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Ocean Park (Ocean Park) in Hong Kong it is a huge amusement park, where it will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Ocean Park was built in 1977, in 2005 the park was completely reconstructed. Ocean Park was awarded several awards, including a list of the most visited attractions in the world. More than 5 million people visit the ocean pairs every year.

Ocean park It occupies an area of ​​88 hectares, where in addition to the aquarium there is a mini zoo with pandas and more than 35 different attractions for children and adults, colorful shows and festivals are held in the park.

How to get to ocean park

The most convenient way to get to Ocean Park is by subway (MTR). Ocean Park Station was opened in December 2016.

Ocean Park can also be reached by city bus from different areas of the city. You need to get on a bus that passes through Aberdeen Tunnel.

From Central Ferry Piers daily in the morning (from 9:30 to 11:30), bus 629 runs every 30 minutes,

How much is a ticket to Ocean Park?

The cost of a ticket to Ocean Park:

  • 438 HK $ adult ticket
  • 219 HK $ ticket for children from 3 to 11 years old

The ticket gives the right to use all the rides in the park, to attend all the performances, the aquarium, pandas and other pavilions. Sometimes when buying a ticket they give a coupon for a free drink or a discount on food in the park (we were not allowed).

I advise you to buy tickets to the park in advance on this site. In this case, a ticket will cost you less (10 percent) and you will not have to stand in a huge queue for tickets before entering the park.

Ocean Park Hours

Ocean Park opening hours vary depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Most often, the park is open from 10:00 to 19:00, but there are days when the park opens at 10:30 and runs until 23:00. You can specify the mode of operation on the official website of Ocean Park, here. There you can also see the schedule of performances for the day on the link.

Our review of visiting Ocean Park (Ocean Park) in Hong Kong

We arrived at Ocean Park on Monday 20 minutes later than the opening. Since we bought tickets before boarding the bus, then by-passing the ticket offices immediately entered the park. At the entrance they took a plan-scheme, with it it was much easier to navigate the vast territory.

Ocean Park map (from the official site) Welcome to Ocean Park &# 128578; Even on Monday morning at the entrance to the park a lot of people

Ocean Park consists of two parts: the lower part is the city coast (WaterFront) and the upper part is the top of the mountain (Summit).

At the entrance, we find ourselves in the lower part of the park, in which there are children’s roundabouts, an aquarium, pavilions with pandas, the Old Hong Kong quarter, and goldfish.

In the upper part of the park there are attractions for adults, a pavilion with jellyfish, a pool with fur seals and dolphins, a theater, where several times a day they hold shows with sea animals, an ice room stylized as the North and South Pole.

From one part of the park to the other can be reached in two ways.

  • on cable car (Cable Car)
  • on the rail road inside the cliff (Ocean Express). These are trailers that mimic the passage under water.

We entered the bottom of the park and our eyes immediately ran away! I wanted to get to all the pavilions as soon as possible, examine everything and take enough photos!

The territory of Ocean Park is very green, there are many flowers, interestingly designed bushes, for example, such a green tiger

In the center there is a fountain, which is beautifully illuminated in the evening (but we did not wait for the lighting, we left the park earlier).

Fountains right near the entrance to the park, next to the aquarium. In the evening, the fountains in the park are beautifully highlighted. In the background a large yellow-blue building is an accident

Nearby you can ride a real balloon, but we did not have time &# 128549;

I must say that the weather on this day was gray, sometimes even drizzling light rain, so all the photos turned out not bright. We were lucky the previous day, we visited the Big Buddha and Victoria Peak in cloudy weather. But on the other hand, if the sun was shining brightly, in Ocean Park it would not be very comfortable, we would burn in the sun.

First we went to huge aquarium (The Grand Aquarium)

Then we went to the next pavilion Sichuan treasures , where a panda was observed behind the glass (the first time I saw a panda!), and next to it in the cage were monkeys that turned their backs on us.

The first panda I’ve seen. Hooray! The monkeys did not want to turn to us …

Everywhere in Hong Kong – Pandania! And yes, how can you not love these bears? &# 128526;

They decided to return to the pandas later, and first, until a crowd of people gathered, to go to another part of the park and ride the rides.

In the second part of the park, we decided to go on Ocean express – it’s not as interesting as on the cable car, but quickly and without a queue.

Ocean Express is a regular trailer, such as our funicular. All decorated under the sea dive

Since we arrived early and stayed at the bottom of a very short time, the first hour at the top of the park, we rode the rides almost alone!

First we go to Ocean park tower . This is not a scary and very quiet ride, you are very slowly raised to a height of 72 meters in a large cabin, the cabin makes several turns in a circle and is also slowly lowered down. An ideal attraction to admire the park and Hong Kong from above.

Ocean Park Tower. A great view of the park and Hong Kong

Then we go (or rather we go on the escalator, everything is very well thought out in the park, there are a lot of escalators that the legs would not get tired) to the water attraction Raging River. On a wooden boat, we are slowly lifted up the river, we slowly swim through the jungle, and then once, and a sharp descent, a lot of splashing and delight. There were no people in this part of the park, so we rode out of the queue several times in a row.

I liked this water slide most of all. &# 128578;

Beside Mine train – one of the roller coasters, not the worst in this park. Even I rolled on it several times.

We return to the main attractions and stand in a small queue, which would take a ride on the most terrible American city in this park – Hair raiser . Before boarding, all bags, cameras and even shoes are left in a special locker. Sit down, the floor leaves from under the feet and away! I have never been so scared! After these roller coasters, I sat on the bench for about 15 minutes and walked away from the impressions!

Very scary for me roller coaster! &# 128578;

Attraction The rapids – a walk along the river on an inflatable raft. Calmly, not motionless, just what I needed after an extreme on a roller coaster. Consider that other tourists will pour water on top of you, so either ride on a warm day or wear raincoats!

Calm, but wet walk along the river

And after the next attraction – The flash , where they lift, turn and twist by 360 degrees, I lay on the bench for half an hour … At first Lesha rolled on it himself, I categorically refused to sit down, but then he persuaded me to ride and I took the risk. In general, if you have a bad vestibular apparatus and swayed you, then you are not here!

I after this attraction was very bad .. &# 128577; And Lesha joyful legs chatting &# 128578;

But I liked this thing! Before the entrance is weighed on the scales, Lesha was not allowed &# 128526;

And one more extreme attraction, which I risked to try – The abyss. First, slowly raise to the height of the 20th floor, you sit quietly, chat with your feet, inspect the surroundings, and then abruptly lower it down. And so several times!

These two towers are The Abyss attraction, falling from the height of the 20th floor

After this attraction, I decided that there was enough extreme for me today, and it’s time to just take a walk through Ocean Park &# 128526;

View of Hong Kong. The escalator behind me is a lot of them in the park and they make life much easier for visitors! Another part of Hong Kong and the cable car park

We attended the show in dolphinariums

And then we went to Pavilion with jellyfish

On the lower level down to cable car , I had to stand in a queue for about 15 minutes, but the views opening from it were! Before landing in the booth all photographed

In the lower part of Ocean Park, walked around the thematic quarter of the old Hong Kong “Old Hong Kong”

Quarter stylized old Hong Kong

We went into the pavilion with the pandas, but not to the small one near the aquarium that we visited in the morning, but near the lower cable car station Giant panda adventure and Panda Village. Here we hung for more than an hour!

Panda walking &# 128578; Panda sitting &# 128578; Panda eats

Pandas are such pandas! We in Chiang Mai Zoo admired the pandas for more than two hours. In Hong Kong, the video with the pandas were not filmed, but in Chiang Mai they filmed the way the panda eats. Look how cute it is &# 128526;

In addition to the usual Giant Pandas, two rare Red Pandas live in Ocean Park. They were just fed, we were happy to watch this process.

Yes, and this is also a panda! Only red panda, unusual for us. Two red pandas. Also cute &# 128578; Feeding pandas

Next to the pavilion pavilion shop where you can buy a toy panda. I did not buy, because ahead of us was waiting for a trip to the Philippines, now I regret. A small soft toy panda costs 80 HK $.

I want a soft toy panda &# 128578;

We spent almost the whole day in Ocean Park and were tired, but we left this beautiful place happy. We can say that we were lucky with the queues, there were not many people in the first half of the day and we were not standing for more than 5 – 10 minutes for one attraction (except the cable car).

Tips for visiting Ocean Park in Hong Kong

  • I advise you to visit the park on weekdays, on weekends there are too many people there
  • Come to the park for the opening
  • It is better to buy tickets either at bus stops (will cost less and without a queue) or in advance via the Internet, so as not to stand in line at the ticket office
  • At the entrance, be sure to take a free Ocean Park card.
  • If you want to ride adult rides without huge queues – go straight to the top of the park – the first two or three hours after opening there is empty!
  • It is better to go to the upper part of the park on a rail road, so as not to waste time, but to return back to the cable car
  • If you are visiting Ocean Park with children, please note that only adults above 120-125 cm are allowed on most adult rides
  • Be sure to take water with you, maybe something from the food
  • On a hot and sunny day, a headdress and sunscreen will be helpful, and in a rainy rain coat
  • Get ready for the queues and the crowd of Chinese. There are many of them, especially in the afternoon
  • Take to Ocean Park all day! I thought that we would be free before dinner and still have time to walk around Hong Kong, but we didn’t even visit all the entertainment in the park all day!

In Hong Kong, there is another amusement park – Disneyland. Many tourists are thinking about which of these parks to visit? We chose Ocean Park because of the pandas and did not regret it: we saw enough of the pandas and dashed off on the merry-go-rounds. We were not at Disneyland, but we will definitely visit next time. Maybe someone was in these two amusement parks in Hong Kong, please share in the comments which of the parks you liked more? By the way, Ocean Park in Hong Kong we liked even more than the advertised Universal Park in Singapore on Sentosa Island &# 128578;

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38 comments: Ocean Park (Ocean Park) in Hong Kong – an amusement park for children and adults!

What a great park! I am delighted. Photos just fabulous. Why did not you tell me that you have another great and informative site! I will be happy to read him, how many interesting things!

The best island in Florida

Oksana, thanks for the comment! Very nice :) Always glad to new readers! :)

Thank you so much for the guide. By the way, the lights in the park on the fountain we waited just super

Eugene, thanks for the feedback :) Next time we will try to wait for the illumination of the fountains in the park! &# 128578;

Thank you so much for the excellent review! A trip to the Civil Code is coming up soon and I am choosing between OP and DL – nevertheless, I think OP will be a far better choice.

I answer your request to share your impressions. Disneyland in Hong Kong is a pitiful imitation of the American, and even Parisian cannot hold a candle. It is interesting only to those who visit it with children not older than 15 years. Especially funny is the traditional parade where the Little Mermaid with a typical Chinese appearance is involved, although some Disney characters (apparently hired actors) are of European type. As for Ocean Park, it is much more extreme (attractions), children are not recommended. Residents of the upper floors of houses, towers on Lantau, of course, do not scare, but for tourists it is suitable only for adrenaline fans. To be honest, after Singapore, Hong Kong was not interesting either for adults or children. The island of entertainment Sentosa, a zoo with a night safari, a bird park, an orchid park in the botanical garden and

Sergey, thanks for your feedback about Hong Kong Disneyland. Already from many people heard that he is not impressive &# 128578; But we really liked Ocean Park, if we are in Hong Kong we will definitely visit again. We weren’t in Singapore, so there’s nothing to compare with, but I also heard from many that after Singapore Hong Kong is not impressive.

Indeed Singapore is beautiful in everything. Hong Kong Disney nonsense, do not waste time

People, do not listen ANONYME, I have already visited all Disney and have seen a lot, but I never cease to be surprised by such anonymous! Go and do it without fail and in the ocean park and in Disney and do not listen to anyone. Do it in Florida, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles, wherever you are, everywhere and go. Do not forget to admire everything that surrounds you – colors, smells, and even junk food, just remember that you will come home and you will all have to run out. But most importantly, admire your family, admire the children and tell how they are dear to you, how you appreciate and love them, how you treasure them. Enjoy everything that surrounds you, and anonymous, so this is their experience and their pain, and let them be with her. Do not rely on it.

Good afternoon, can you please tell me if there is luggage in the park?

Victoria, I do not know if there are luggage in the park, did not pay attention to it. But in any case, you can ask to leave your belongings where they will buy tickets. We have repeatedly left in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and in other countries. Well, or you will be prompted where to leave. Another option – we somehow left things in the storage room in the mall (where you hand over the bags, before you go to the supermarket with food &# 128578; )

Olga, thank you very much for such a colorful report! I am planning a trip to Hong Kong and do not want to be disappointed in the parks,

Thank! Have a good rest, I hope Ocean Park in Hong Kong will not disappoint you. But they say that Singapore is cooler! &# 128578; (she herself was not)

Olga, thank you very much for the feedback! So in detail and everything is clear, I am preparing for a trip to the Civil Code on your articles) I also doubted between Disneyland and Ocean Park, now only to the park!

Oh dear red pandas are also cute)))

Yeah :) I’ve only seen red pandas in Ocean Park. I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

Thanks for the detailed story. We are going with our son to fly to Hong Kong in May for a week and plan to visit Ocean Park and Disneyland. And at 629 bus at the subway and the park terminus?

Route 629 is an express train from the subway to the park. Near the metro and park terminations. There are no bus stops on the way.

Olga, good afternoon! Very detailed report, thank you for taking the time and sharing your impressions. I’m preparing for a trip to the GC next week. Please tell me, near which metro station is Ocean Park? We must get to this station, and then transfer to bus 629 and go to the final one. Do I understand correctly?

Hello! That’s right: you need to take bus 629 at the Admiralty metro station or near Central (Star Ferry is a ferry service). Go to the park from the subway

Thanks for the report, it helps a lot when planning a trip! &# 128578; And how much time to go on bus 629 from the metro to the park? Back crowd on the bus was not?

Go for 20-30 minutes depending on traffic jams. We did not leave the park just before closing, but there were no hours at 6, there was no crowd on the bus. We were on a weekday, I do not advise you to go to the park on weekends or holidays.

Olga, great review about the park :) I was there 2 times. Tomorrow we are going family again!) We also liked Disneyland, we will also go for the third time))

I support reviews about Singapore! Park on about. Sentosa is simply gorgeous! I looked at the photos of Hong Kong Disneyland – not impressive … So the other day we will go to Ocean Park))

Two months ago, we finally visited Universal Studios on Sentosa in Singapore! Of course, the park is interesting, but we liked Ocean Park in Hong Kong more :)))

Good afternoon, thanks for the info, I wanted to ask about the prices for food in the park, I am going with the children for the whole day, I’m afraid we will not get away with snacks

Good day! We didn’t have lunch in the park, so I’ll tell you about food prices. But I did not think that the food in Hong Kong is expensive …

Olya, hello! Tomorrow we go to the ocean according to your instructions. Just going there on the subway going. In the same metro station, why the bus? (unless the stop is near the place of residence). Tickets bought on the famous site Klook. 368HD. By the way, we were at Sentoshcha. The truth is not in Universale, but on the island itself, where there is a huge area for attractions, barns and aquariums. We were warned in advance that Universal is of course nothing, but … On the island cooler). So it was. Hong Kong is good, interesting. But Singapore, in our humble opinion, is a lot cooler … Tomorrow I will write what happened according to Ocean) and the food in the Civil Code is not so cheap) …

Oh, I looked, and it turns out the subway was opened a year ago. I did not know …) add information to the article

Olya, returned from Ocean Park. Everything is great. Had time almost everywhere. But the whole day was gone, no wonder – the territory is big and the people are interfering). I’ll tell you my opinion. Of course, these are personal impressions + as I see it, each case of arrival will be somewhat individual. Here to say, do this, it is not always true. We got to the subway. AT

Thank you for such a detailed report! Have a nice rest!

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