beautiful tree at any time of the year: even in spring, covered with long fluffy earrings of flowers, even in summer, mysteriously whispering about something even in the fall, dressed in the play of crimson foliage.

Aspen – Poppulus tremulus – deciduous tree from the genus of poplars, willow family, up to 35 meters in height. And aspen grows quickly, and lives long – up to 100 years. Although everything is relative and compared to the oak, this one, of course, is small …

Aspen has several roots that diverge on all four sides of the trunk. From them then grow sprouts, which can be located 35-40 meters from the mother tree.

Aspen has a straight trunk with yellowish-white bark. The wood is soft and light. And although they say that aspen burns without kerosene, in fact, aspen burns badly and gives little heat. Usually, aspen was burned in a Russian stove to clean the chimney.

Aspen crown irregular round shape. Leaves are green, toothed along the edge, on long petioles. Aspen blooms early, in April – May, before the leaves bloom.

Aspen is a dioecious tree. Female earrings are pale, greenish-gray, and men’s earrings are bright reddish-purple. Aspen is a good honey plant. And from the kidneys of aspen bees collect glue, which is processed into propolis.

Pollinated by aspen wind. The fruit is multi-seeded boxes, collected in a cattle with several seeds, which are supplied with a tuft and therefore fly easily.

Aspen grows in Europe, China, Kazakhstan, but it is believed that it is most of all in Russia, where it grows willingly on clearings, on fire sites, forming mixed or pure aspen trees. Aspen is not thick, so walking in it is easy.

If you cut down or cut aspen, then several new aspen trees will grow from the roots that have survived in the ground … They say that even an aspen stake stuck in the ground gives rise to shoots. So aspen reproduces mainly by roots, less often by windfall. Aspen seeds germinate poorly and quickly lose their germination.

Aspen has always been used in the national economy, in everyday life. Here is what is written about it in the dictionary V. Dahl:

“Aspen, OK. Poppulus tremulus tree; most of all it goes to the shredded (carved and chiseled) wooden utensils, why is it also called baklucha. ”

Baklushami, as you know, called blanks for the manufacture of wooden spoons and plates. So they beat in autumn in the village of Baklushi.

From the aspen, they made tubs, which were not rotten and in which they were well kept, not moldy, fermented preparations for the winter. And now many old women put a load on an aspen cabbage in order to prevent the cabbage from peroxide.

The best time to go to aspen

Wells, baths were also built from aspen, because it is not afraid of moisture. For the same reason, the porch, door threshold, floorings on the street and in the garden were made of aspen. A bark used for tanning leather.

Aspen has long been used in traditional medicine. For therapeutic purposes, in early spring, the bark, buds before blooming, leaves in May-June, young shoots are collected. They are dried first in the shade in a well-ventilated place, then on a dryer at a temperature of 50-60 ° C. The shelf life of the finished raw material is 3 years.

The best time to go to aspen

There are many biologically active substances in the aspen bark, and it has an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as an ability to resist hepatitis. It was from aspen bark that aspirin was once made and the first antibiotics were obtained.

In folk medicine, decoctions of bark and kidneys are used to treat cystitis, gastritis, rheumatism, arthritis, kidney and liver diseases, and they are also used for syphilis, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, and even oncology. An infusion of aspen bark is also used as a fortifying agent.

With diabetes make this broth from the ground bark:

1 tbsp. spoon raw materials pour 2 cups of water, bring to a boil and simmer for half an hour, strain, cool. Take ½ cup 3 times a day, half an hour before meals for three months.

If you are depressed, depressed, pestering various ailments, magicians are advised to go to the aspen grove, hug a tree and say these words:

“Aspen, aspen, take my crook, take the pain upon yourself.”

You can hug a tree from 5 to 10 minutes. Aspen will take on all the negative energy and it will be easier for the person.

Beginning and mid-autumn are often still pleasing in the days, so choose your free time and go out with the aspen in the forest or in the park and make sure that our wise ancestors, keeping close to nature, preserve their health.

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