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River walks of Moscow – prices and schedule

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Shipping company "Motor ship" offers tickets for trips on the Moscow River on modern ships with a varied program, exciting routes and various options for food. There are many exclusive offers on our website, and, of course, incredible discounts on tickets – up to 70%. To buy tickets You can go to a river walk in two ways – on our website online, by paying with a credit card over a secure connection (tickets arrive at the specified mail within a few minutes) and at the sales office (when buying from 10 bidets), which is located in the center of Moscow.

We have been on the river walks market since 2000.

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The number of river trips for 2019 is very large and, to make it easier for you to navigate, we have divided them into categories according to routes, program, duration, and other important characteristics. You can also use the service of quick selection of a walk on our website, choosing a date, time, option with meals or just a walk along the Moscow River without power.

Our shipping company offers you walks not only on classic ships, for example, the project "Moscow"but also the most modern panoramic motor ships, such as the flotilla "Radisson Royal", yacht Palma de Sochi, motor ship "River Palace"ship "Grace" and etc.

Select a river walk using the quick search or the menu on our website.

The best cruise on the Danube River

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River walks along the Moscow River: schedules, programs and prices

IC “Teplohod” works with individual clients and organized groups. We are pleased to select for you a walk, a suitable boat trip in accordance with the desired route, departure time, program and class of the ship. If necessary, we can offer you an individual program on one of the ships of our own recreational fleet.

The best cruise on the Danube River

Boat trip in Moscow in the center

The routes of these cruises are laid in the center of the capital. Moorings of departure and arrival, duration and length, the program, as well as the number of stops along the way may differ, with some covering the entire water area of ​​the Moscow River, others only part of it. But the distinctive feature of all the cruises in the center of Moscow are spectacular views with sights and unique architecture of the city.

River walks in the suburbs

The Moscow Region walks include routes in the south and north-west of Moscow, from Kolomna Park, Serebryannogo-Bor, Trinity-Lykov, Strogino and the Northern River Station. Their "zest" – beautiful countryside landscapes, with lots of coastal forests and groves, and some of them also suggest the passage of the gateway. Cruises in the Moscow region – the best holiday for those who want to admire nature and breathe the fresh air.

Dinner on the boat on the Moscow River

A boat trip on the Moskva River with dinner is perfect for a romantic dinner on a boat or relaxing with family and friends. Cruises on the boat with dinner are incredibly popular, and tickets for them are sold in a few days after publication. This is the best alternative to restaurants, allowing you to have a good time and try dishes prepared by professional chefs according to author’s recipes.

Walking along the Moscow River with a guided tour

Most often, a cruise with an excursion passes through the center of the capital,

River boat trips on the Moscow River with an entertainment program

Options for cruises in Moscow with entertainment is quite a lot. On the boat you can listen to live music, go to a disco or relax with your family for a walk with an animator and children’s entertainment program or go on a cruise to the Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery. River walks are also gaining popularity with watching fireworks from the boat on holidays – these are truly unforgettable impressions.

Boat trips on the Moscow River 2019 for groups

The shipping company “Teplokhod” specializes in organizing river walks along the Moscow River and under-flowing reservoirs for groups of at least 20 people. We will help you choose the right river perogulka, create an individual program, and, if necessary, charter a motor ship only for your event. We have many years of experience working with embassies, travel and excursion agencies, as well as other legal entities.

River walks in Moscow in the center

Visiting any of the walks in the center of Moscow, you can see all the main sights of the capital, such as the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the park "Charge", The Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Stalin’s skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment and much more. The routes in the center of Moscow are always a lot of impressions from spectacular views overboard and from the unique architecture of the city.

The motor ships plying on the center of Moscow depart:

  • From the pier "International Exhibition" the ship “Maestro” is sent daily, which makes a three-hour grand walk with dinner or lunch, as well as ships of the “Moscow” class with a varied on-board entertainment program and meals.
  • From the pier "Hotel Ukraine" with the route in the center of Moscow, the yachts, the ships of the Radisson Royal Flotilla, depart, another route starts from the “TsPKiO them. Gorky “
  • From the pier "Kiev railway station" Daily cruises without food or with dinner / lunch (optional) modern panoramic ships River Palace and Palma de Sochi, the route of which consists of passing all the most central sights of Moscow.
  • From the pier "Sparrow Hills “to the pier” Novospassky Bridge “daily cruise ships that perform the central walking route. Flights depart every 15 minutes with stops at all main berths: “TsPKiO them. Gorky “,” Crimean Bridge “,” Estrada Theater “,” Bolshoi Ustyinsky Bridge “,” Novospassky Bridge “.
  • From the pier "St. Andrew’s Monastery" modern catamarans Snegiri are sent in the center, the duration of such walks is an hour and a half with a turn at the Moscow Kremlin and following back to the Andreyevsky Monastery pier.
  • From the pier "Ustyinsky bridge"which is located in close proximity to the Zaryadye park and the Zaryadye wharf, which is just being commissioned. Berth “Big Ustyinsky Bridge” is one of the most popular central marinas, as it is located within walking distance from the metro station “China City” and not far from the main attraction of our Capital – the Moscow Kremlin. The route passes through the very center, with a turn at the Sparrow Hills or near Moscow City, depending on the type of walk. There are a lot of flights from this pier: An ordinary walk without meals or a walk with lunch or dinner, with a guide, a grand walk (lasting 3 hours), and for the little ones – a walk with animation.
  • From the pier "Novospassky bridge" located 10 minutes walk from the metro station “Proletarskaya”, near the House on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment. From this pier, the ships of the class “Moscow” and “OM” go to the flights. The central walking route passes through the very center of Moscow, with stops at the moorings of the Bolshaya Ustyinsky Bridge, Estrada Theater, Krymsky Bridge, TsPKiO them. Gorky. The average walking time is 2 hours. Also from the pier “Novospassky Bridge” you can buy tickets for flights with a guide, dinner or lunch or various entertainment programs – disco, live music and

Before proceeding to the payment we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all offers. This will allow you to choose the most appropriate option for a boat trip on the Moscow River 2019. And if for some reason you did not manage to find what you want, do not despair, and come back to us after some time. The industry of walks does not stand still and regularly offers something new, interesting, extraordinary. The company “The ship” “keeps his hand” on the pulse and that is why our customers can try all the new items among the first. We are waiting for you . Come to us and share your favorite walks on social networks.

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