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Attention! From October 1, 2018 to April 26, 2019 introduced winter bus schedule from the Rybinsk bus station! In connection with this schedule has changed for the routes:

Nos. 101, 103, 104, 104k, 105, 107, 109, 111, 150, 151, 152, 156, 158, 159, 192, 500, 504, 505, 516, 536.

Updated schedule – below.

Bus station in Rybinsk located in the building of the railway station at: ul. Passenger d. 1 A Phone bus station in Rybinsk: (84855) 32-06-01

Passenger stops at the bus station in the railway station building:

Winter bus schedule – from October 1, 2018

№ 101 Rybinsk-Kamenniki

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (OST. Railway station): 5-05, 5-50, 6-10, 6-35, 7-05, 7-45, 8-25, 9-40, 10-20, 11- 00, 11-40, 12-20, 13-00, 13-35, 14-10, 14-45, 15-25, 16-20, 17-00, 17-35, 18-40, 19-20, 19-55, 20-40, 21-50.

Departure from p. Kamenniki: 6-00, 6-45, 7-05, 7-30, 8-00, 8-40, 9-20, 10-35, 11-15, 11-55, 12-35, 13-15, 13-55, 14-30, 15-05, 15-40, 16-20, 17-15, 17-55, 18-30, 19-35, 20-15, 20-50, 21- 35, 22-45.

Travel time: 0-55

№ 103 Rybinsk – Chudinovo

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (bus station): 6-35, 13-15, 17-35.

Departure from Chudinovo: 7-30, 14-10, 18-30.

Driving time: 0-45

No. 104k Rybinsk-Mikhailovskoye

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (railway station): 5-50, 7-00, 7-30, 8-00, 9-00, 10-00, 11-40, 12-40, 13-40, 14-40, 15-10, 16-20, 17-00, 18-00, 18-20, 19-00, 20-20, 21-20.

Departure from the village of Mikhailovskoye: 6-20, 7-30, 8-00, 8-30, 9-30, 10-30, 12-10, 13-10, 14-10, 15-10, 15-40, 16-50, 17-30, 18-30, 18-50, 19-30, 20-50, 21-50.

Travel time: 0-30

№ 104 Rybinsk-Felisovo

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (from the bus station): 6-10, 10-30, 15-40.

Departure from Felisovo: 6-50, 11-10, 16-20.

Travel time: 0-40

№105 Rybinsk-Kalikino (

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (bus station): 8-25, 15-10

Departure from Kalikino: 9-15, 16-00.

Travel time: 0-40

№107 Rybinsk – Pokrov

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (OST. Railway station): 5-20, 6-00, 6-40, 7-20, 8-00, 8-40, 11-55, 13-20, 14-00, 14- 40, 15-20, 15-50, 16-20, 17-10, 17-40, 18-30, 19-10, 20-10, 20-45, 22-10.

Departure from Pokrova: 6-00, 6-40, 7-20, 8-00, 8-40, 9-20, 12-40, 14-00, 14-40, 15-20, 16-00, 16- 30, 17-00, 17-50, 18-20, 19-20, 20-00, 20-50, 21-25, 22-50.

Travel time: 0-40

№ 116 Rybinsk – Pokrov – Western cemetery

Route closed (source of information: website

I108 Rybinsk (railway station) – Oktyabrsky

Departure from the railway station: 5-26, 6-14, 6-39, 7-04, 7-28, 7-52, 8-17, 9-06, 9-40, 10-29, 11-18 , 12-07, 12-41, 13-15, 13-47, 14-19, 14-53, 15-26, 15-57, 16-28, 17-04, 17-35, 18-06, 18 -37, 19-13, 20-15, 20-51, 22-20.

Departure from Oktyabrsky: 6-11, 6-59, 7-24, 7-49, 8-13, 8-37, 9-02, 9-51, 10-25, 11-14, 12-03, 12-52, 13-26, 14-00, 14-32, 15-04, 15-38, 16-11, 16-42, 17-13, 17-49, 18-20, 18-51, 19- 22, 19-58, 21-00, 21-36, 23-05.

Departure from the railway station: 5-26, 6-14, 7-04, 7-28, 7-52, 8-29, 9-06, 9-40, 10-29, 11-18, 12-07 , 12-41, 13-15, 13-47, 14-19, 14-53, 15-26, 15-57, 16-28, 17-04, 17-35, 18-06, 18-37, 19 -13, 20-15, 20-51, 22-20.

Departure from Oktyabrsky: 6-11, 6-59, 7-49, 8-13, 8-37, 9-14, 9-51, 10-25, 11-14, 12-03, 12-52, 13-26, 14-00, 14-32, 15-04, 15-38, 16-11, 16-42, 17-13, 17-49, 18-20, 18-51, 19-22, 19- 58, 21-00, 21-36, 23-05.

Route 108k (Sobornaya Square – Yermakovo Settlement) is closed from January 10, 2016.

№109 Rybinsk – Gavrilovo

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (OST. Railway station): 6-05, 7-30, 8-45, 10-50, 12-05, 13-45, 15-00, 17-10, 18-25 (check in May., 19-50.

Departure from Gavrilovo: 6-40 (arrival in the item May), 8-05, 9-20, 11-25, 12-40, 14-20, 15-35, 17-45, 19-10, 20-25 .

Travel time: 0-35, 0-45 (with a stop in Maysky)

№111 Rybinsk (Railway Station) – Shipyard

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (OST. Railway station): 5-05, 5-50, 6-00 (check in Svingino) 6-45 (check in Svingino), 7-25, 7-50, 8-30, 8 -50, 9-10, 9-25, 10-05, 10-45, 11-05, 11-50, 12-20, 12-45, 13-10, 13-25, 13-45, 14-10 , 14-30, 14-45, 15-15, 15-30, 15-45, 16-05, 16-20, 16-50, 17-05, 17-30, 17-55, 18-25, 18 -50, 19-20, 20-10, 20-40, 21-15, 22-15.

Departure from Shipyard: 5-50, 6-35, 6-55, 7-40, 7-55, 8-10, 8-20, 8-35, 9-15, 9-35, 9-55, 10-10, 10-50, 11-20, 11-35, 11-50, 12-35, 13-05, 13-30, 13-55, 14-10 (check in Svingino), 14-30, 14 -55, 15-15, 15-30, 16-00, 16-15, 16-30 (check in Svingino), 16-50, 17-05, 17-35, 17-50, 18-15, 19- 35 (check in Svingino), 20-05, 20-55, 21-25, 22-00, 23-00.

Daily, except Sunday (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (OST. Railway station): 7-10, 7-35, 8-10, 9-45, 11-25, 15-00, 16-35, 18-10, 19-45.

Departure from n. Shipyard: 6-20, 6-45, 7-20, 8-55, 10-30, 12-10, 15-45, 17-20, 18-55.

№ 114 Rybinsk – pos. Red hill

Departure from Rybinsk (OST. Railway station): 6-50 (except Sat, Sun), 8-10 (except Sat, Sun), 9-15, 10-20, 11-20, 12-20, 14- 50, 15-50, 16-50, 17-50, 18-50 (on Sat, Sun).

Departure from Kr. Slide: 7-25 (except Sat, Sun), 8-40 (except Sat, Sun), 9-45, 10-50, 11-50, 12-50, 15-20, 16-20, 17-20, 18-20, 19-20 (on Sat, Sun)

Travel time: 0-25

№ 130 Rybinsk AV – Tutaev AV

Departure from Rybinsk: 8-10.

Departure from Tutaev: 6-45.

Travel time: 1-10

No. 130a Rybinsk AV – Tutaev AV (via Dyudkovo)

Departure from Rybinsk: 12-30.

Departure from Tutaev: 10-45.

Travel time: 1-10

№ 150 Rybinsk-Milyushino

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Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk: 5-10 (

Departure from Milyushino: 6-10 (

Travel time: 0-55

№ 151 Rybinsk-Pesochnoye

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk: 5-20 (except Sat, Sun), 6-05 (except Sun), 6-35, 7-30, 9-40, 11-50, 14-45, 16-50, 17-40 , 18-55, 20-40.

Departure from Pesochny: 6-15 (except Sat, Sun), 7-00 (except Sun), 7-30, 8-25, 10-35, 12-45, 15-40, 17-45, 18-35 , 19-50, 21-35.

Driving time: 0-45

№ 152 Rybinsk-Arefino

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk: 5-40 (

Departure from Arefino: 6-50 (

Travel time: 1-00

№ 156 Rybinsk-Shashkovo

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk: 5-40 (

Departure from Shashkovo: 6-45 (

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Travel time: 0-55

№ 158 Rybinsk-Larionovo

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk: 5-15 (

Departure from Larionovo: 6-25 (

Travel time: 1-20

№ 159 Rybinsk – Myshkin

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (bus station): 5-55 (

Departure from Myshkin (Pr \ bank): 7-25 (

Travel time: 1-20

№ 160 Rybinsk – Tutaev

Departure from Rybinsk AB: 6-30, 9-05, 15-05, 17-15.

Departure from Tutaev AU: 6-55, 9-25, 15-00, 17-15.

Driving time: 1-45

№ 162 Rybinsk-Dyudkovo

Departure from Rybinsk: 6-00 (except sun), 15-40.

Departure from Dyudkovo: 6-55 (except sun), 16-35.

Driving time: 0-45

№190 Rybinsk – Vysoko – Kobostovo

From April 20, 2018:

Departure from Rybinsk (bus station): Wednesday 10-10, 15-10, Friday 15-10, 18-10, Saturday, Sunday 7-25, 10-10, 15-10, 18-10.

Departure from Kobostovo: Wednesday 11-20, 16-20; Friday 16-20, 19-20; Saturday, Sunday 8-35, 11-20, 16-20, 19-20.

From October 15, 2018, the route closes for the autumn-winter period.

№ 192 Rybinsk-Tikhmenevo

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk: 6-15, 8-15, 12-40, 16-40.

Departure from Tikhmenevo: 7-20, 9-20, 13-45, 17-45.

Travel time: 0-50

№ 500 Rybinsk AV – Yaroslavl OKB

(from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (bus station): 6-45 (Mon.-Fri.)

Departure from Yaroslavl (Design Bureau): 13-00 (Mon.-Fri.)

Driving time: 2-10

No. 500e (formerly 500t) Rybinsk AV – Yaroslavl Ch.

Departure from Rybinsk: 6-35, 6-55, 7-40, 8-00 (except Sat, Sun), 8-20, 8-50, 9-20, 9-50, 10-20, 10- 50, 11-20, 11-50, 12-20, 12-50, 13-20, 13-50, 14-20, 14-50, 15-20, 15-50, 16-20, 16-50, 17-20, 17-50, 18-20, 18-50, 19-20 (on Sun ..), 19-35 (except Sun), 19-50 (on Sun), 20-20, 20- 50, 21-55.

Departure from Yaroslavl: 5-50, 6-10 (except Sat, Sun), 6-30, 7-00, 7-30, 8-00, 8-30, 9-00, 9-30, 10- 00, 10-30, 11-00, 11-30, 12-00, 12-30, 13-00, 13-30, 14-00, 14-30, 15-00, 15-30, 16-00, 16-30, 17-00, 17-30, 18-00, 18-30, 19-00, 19-35, 21-10 (on Sun.), 21-30.

Driving time: 1-35

№ 504 Rybinsk AV – Yaroslavl AV

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk: 6-20, 7-15, 8-35, 9-35, 11-00, 11-35, 13-05 (Fri.), 13-35, 14-35, 15-35, 16- 05, 17-05, 18-05, 19-30.

Departure from Yaroslavl: 6-15, 7-20, 8-10, 11-00, 11-55, 12-55, 13-45, 15-00, 15-25, 16-05 (Fri.), 16- 20 (except Fri.), 16-50 (Fri.), 18-05, 19-05.

Travel time: 2-00

№ 505 Rybinsk-Poshekhonye

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk (bus station): 6-35, 8-40 (Mon.), 9-40, 10-55 (Sat.), 14-10, 17-35, 19-05 (Sun), 19-30 (Fri, Sun).

Departure from Poshekhonye: 6-10 (Mon.), 9-15, 12-55, 14-10 (Sat.), 14-55, 17-00, 17-15 (Sun), 17-40 (Fri, Su.), 19-40.

Driving time: 1-45

№ 506 Yaroslavl AV – Poshekhone NPP (transit)

No. 516

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk: 6-30, 10-40, 15-10, 18-15.

Departure from B. Sela: 7-15, 8-45, 12-45, 16-10.

Travel time: 1-30

№ 523 Rybinsk-Kostroma

№ 536 Rybinsk-Uglich (via Myshkin)

Daily (from October 1, 2018)

Departure from Rybinsk: 6-55, 8-40, 15-00 (Fri, Sun), 19-25.

Departure from Uglich: 6-00, 9-30, 15-50, 17-30.

Travel time: 2-00

№ 540 Rybinsk AV – Vologda AV

Wednesday friday sunday

Departure from Rybinsk (bus station): 9-00.

Departure from Vologda (bus station): 15-30.

Driving time: 4-45

№ 628 Rybinsk AV – Cherepovets

Departure from Rybinsk: 7-30 (Sat., Sun.), 15-00.

Departure from Cherepovets: 7-25, 14-45 (Sat, Sun).

Travel time: 4-20

№ 910 Rybinsk AV – Ivanovo AV

№ 950 Yaroslavl AV – Cherepovets AV (transit)

№ 972 Rybinsk AV – Moscow AV VDNH

Departure from Rybinsk (bus station): 6-00 (Mon, Fri), 23-00.

Departure from Moscow: 12-15, 16-15 (Mon., Fri.).

Driving time: 6-20

About all changes in the schedule of the PMU Rybinsk PATP No. 3 informs on the official website http: //

City buses No. 15 and 17, which serves PATP No. 1 of Rybinsk, also switched to the winter schedule.

Photo schedule from April 28, 2017

About all changes in the schedule of the PMU Rybinsk PATP No. 3 informs on the official website http: //

City buses No. 15 and 17, which serves PATP No. 1 of Rybinsk, also switched to the winter schedule.

Photos – December 17, 2015

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122 comments on article The Rybinsk bus station: winter bus timetable from October 1, 2018

Thank you very, very much! Found all that was looking for.

Who knows the new phones of the bus station, which is located in the railway building? The address is not correct, correct!

Maxim, the address Passenger 1a is listed on the PATP-3 site http: //

32-06-01. Taken from the information sheet from the bus station building.

Dear administration of the bus station, please tell me why people can go to the toilet for free just on the railway, how do people who buy bus station tickets differ from people who bought train station tickets?

Claims write here http: //

Let’s work towards solving this problem together https: //


Paragraph 21. A passenger has the right to free use of waiting rooms and toilets located in buildings of a bus station, bus station, if he has a ticket, which has not expired and which provides the right to travel along the route of regular traffic, which includes a stopping point located in the territory of this bus station or bus station.

The toilet belongs to the owners of

In the building of Rybinsk railway station, toilets are really free upon presentation of a ticket. It works! Checked in person and more than once

I join the question

Let’s work towards solving this problem together https: //

Yes, they have there compared to the railway station eatery))) in dvoem not disperse

Olga, Irina, the question is addressed to the wrong address) the blog only contains information on schedules and routes. Official sites of carriers: http: //

It seems to be a grief!) Dear developers, look at the buses Rybinsk – Cherepovets and Rybinsk – Ivanovo! The return route is registered from Vologda for some reason

And the last tab. Transit Cherepovets does not open

Ahhhhh. This summer is still old. It opens, but it is empty. Okay. It is already outdated, and the new one is higher, I see …

It seems that the ticket office and bus timetables exist separately from drivers with buses. February 22 in the evening I bought tickets to Ivanovo, on February 23 the bus was canceled due to a breakdown. In return, nothing was offered. March 9, we bought bus tickets at 11 o’clock to Yaroslavl, where we had to have a transfer to

All claims for direct trips must be made to the carrier. Data carrier posted in the bus. If the bus has a route number, you can search the carrier on the Internet.

Alexander, and you will not tell the bus 108 schedule and who is the carrier?

Roman, a fresh schedule of bus number 108 Rybinsk-October is here: http: //

On this site rybtrans. ru found the schedule 108, but there is a flight 8-42 on Sundays. There is a date there today. Who has the right schedule?

Ira, if you follow the link to the article http: //

It is high time to get used to it that you live in Russia, and not in geyrope)))

And the phone number that does not answer, apparently indicated in order to make fun of people? It is impossible to get through to the bus station. You can site and update. In general, the service is below the plinth.

Catherine, I do not understand your discontent. Completely current information on this day. I see that the site is updated regularly. There are new directories and articles. Updated schedule. Well, there are people who never please, no matter how hard I tried …

No matter how hard you try

Roman, you try to call the phone number listed on the site. Just for fun. I have not been able to reach within 2 hours.

Maybe they just do not take the phone)))))

Catherine, just such a phone number hangs as a reference at the bus station ticket offices. You can search for additional information on the sites of carriers. Links are given at the end of the article. Information on the schedule, by the way, is regularly checked and updated here, in vain the phone could be out of order, either be replaced, or simply did not respond. Site

Thank you for your attention. Today I will go to the bus station, see how things are there. Then I will write about the results.

Catherine, purely for the sake of interest, dialed the number of the bus station indicated on the site 320601 and picked up the phone from the first time. Have you even dialed this number? So your criticism is not justified. Before you swear, you need to figure it out. Sorry for rezkozt. Thank.

I looked at the summer schedule now and did not find in it two much needed flights Rybinsk-Tutaev (left bank) with departure to

At the station yesterday I looked at the summer schedule in the direction of Tutaev (left bank). Changes from past years. Next announcement of the holiday. Already the discrepancy between the flight time at 15:55 (either 16:15). At the stop “Ryzhikovo” is still an announcement of the same flight. Confused and decided to see the full schedule on the Internet. Several links and also discrepancies. At the station, from flights to Tutaev, left bank, there are 2 flights left: at 6:30 and 15:05. The controller in the bus assured that all 4 flights will be. Flight to Shashkovo at 15:55 replaced by 16:15? On the Internet in one of the information there is no flight at 19:00. It is difficult to predict where the real schedule is.

Valentine, personally fotkala schedule at our bus station the other day, including changes in the holidays. I will lay out from minute to minute. You are interested in the route number 160 Rybinsk-Tutaev

Prompt alternatives 107 route. From the Serov Avenue, what can you get to the horsetail?

Bus number 7 goes to that side http: //

Unfortunately, there is no alternative to 107 to Khvoschevka and further towards the cover. Last year, bus number 181 worked, but this route was closed by the regional transport agency. Very sorry. It was very convenient for passengers living in the Skomorokhova Mountain, Veret’ya. Apparently, in the area they consider that the convenience of passengers is not very important!

I was looking for bus schedule number 107. Thank you, you have found a new one with

Elena, it is written above at their head – November 2014, and below it is marked summer

Thanks, I will look for the sake of curiosity. At the same time, you have all the information present, you don’t need to go anywhere else.

What kind of bus station in Vrybinsk are you talking about? him

How much is the fare for 500, 504 from Tutaev to Rybinsk?

Thanks to the site administration for the best, convenient current schedule.

Why some drivers of the 504 route refuse to stop at the stop

Good day! Tell me, is there a bus service from Rybinsk to Vesyegonsk?

Olga, good day! Sorry for the late reply. There is no direct bus, if only routes from Yaroslavl.

Horror, systematic lateness of the bus 103 Rybinsk-Chudinovo, take action.

I would like to know from what date does the winter schedule work?

On the website of PATP No. 3 http: //

I wonder how Yarobltrans will adjust the Rybinsk bus station to the federal law № 200 from

You are a little wrong. There is a waiting room, point

I know Yaroslavl bus station well, and believe Eugene, this is the last century (if we talk about modern realities). In Rybinsk, from now on, as in many other normal Russian cities (except Yaroslavl), transfers to suburban (intercity) and intermunicipal buses take place in the immediate vicinity of the railway junction (and this I think is the only correct one). About the toilets. At the old Rybinsk bus station – they were also paid. .


Well, they are planted there, I saw))))). Can be planted when there is someone to plant?

What is the difference or not? There is a passenger at the bus stop that signals a stop (passenger demand). There is a term – “tariff stop” (for this, it is officially provided for on the route). Influence the driver can only directly the administration of the carrier, and claims should be sent there.

I looked at the route schedule number 107, where half of the flights were missed. For example: 8/20 is next 10/30, and where is 9/28, 10/02. Further skipped 10/58, 11/32 and so on. Is this a bug or are these flights canceled?

Ksenia, presented in the article the schedule of the route No. 107 Rybinsk – Pokrov is fully consistent with what is hanging in the bus station at the moment (December 17, 2015). The flights you listed operate on route number 116 Rybinsk – Pokrov – Western Cemetery. Departure from Rybinsk: 9-28, 10-02, 10-58, 11-32, 12-28 Departure from the West: 10-11, 10-45, 11-41, 12-15, 13-11 This is exactly the information presented at the bus station stands (see photo at the end of the article)

There are no buses with route no. 116! On buses number 107 put a sign that says “Western cemetery.” Do not look for the number 116. There is an inaccuracy in the schedule, but this is a flight of 20-40 from the train. This flight was changed in the spring. At the winter official schedule to be registered flight at 21-03.

Max, weird. The official schedule, in my opinion, is logical to assume that provided by the administration of the bus station – see the photo – it was made on December 17, 2015 and hangs at the ticket offices and at the stand at the bus stop. What is it – negligence or another mistake?

This, most likely, was “overlooked” .. That is how it happens (Usually, the announcements were posted about changes at the cash desks, this time they quietly reprinted

I just called – they said flight 107 at 20-40.

Fine! Thank! Correct Rybinsk transport))

And this bus is on

Departure from Rybinsk: 6-00, 23-00

Departure from Moscow: 12-00, 16-00

Egor, I advise you to look at the website of the carrier http: //

Hello. Now she called Rybinsk bus station to find out if the flight schedule of 500t had not changed, whether some kind of flight was canceled. Faced terrible rudeness, they screamed at me that I was asking stupid questions. I never received an answer to my question. I did not find where else to write a complaint and to whom would I turn to stop such rudeness.

Mary, hello. The human factor … Unfortunately, rudeness can be found everywhere.

Clearly, I can conclude for myself that this is completely normal for you and you have no influence on your employees! Then do not expect a normal attitude to yourself from the passengers!

Maria, site

Maria, site

I will be in Rybinsk in the summer. It is very necessary to get into the village of Koz. How to do it better and faster, even with transfers? No cars, only under its own power,

It is easier, of course, from Yaroslavl through Danilov and Pure Pure (there are direct flights). But, if from Rybinsk, then only with a transfer – get to Poshekhonye (many flights, then to Semenovsky) or immediately to Semenovsky (540 “Rybinsk-Vologda”). Next, take a Kukoboi-Danilov 18:30 (I don’t know if there is any now). In general, the best of Yaroslavl!

V100, thanks for the reply! The question was difficult, I didn’t even suspect that in the Yaroslavl region there is a village with such an interesting name

There is indeed a convenient route from Yaroslavl, I suggest using this link: http: //

Thank you very much, even on the official website of Patp 3 there is no new schedule)

June 1, bought a ticket to Yaroslavl, asked for a discount ticket, presented a transport card, the cashier said that she did not have

Valentina, all the information about the rules for buying a ticket is listed on the information boards located in the ticket offices. Your duty to be familiar with these rules, as well as you need to confirm the right to the benefit (passport, pension certificate). The transport card is valid only for urban and water transport. A transport card is not a document confirming your benefits!

Why not confirm? After all, pension certificates are not issued now, so there is no opportunity to buy a discount ticket. A transport card is a document that is issued only to the ADVOCACY.

And tell me how to get to the resort Black River bus (food from Yaroslavl)?

The boorishness of supervisors and cashiers is the calling card of the Rybinsk bus station. Every day I use the services of this station and every time you wait for any dirty tricks from the employees of this station. Very bad staff in the new station.

Valery, I regularly use the services of the Rybinsk bus station and always polite staff and service. You need to respect each other. And you are already going with a negative attitude to this institution.

Dmitry, you are probably a bus station DJ, praise your aunties ;-)))

Valery, I do not praise anyone! How do you treat people, and you are treated

How much is a ticket for 500e from Yaroslavl to Rybinsk? Are there any benefits for pensioners?

Tell me, can I get to Danilov by bus / minibus / train, if I leave Rybinsk, not Yaroslavl.

Yaroslav, this route is unknown to me. Moreover, the path from Rybinsk to Danilov still lies through Yaroslavl. Try to find out by phone bus station in Rybinsk: 8 (4855) 32-06-01

Bus “Cherepovets-Yaroslavl” (9:30) goes through Poshekhonye, ​​Danilov

And including through Rybinsk?

Not. There is no direct communication with Danilov from Rybinsk.

Hello! Can I buy a ticket to Kostroma in advance?

Julia, hello! Please call the bus station number in Rybinsk: 8 (4855) 32-06-01.

Schedule bullshit. I came to the station, I was counting on a bus at 10 20, in the end neither 10 10 nor 10 50 buses, they made up a new one, which were degradants! The case will be sent to court

Dmitry, which bus (route) do you mean?

Enter the route to Kostroma. When you study there, it’s not very convenient with transfers

Once again they buy a ticket for the 500 bus at the box office number 3, where a young cashier is sitting. And that time she punches the wrong ticket, I never go to the Main, I go out either to Volgograd or to Sq. Karl Marx, which is clearly communicated to the cashier. She wanted to spit on my words and standardly pierces the ticket to the Main. Today I finally brought it out – I bought two tickets for myself and my friend. I am a student, she graduated. On different numbers, one grace, the other full, respectively. Both to Sq. Karl marx

This is not the first time the cashier punches the wrong ticket! The cashier is young, usually sitting in the checkout number 3. I go to Yaroslavl, I never need to go to the Main, I go to Bragino or to Sq. Karl Marx. The cashier always punches me a ticket to the Main and she does not care about my clarification about the final stop. This afternoon I bought two tickets – for myself and my friend (I am a student, she has already graduated), discount tickets and full tickets, respectively. Both tickets to Sq. Karl Marx, but on different numbers, which I told the cashier slowly and clearly. And what do you think? First, it broke through the discount ticket to the Main. To my remark that I actually needed before the Giant the answer was: “Well, I already broke through!” I asked to change (not the first time already such that it punches not up to the point, as far as necessary), in reply: “Well, there’s only a difference of three rubles!”. Here it is purely from the principle, for it is enough, I ask, nevertheless, to correct its mistake. She also gives me a statement about the replacement of the ticket with interest. Humbled. She took the ticket to the Main. Secondly, the second ticket (which was supposed to be complete for the friend) broke through, but (come on, really) to the Giant. I am in indignation, how is it possible, when everything was said and clarified, to be wrong again! Innocently, she shoots me a statement about replacing the ticket. Wrote. Surcharge. Percentage kept. And ta-dam! I changed the ticket for the full one, but before the Main! How was such a person taken to work ?! He does what he wants and hears only what she needs.

If this is her mistake, then let the interest itself pays for its salary. You look left without salary at the end of the month, immediately learn how to work. In general, you would have recorded everything in the complaint book. And write every time! It works!

We traveled by bus from Rybinsk to Yaroslavl to the bus station, in Yaroslavl we had to go by the Rio bypass, looked at the route on the site, asked the driver, but in the end we went at rush hour in the city, we were late for 30 minutes after which I and my two children still had to go On the route, and when I asked the driver why we went through the city, he said, it was necessary to give him a bag, it’s a miracle and not a driver !!

There is no such route “along the Circuit past Rio” on all buses, with the message Rybinsk-Yaroslavl. All of them go through the center of Yaroslavl!

do not dial the number (the subscriber outside the zone is how.), how can you book a ticket?

On your page, the summer schedule of bus 109 is no different from the winter one. And on another site, where summer and winter schedules are also indicated, there is a difference. Which schedule to believe?

Olga, the schedule, which is published here, was taken by me from the information stand of the bus station in Rybinsk. So it was at the time of publication of the article (April 28). But, as reported on the site http: //

By the way, the schedule was still different: late flights were added in the summer.

Why is there no 103 bus at 10:05 for the second day in a row? Drivers don’t know that there is a schedule from Daily (from April 28, 2017), and still go according to the schedule from 2016? 104 before Filisova is crowded, I had to spend twice on food in the village, and bring them home twice, after sitting at the bus stop for an hour. And schoolchildren, who have finished school today, should hang out, don’t understand where, do you think about people? The bus station phones are either busy or no one picks up the phone. What’s happening?

Dmitry, website

I ask you to resolve the issue of stopping bus 504 Rybinsk-Yaroslavl at the request of the passengers at the prosthetic enterprise in Yaroslavl. A disabled prosthetic patient sometimes has to ride this bus, but not all drivers understand that it is difficult for such a person to walk from the bus station to the prosthetic enterprise on foot.

Nobody knows the telephone number of the bus station authorities?

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