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Cabbage Kimchi: recipes from white cabbage. In Korean white cabbage Chimcha and in Russian for the winter

In truth, white cabbage kimchi is closer to the Russian (Sakhalin) spicy snack than the Korean. The recipe for chimcha in Korean, a dish of Oriental cuisine in a classic version, is made from Peking (Chinese) cabbage. Chimcha in Russian for the winter, it is Korean white kimchi cabbage, has a sharp taste and a simple recipe for cooking, similar to ordinary salted cabbage and sauer in brine.

How to cook white cabbage kimchi

White cabbage kimchi recipes are simple and varied, but are usually borrowed from Korean recipes. An acute need for the selection of simple recipes for harvesting late vegetables for the winter from housewives arises when the first juicy heads of fresh cabbage appear in stores. In the cabbage season, it is better to prepare winter cabbage for the winter and store spicy food at home for a long time in the refrigerator, or immediately prepare more kimchi for the winter and keep it longer in the cellar, on the balcony, to delight the family and loved ones with a tasty and juicy snack until summer.

You can quickly make kimchi in the summer from early summer cabbage. Recipes for kimchi from white cabbage for the winter include the use of late cabbage varieties. In the late autumn, after a massive harvest of vegetables, when hostesses buy tight pickers for pickling and souring, cabbage heads were formed, it’s time to stock crisp cabbages for winter salting kimchi.

Advice from the Wonderful Cook. Before using the recipe for quick kimchi from white cabbage, the leaves should be finely chopped with a grater or with a knife to crumble with thin noodles: such cutting speeds up the process of salting, and the finely chopped cabbage quickly comes to readiness. According to the prescription of chimcha for the winter, the cabbages are chopped into large pieces and cut into square (5 × 5 cm) cubes to make the cabbage crisp and preserve the crunch longer.

White cabbage kimchi recipe for the winter

The method of cooking white cabbage is simple. Ingredients for making kimchi for the winter are made up of simple products, the most important of which is chili pepper. Hot chili peppers in combination with garlic and salt resemble spicy adjika in composition. This Korean appetizer with hot peppers from Peking or white cabbage is called Korean fire.

  • white cabbage – 1 forks weighing about 2.5 kg;
  • water – 2 liters;
  • sea ​​salt – half a glass;
  • fresh garlic – 2-3 heads;
  • chili pepper – one pod;
  • sugar – 1

Pickled kimchi in white cabbage: step by step

  1. Before you make kimchi for the winter, you need to prepare simple ingredients: tight forks of the white-cauldron, water, salt, sugar, hot pepper and garlic to make it hot. Remove the upper leaves from the head and cut the forks, first into two parts, then the two halves again in half, that is, quarters.
  2. Pour salt into the water and stir until the salt is completely dissolved.
  3. We plunge cabbage quarters together with stumps in salt brine (tozluk) so that all four parts are under water. For salting kimchi in Korean for the winter in quarters, it is better to use dishes with high walls and a narrow bottom.
  4. Soak cabbage in brine for 12-14 hours, it is more convenient to do it from evening to night.
  5. After soaking in salt, take out the cabbage quarters and wash them.
  6. We cut the leaves in large pieces, separating them from each other, or leave the squares (rectangles) in the unparsed form, cutting the stalks out of the head.
  7. Koreans love spicy food and make kimchi spicy out of any cabbage. To comply with the original technology of making Korean billet for the winter at home, the next step in the recipe is to make homemade hot spices.
  8. To do this, clean the garlic, skip the chives through a press, grind it with a blender or three in a small grater in a mush.
  9. We remove bitter pepper from seeds, add it to garlic blender.
  10. Add sugar, dilute the spicy mixture with a small amount of liquid taken from the brine residues.
  11. Put the prepared chopped cabbage into an enamel pan.
  12. Pour hot seasoning into cabbage and mix by hand. Mash cabbage is not necessary, as in the usual salting, just enough to mix.
  13. We take a flat plate and cover the pickle, for oppression put on top a can of 3 liters capacity filled with water.
  14. Leave the cabbage for 2-3 days in the kitchen, then lay out the sterilized jars and remove the ready-made Korean kimchi for storage in the refrigerator.

The longer the snack is drawn, the more aromatic, tastier and spicier it becomes.

Chimcha (chim-chim): recipe from white cabbage for the winter

The recipe for the winter is salted cabbage sauerkraut in large pieces, it turns out very crispy, juicy, with a strong taste of vegetables, thanks to the addition of red bell pepper. The dish is popular among fans of spicy and admirers of recipes of national Korean cuisine.

To salt the chimcha for the winter (or, as the Koreans themselves call chimcha, fire cabbage), small cobies should be selected, small in size, from varieties of white cabbage suitable for pickling and salting.

  • ordinary cabbage – 5 kg;
  • water – 6 liters;
  • Bulgarian red pepper (sweet) – 1 kg;
  • hot pepper – 400 g;
  • garlic – 400 g;
  • salt (without iodine) – 300 g

Cooking: chimney from white cabbage

  1. Following the recipe, cut the heads from the outer leaves together with the stalk into 6-8 equal parts. The stump will keep the leaves together during the brining.
  2. Place the cabbage pieces in the pan, tightly pressing them together.
  3. Pour 6 liters of water into a separate clean pan, boil and add salt to the water. 4 tablespoons of salt from the total amount of ingredients is left for further preparation of the sharp mixture.
  4. Pour the cabbage with boiling salty brine, put down the oppression and leave in this form for 3 days. On the third day, the pickle should grow cloudy, the cabbage will squash a little.
  5. Chop garlic, sweet pepper, hot pepper in a blender and add the rest of the salt, mix.
  6. Drain the brine from the cabbage, wash off the salt in cold water.
  7. Spread and coat the cabbage leaves with a fiery mixture, press the pieces together to return the lobules to their original shape. Spicy mixture with pepper is very hot, in order to avoid burns on the hands, it is necessary to grease the leaves with gloves.
  8. Sharpened slices are transferred to a clean dish, covered with a plate or upturned lid and firmly pressed with a load. Leave for 3-4 days at room temperature when closed. In the process of fermentation will make brine – cabbage should be under its layer.
  9. After the time has expired, we remove the homework in the cool time for storage or put it in glass jars and store it in the refrigerator.

Kimchi in Russian

Squirrels in Korea, China and immigrants from the Middle Kingdom, the countries of morning freshness, living on Sakhalin, consider Russian, perhaps, this is where the name of the Korean dish Kimchi in Russian originated.

Cooking white cabbage in Korean, kimchi recipe in Russian, is practically our sauerkraut salted for the winter home-style into Russian style, but only very sharp, stinging, with the addition of adzhika.

  • white cabbage – half fork (about 600 g);
  • home adzhika (the most burning) – 2

Simple cooking recipe

  1. Remove the top dirty leaves.
  2. We shred our cabbage with a thin straw with a sharp knife.
  3. We put chopped cabbage straw in a deep bowl, add salt and put it with her hands until she gives juice.
  4. Top with red adjika according to homemade recipe with hot red pepper, mix cabbage with adjika.
  5. Dissolve sugar in boiling water and add vinegar, we get marinade.
  6. Pour marinade for kimchi in a bowl with cabbage and adjika. Mix the salad, when pressing on the cabbage with a hand, the marinade should cover it.
  7. Cover the white cabbage kimchi with a lid or plate, leave it on a kitchen table for the night in a warm place.
  8. In the morning, we put Korean spicy pickled cabbage into clean glass jars and store them in a cool place.

Serve kimchi from white cabbage in winter (if the family does not eat before winter), as an independent salad, add to the side dishes of lean rice, fresh boiled buckwheat.

How to cook kimchi from white cabbage quickly

For the preparation of real Korean cabbage, it is better to use the cabbages with white leaves of the whitecart, they are richer than the green leaves, crunching harder and stronger in finished form.

A simple white cabbage kimchi recipe allows you to make a salad at home quickly and simply, with a taste close to the traditional Korean dish, but in an accelerated in time and simplified in labor-intensive way.

  • white stalker – 1 kg;
  • ground red hot pepper – 1

Any of the kimchi recipes for winter and fast cooking can be used at any time of the year, prepare these for post recipes, diversify the daily menu in the summer with a delicious and healthy Korean dish chimcha. Including white cabbage chim-chim in your diet, we get vitamins, fiber and easy to prepare, but excellent snack with a spicy taste.

White cabbage kimchi, recipes step by step

Although this oriental dish is made in the classic version of Beijing or Chinese cabbage, the white cabbage kimchi recipe also has a right to exist, and we have learned very well in Russian how to pickle such a tasty spicy Korean snack.

The best gloves to keep your hands warm

At its core, kimchi in Russian, that is, from white cabbage, is almost the same as our sauerkraut, only very spicy. Condiments to such cabbage are added a variety of, hot chili pepper, ginger, coriander, paprika, garlic, many others that make the taste more interesting and deeper.

I want to give a few recipes, they are all different, they differ not only in taste, but also, one may say, by purpose. You can cook kimchi or chimchi in the summer version, a little snack for meat dishes or for the holiday, and immediately eat. And you can thoroughly prepare for the winter and make the winter version of spicy cabbage, which will be safely stored all winter in your cellar, on the balcony or in the refrigerator.

White Cabbage Kimchi Recipes

For the summer option, you can take a young, early cabbage, even if the heads are not quite formed. For such a dish is quite suitable and green leaves, it will be even more interesting. For winter salting kimchi need late varieties of cabbage, of which we make sauerkraut or pickled cabbage. Of course, this will be done in the late autumn and then the volumes will be completely different, well, if you are lovers of the little ones.

What is the form of slicing white cabbage

I will tell you how I do it, because I have been making chim-chi for many years from both Peking and white cabbage. Tried a lot of options for recipes, but still there is no better classic, time-tested.

Taste depends on the shape of the cut in many ways. For example, for the summer version I like to chop cabbage with a special knife into thin “noodles”. Very nice then the dish looks along with the same thin carrot, and spice up faster.

By the usual recipe for kimchi, cabbage can be cut into large cubes, two to two centimeters, some generally cut the cabbages into four pieces and salt them. It is possible for the winter and to chop finely cabbage, but I honestly did not like it, after it has been lying for a long time, its crunch leaves.

White Cabbage Kimchi, Step by Step

We will take for this recipe:

  • One cabbage fork, bigger
  • Two liters of water
  • Half a large faceted glass of salt
  • Two heads of garlic
  • Chili Pepper Pod or Three Small Lights
  • Tea without top spoon of sugar

How to salt white cabbage kimchi:

As you understood from the ingredients, we will make kimchi for the winter. Late cabbage is usually small and large heads of cabbage weigh on the strength of 2-2.5 kg.

  1. Cut the head into four pieces.
  2. In the water dissolve the salt, just do not need to boil anything. Take salt without additives, regular cooking.
  3. We drop cabbage parts in the resulting brine, just so that everything is completely under water, choose a convenient container. In this form, leave the cabbage for twelve hours. I usually soak overnight.
  4. After salting, take out the cabbage and wash it.
  5. Cut into cubes, if you like, you can just make out the leaves.
  6. Make a sharp mixture, clean the garlic (if you are not a fan of spicy, you can reduce the dose by half). We drive the cloves through a press or a blender. Pepper is released from the seeds and also ground in a blender, add sugar, it is needed to enhance the taste. Add a little remaining brine, make a liquid mush.
  7. Put the chopped cabbage into a container that will not absorb odors, you can put it in an enamelled bucket or pan.
  8. Fill our spicy seasoning in cabbage and mix everything well, I do it with my hands, just wear gloves so as not to get burned by pepper.
  9. It remains to cover the cabbage with a dish or an inverted lid of a smaller diameter, on top I put a five-liter jar of water instead of oppression and tidy up the cabbage for a couple of days in a cool place. Then pack in jars and put the ready chim-chu in the fridge.

Chim Chim, recipe from white cabbage for the winter

We will prepare for the recipe:

  • Ten kilograms of white cabbage
  • Five liters of raw water
  • Two glasses of salt
  • A glass of ground chili pepper
  • Three hundred grams of garlic

Chime-chim white cabbage, cooking:

The best gloves to keep your hands warm

This is my favorite recipe, according to which I make both Korean cabbage from white and Peking. I immediately do a lot, because I just love spicy food, and then add chim chi to dumplings, minced meat, pies, salads.

For this recipe, I immediately disassemble the cabbage into pieces of paper, it turns out to be a big pile and they need to be poured completely with a brine (water with salt) to completely hide it. It is best to put the oppression on top of this. So the cabbage salted for about ten to twelve, then I wash everything, wash off the excess salt from the leaves.

Next, I make an “explosive mixture” of pepper and garlic. Garlic in such quantities faster scroll in a meat grinder. When she lived on Sakhalin, the Koreans on the market specifically sold flakes of red hot pepper. But you can grind it yourself with a blender or crush it in a mortar. The main thing is to do everything in gloves.

The mixture is ready, now every leaf of cabbage we coat with it and put into the dishes. Above we put oppression heavier, so that the juice that stands out hides the whole cabbage. so leave for two days in a cool place, in the autumn can be taken out on the balcony. Then lay out the banks or, if possible, store in large capacity.

Kimchi in Russian from white cabbage

What you need to take to prepare:

  • Kilo Fresh Cabbage
  • Medium carrot
  • Five cloves of garlic
  • Two tablespoons of soy sauce
  • A glass of water, three tablespoons without the top of a spoon of salt
  • Teaspoon sugar
  • Two tablespoons of crushed hot pepper
  • A tablespoon of paprika powder and roasted sesame seeds

This is a summer version, cooked quickly, the taste is a little different. For the winter in this recipe, I do not cabbage salt.

Shred head with small straws, as for pickling. We put in a comfortable dish and fill it with salt water, you can rammed so that the water hides the whole cabbage. Let forty minutes stand. Then drain the water, if slightly salty, then you can rinse.

Next, do the dressing, carrot rubbed on a Korean grater with straw, garlic we press, add soy sauce, sugar, pepper, paprika, sesame.

Fill the dressing in salted cabbage and mix. Leave for about three hours at room temperature, and then you can try the dish. The longer it infusions, the more expressive will be the taste.

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