The best restaurant in Beijing

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1. Despite the desire of Chinese people to Western standards of living, The topic of sex in China is still taboo. And it is not customary to speak openly about sex and its “attributes” here. The girls during such conversations are wildly embarrassed, giggle in the palm of their hand and blush (there was once a case – we translated the word “condom” in class – their reaction reminded me of the behavior of Russian children of the 5th grade &# 128521; By the way, condoms are still not actively used in China – that is why manufacturers of this type of contraception are waiting for the fastest sales growth, actively promoting their products with advertising.

2. But still sex in China is! This is proved by business cards, advertising intimate services. Such business cards slip under the entrance door of the apartment or hotel room. Cherished phone numbers and photos of beauties pasted on the asphalt in Beijing. In short Despite the prohibition of prostitution in the Middle Kingdom, people are actively using this kind of sex services. Only here, their prices and tariffs are considered in their own way: not for an hour, but for “one time” (and this concept, as is well known, extensible) – 300 y., For the night – 600 yuan (very cheap prices). You can find priestesses of love in massage parlors (“hand job” – from 100 y.), In the baths and, of course, on the Internet. By the way, these are metropolitan rates.

3. Another proof that sex in China does exist – these are ubiquitous sex shops. And very different formats: from chic shops to grannies selling adult toys (straight as seeds) on the streets.

four. Chinese youth watching porn (again, despite the ban). China has its own porn sites. However, Chinese people like films with representatives of other nations. For some reason, they don’t really want to look at the “work” of Chinese porn actors.

5. Chinese students have sex. But where: if they live on 8 people in the room. For privacy in China developed a special business: home hotels (“Bingyuan”). Where it is possible for an hour (from 20 yuan) to remove a cozy room with a shower. And if desired, and on the day. These hotels are concentrated next to universities. Let’s be honest – the business is incredibly successful!

The best restaurant in Beijing

6. There is a downside to sex in China: Now the schools of the Middle Kingdom are actively introducing the lessons of sexology. But they are served here from a special perspective: protection from sexual violence. So the Chinese authorities are trying to fight pedophilia: forewarned, forearmed. That is why Chinese boys and girls in shorts in front of the board master the techniques of protection against pedophiles. Do you think Russia needs such lessons?

7. The facets of sexuality in China are very blurred. And clearly contrary to our standards. What can be considered sexual in China? For example, my student’s half-naked shoulder caused a storm of emotions in her classmates (from hooting to “wow!”). Transparent blouses for girls are taboo. However, the super-mega-short skirts of Chinese women (every second) sometimes put my spouse in a stupor … I remind you that in China it is still not accepted to publicly express their feelings: to kiss everyone in sight, for example. Although in large cities, courageous couples who are ready to demonstrate their love are becoming more and more.

The best restaurant in Beijing

In this post, we presented you with subjective information, what we noticed during 3 years of our stay in the Middle Kingdom. Perhaps you have other information on this topic. Share with us! – because the question is very interesting &# 128521;

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