The best passport in the world

Noxton Technologies ™ is a company that creates and implements innovative technologies throughout Russia, the CIS and far beyond its borders. Technological materials (TAT 33 phosphor, luminescent paint, TS 20 matting compound), developed and sold products of our company, have no approximate analogues on our planet. Noxton ™ has concentrated its full potential on the creation and implementation of new generation materials that will have special unique characteristics. This material was named TAT 33 phosphor, which at the moment demonstrates excellent indicators of the duration and brightness of the glow. Luminous paint TAT 33 is created on the basis of high-quality phosphor company Noxton – is an excellent solution in the field of independent luminescence. High company standards provide for the manufacture of a component that will have the following properties: durability and wear resistance, ease of implementation, material safety, high commercial and marketing value, flexibility in working with customers.

Technology "Glow in the dark" – literally makes almost any objects and the surface glows in the dark. The luminescent paint TAT 33 developed by us (from the phosphor component) will allow changing the visual properties of objects in the literal sense of the word; the luminous paint makes any surface glow. The charge comes from any light source (sun, ultraviolet, flashlight, lamp and

Phosphor TAT 33:

Phosphor TAT 33 is a substance that has a powdery appearance and is produced by our company in various fractions. With the help of a luminous powder, in the most elementary way, luminescent paint is created for all surfaces and objects. Taking into account the excellent qualities of the TAT 33 phosphor, it can be said that the paint glowing in the dark will last more than a dozen years, retaining all of its original power characteristics and luminosity durations at night.

The best passport in the world

With the help of a luminescent pigment – it is possible to give a luminescence to any material from a luminous peep and luminous stones at the bottom of your aquarium to a luminous wall painting in the room. Popular items that are actively used are: luminous T-shirts, self-luminous advertising, luminous discs, interior with a glow effect, luminous souvenirs, glowing stones, luminous flowers, even nails with a glow effect. The excellent properties of TAT 33 phosphor is its hydrophobicity (water resistance), this feature is key to the safety of human health. The perfect insensitivity of the luminous composition to external and internal factors allows using luminous components in body – art, cosmetology and

Technology "Glass matting":

Technology "Glass matting" – allows to apply any opaque drawings on glass surfaces. The unusual thing is that the drawings can be applied not only in the vector, but also in the raster, by transferring the shades and semitones to the glass (which at the moment was considered extremely difficult). Available and color glass matting this technology has no analogues in the world. The universal method of soldering carbon to the surface of glass with a depleted silicon content made it possible to obtain color images on glass surfaces. The applied pattern looks very attractive on a glass surface, the excellent properties of such a pattern are it: the microstructure of the matte surface of the color is poured with various shades of metallic and nacre. Mostly this ability on the mirror products.

The best passport in the world

Vectronic glass matting is obtained quite simple by the method, if we apply the TS 20 matting paste specially developed by us, on the degreased surface, glass, mirror, it is necessary to evenly apply matting paste, which should be on the glass surface for about 15 minutes, to make the glass matte. Due to the possibility of reusable matting cream, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of the final product. Due to this, matting paste has always been an alternative to glass matting, rather than sand blasting.

TS 20 matting paste, besides its main purpose – glass matting, is also used for matting granite, porcelain, ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware and other surfaces containing silicon.

This wide applicability makes Noxton mating paste unique. You have the opportunity to use our services and order almost any formats of raster and color matting glass. Your order will be quickly delivered for execution and in a very short time we will provide the work done, you can get a matting drawing on the glass according to a preliminary sketch. Read more about matting in products and services based on this technology.

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