The best beaches of Europe

30 most interesting copyright programs

Fascinating “tourist assorted”: the most famous sights and beauties of the nature of Cyprus.

from 30 €

By cities

Sightseeing tours of the ancient cities of Cyprus.

from 35 €

Cyprus Shrines

Pilgrimage tours of the legendary temples and monasteries with a guide theologian.

from 30 €

Masterpieces of nature

The most picturesque places of Cyprus

from 30 €

Cuisine, culture and traditions

This is a Cypriot cuisine. Winemaking. Farms

from 35 €

Adventure. Creation. The lessons of history.

from 35 €

To Northern Cyprus

Journey to the romantic Middle Ages. Served with incredible landscapes. Seasoned with a special taste of Turkish cuisine.

from 35 €

Popular science

Story. Architecture. Art.

Active excursions in nature

Active acquaintance with Cyprus “step by step”. Excursions in the format of hikes and walks.

from 40 €

Unusual routes

Little known sights and special places of power.

from 40 €

Most Popular

Sightseeing tours of southern Cyprus

Ideal tour

Corporate "Ideal" KiprGuru route: the most complete picture of Cyprus, its culture and customs, nature and landscapes, history and modernity.

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

Heart of cyprus

The best tour in Cyprus! Travel to the Troodos Mountains in the Shrines of Cyprus, and, of course, to the Sacred Monastery of Kykkos. The route is full of sights.

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

Cyprus for 10 hours

Expanded excursion program for hardy and active travelers. Assorted of the most famous sights of Cyprus.

from 50 € per person 10-11 hours

Aphrodite and Paphos

Travel to the history of the ancient city-states of Cyprus. Historical and architectural monuments of antiquity. And of course the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite!

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

Sightseeing Tours of Northern Cyprus

Grand Tour of Northern Cyprus

Great trip to the most famous sights of Northern Cyprus. Excursion to the Middle Ages, Crusades, High Gothic, the confrontation of Europe and the Ottoman Empire.

from 50 € per person 10-11 hours

Northern Cyprus: Part 1

The tour passes through the stunning monumentality of the fortress and castles, built in Cyprus in the Byzantine period, and then rebuilt in the medieval period by the Franks and Venetians.

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

Northern Cyprus: Part 2

Incredibly beautiful trip to the mountain castle of Kantara and the picturesque national park of Karpas. Also it is planned to visit ancient Salamis and Famagusta.

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

Famagusta and the ancient Salamis

The most affordable excursion to Northern Cyprus! In half a day, you will not only visit another country, but take a trip to several historical eras.

From 35 € per person 5 hours

Trips to the shrines of Cyprus

Author excursions accompanied by guides theologians

Healing path

This excursion in just 1 day will open the way for you to the most revered temples of holy healers. You will touch the most famous and powerful miraculous shrines of Cyprus.

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

7 Larnaca Shrines

Pilgrimage journey through the oldest and most important churches of the era of the formation of Christianity. From the Great Roman Empire to our days.

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

Troodos mountain monasteries

Journey through the Holy Land to the famous ancient monasteries of Cyprus and legendary relics. This is the place where legends still live and miracles are performed.

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

East pilgrim way

Half day excursion to the holy places of the coast of Cyprus. Extremely interesting "non-touristic" route along the revered pilgrims to churches and monasteries.

from 30 € per person 5 hours

Excursions for nature lovers

The best naturalistic routes: walking trials in the Troodos Mountains, walks through the national parks of Kavo Greco and Karpasia, the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus, surf caves, relict forests, all the diversity of the nature of Cyprus!

Real Troodos

The most beautiful naturalistic route in mountainous Cyprus. All the best views of Troodos: waterfalls, mountain peaks, relict forests, old mountain villages and ancient monuments. Suitable for children.

from 50 € per person 9-10 hours

7 wonders of Ayia Napa

Half a day of happiness and wonderful views! Journey through the exotic natural monuments of the Cavo Greco National Park. Explore the places with illustrations of booklets and guidebooks!

from 30 € per person 5 hours

The best beaches of Cyprus

For lovers of the beautiful and diverse coast! Unlike each other, famous and little-known, resort and wild, but in general the most interesting and beautiful beaches of Cyprus. Suitable for romantics, photographers and all the rest.

The best beaches of Europe

from 40 € per person 8-9 hours

A day in the mountains of Cyprus

Peace and harmony give majestic mountains, if you enjoy them without haste and bustle. If you like mountains, find inspiration and comfort in them – be sure to go to Troodos!

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