The best beach resorts for children

Spain boasts a huge number of places for recreation for every taste. There is a place for beach, and thermal, and even ski resorts! As part of this note, we will try to present the ranking of the best resorts in Spain: succinctly and as objectively as possible.

Top 10 best beach resorts in Spain

Most of us love Spain for two reasons – it’s warm here and there is an opportunity to lie on the shores of the Mediterranean. Coupled with good service and plenty of attractions, the best Spanish resorts are beach ones, so let’s start with them.

  1. Ibiza is the hottest place for a beach holiday in all of Spain. The holiday season begins in May and ends in early November. The most popular beaches are Benirass, Talamanca and Santa Eulalia. Favorite vacation spot for young people;
  2. Mallorca is another representative of the hot Balearic Islands, occupying the top positions in the degree of tourism development on the Mediterranean coast. Here are collected legendary sights such as the Underground Lake, ancient cathedrals and Dragon Caves. Dozens of sandy beaches are suitable for recreation for young people and couples;
  3. Tenerife – one of the Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean. Weather conditions provide an opportunity year-round beach holiday. The golden sands of the island lure couples and crowds of young people;
  4. Costa del Sol – a cozy resort, located in the south of Spain in the province of Malaga. The total length of the beaches is about 300 kilometers. Here are located luxury hotels, cozy cafes and restaurants, tourists are offered dozens of excursion programs to explore Spain. The best places on the coast are Marbella, Passo Maritimo and the port of Puerto Banus;
  5. Costa Blanca is another tourist center for a beach holiday in Spain, located in the province of Alicante. Vacationers can be content with 212 kilometers of velvety sandy beaches. The White Coast of the Costa Blanca became the country’s record holder in the number of beaches;
  6. Costa Brava is the northernmost beach holiday region, which affects the tourist season – it is relatively small, July-September. The most popular city is Lloret de Mar, and its beaches are considered the cleanest in Europe. An ideal place to stay with children;
  7. San Sebastian – one of the most amazing resort cities in Spain, thanks to the presence of the sea coast and the river. Located in the Bay of Biscay. A huge number of beaches have their own unique features, as they consist not only of sand, but also of whole shells. It is here that the color of the sea becomes pale turquoise, which will always attract tourists;
  8. Costa Dorada – the golden coast of Spain, the Mediterranean coast, the pearl of south-eastern Spain. It takes 216 kilometers of sandy coast. The mild climate and warm water create all conditions for any type of recreation, here you can dive with an aqualung or do active water sports, as well as plenty to lie on the beach;
  9. Costa Tropical – one of the southernmost points of the Spanish coast, the province of Granada. Features of the location allow tourists almost all year round to enjoy the pleasures of a beach holiday. All kinds of water activities, an abundance of water parks and a high level of service, as well as close proximity to the cultural attractions of the country;
  10. Benidorm – the so-called Las Vegas Spain. It is considered the most modern Spanish resort with the warmest sea. The beaches of Benidorm are among the best in Spain in many respects. Among them are Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente. The resort is very popular among young people.

Maybe someone does not agree with the sequence of resorts in our ranking. Nevertheless, these are the best resorts in Spain, if we consider only beach places to relax.

The best beach resorts for children

TOP 7 popular Spanish thermal spas

Spain is one of the best health resorts, due to the abundance of thermal springs, there are more than a hundred of them here. We present to your attention the 7 best thermal spas.

La Garriga is a famous thermal resort, which is located 35 kilometers from Barcelona. Hot springs (56 ° C) of local thermal waters are actively used for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for carrying out various cosmetic procedures;

Archena is a popular place due to a wide choice of medical and health-improving procedures at quite reasonable prices. Hot waters of local thermal springs (52 ° C) are used in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, and relaxing anti-stress programs are also a success. In addition, they provide treatment for rheumatism and neurosis, recovery from injuries and elimination of dermatological diseases;

The best beach resorts for children

Caldes de Montbui – one of the oldest thermal springs, located in the vicinity of Barcelona. Here the temperature maximum of thermal waters is observed – 74 ° С. The resort is known for its rejuvenating properties and special success in the treatment of respiratory diseases and rheumatism;

Panticos is a thermal spring in the province of Huesco in the Pyrenees, which was used during the reign of Julius Caesar. Water temperature ranges from 26 to 31 ° C. They treat the digestive and respiratory systems;

Valencia is a thermal resort located in the town of the same name. The temperature of thermal waters varies from summer to winter. Here you are provided with high-class treatment and a variety of cosmetic procedures, special attention is paid to rejuvenation;

Costa del Sol – the resort is located in Malaga, was opened in the 14th century. Cosmetic services, vitamin complexes and amazing underwater massage are provided. Water temperature – 24 ° С;

Costa Brava is a unique thermal source of the city of Blanes, the thermal waters of which successfully treat dental diseases, normalize metabolism and eliminate rheumatism (42 ° C)

If you really want to improve your health, consult with your doctor and choose the best Spanish thermal spa for your case – you will not regret!

TOP 10 ski resorts

Many people are surprised when they learn that Spain has its own ski resorts. By the way, they are very popular not only among beginners, but also with real pros. We present you our small rating of the best Spanish ski resorts.

  1. Sierra Nevada is the highest ski resort in Spain, located in the southwestern part of the country. It is a favorite place for skating popular stars, government officials and lovers of noisy vacations. The high cost of holidays in Sierra Nevada is fully justified by the availability of luxury hotels and high-quality service. 62 km of pistes is more than enough for skiers with different levels of skills;
  2. Baqueira-Beret is another star place located in the heart of the Pyrenees. 77 km of trails of various levels of complexity, landscapes like alpine and developed infrastructure make it a universal resort for holidaymakers of any age categories and preferences;
  3. Port del Compte is located in the eastern part of the Pyrenees and has about 12 km of pistes with a perfect snow cover. The resort is perfect for sports skiing and has a huge number of ski schools with professional instructors. Excellent conditions for family holidays with children;
  4. Panticosa-Los Lagos – the western part of the Pyrenees, the Tena valley near Panticosa. 34 km of trails of various levels of complexity provide maximum comfort to all travelers. Hotels and restaurants with a high level of service, a wide range of entertainment for adults and children. Considered the best resort in the region;
  5. Aramon Valderinale – located in Maestrasgo Baho district in the Iberian mountain range. Cozy comfortable place for a family holiday. 10 kilometers of groomed trails. The resort received the highest award for its high level of service and quality of accommodation;
  6. Espolit-Esqui – not far from Lake San Mauriko in the Catalan Pyrenees. The total length of the tracks is about 32 kilometers, the tracks are designed for different categories of skiers. Best suited for a quiet family holiday;
  7. La Sierra de Cadí – La Molina district in the Catalan Pyrenees. There are no more than 10 kilometers of tracks. Special attention is given to the entertainment network and traditional cuisine of the region. A popular holiday destination at any time, as in the summer season there are numerous sections of mountain biking and climbing;
  8. Aramont-Curler – located in the Benasque Valley in the Pyrenees. There are more than 63 kilometers of tracks, most of which are reserved for professional descents. A paradise for professional skiers and athletes. Pretty expensive resort. There is a huge number of sporting events. High level of comfort in the apartments and excellent service, for which the resort received more than one award;
  9. La Mazella is located in the La Gerdanes area, the total length of the tracks is about 27 kilometers. There are both professional tracks and a series of slopes for beginners. An abundance of sports facilities and playgrounds can provide an unforgettable vacation for athletes and their families;
  10. Manzaneda – the resort is located in the middle of the Sierra Quays mountain range, east of Pontevedra. The length of the ski slopes does not exceed 16 kilometers. The small heights of the slopes make it an ideal place for beginner skiers. The choice of off-piste entertainment is impressive: go-karting, tennis, swimming pools, sports centers, a park area and much more. Favorite place for local people

Instead of conclusion

Great resorts for any type of holiday in Spain are really very many. Here everyone can find something to their liking. We hope that our rating will somehow help you with a difficult choice!

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