The best headphones for the aircraft

Many audio devices (for example, radio, stereos, CD / MP3 players, televisions) have a connector designed for supplying external signals – the AUX input. In this article we will look at the practical use of this nest.

The best headphones for the aircraft

AUX Line In

The amplitude of the signal applied to the linear input varies in the range from 0.5 to 1 V. This level of the signal is given by any musical reproducing devices that have a linear output connector. It is usually labeled AUX OUT. The same signal level is supplied to the headphones. Therefore, the headphone output can be connected to the AUX input.

The best headphones for the aircraft

Line In Connection

The scope of the said connector is quite wide. For example, if you want to listen to music from an MP3 player or smartphone (tablet) through powerful speakers, and not through headphones, you can connect your device to the AUX input of the music center or other similar device. To connect, you will need an adapter cable. On one side of the cable there should be a 3.5mm jack-type connector (headphone plug), and on the other side, a pair of tulip-type connectors. The cord itself must be a four-wire speaker with an external copper braid. This cable can be purchased at the store or do it yourself. Connector “jake” can be cut off from non-working headphones or buy a radio store. By purchasing connectors, you can choose their shape and design – from the cheapest (plastic) to the most expensive (metal gold-plated). When you have found all the plugs and wire, you can proceed to the assembly. We clean the insulation at the ends of the wire and solder the connectors to them. The “jake” central contacts – signal, and the external – common wire. The “tulip” is the same. Some devices have a headphone output under the standard “minijack”, in this case it is necessary to solder the corresponding connector. The pinout remains the same. After that, be sure to check the cable with a multimeter in the dialing mode to exclude the wrong connection.

AUX Input Setup

So the cord is ready, you can connect our player to the music center. We connect the cable to the AUX line input and turn on the AUX IN mode on the playback device. With digital devices, this is done through the menu, and with analog devices with a switch. It should be remembered that before you start playback on the player, you need to reduce the volume level on the music center or another playback device. This is done to prevent the device from “screaming” to its fullest if there is a strong signal on the output channel.


By this principle, you can connect various devices (laptops, netbooks, MP3 players, DVD players, iPods, tablets, etc.) to devices that contain audio frequency amplifiers – stereos, televisions, home theaters, cassette recorders, etc. A good bundle is obtained by connecting CD / MP3 players and cassette recorders. The latter in the era of digital music are rarely used, although sometimes they have much better characteristics. So this bundle gives new life to analog technology.

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