Swimming pigs

These pigs can envy every inhabitant of the planet! They captured a desert island in the Bahamas and swim in the ocean every day! Where to go for the weekend invites you to the Island of Pigs, which used to be known as Big Major Island.

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Among the excursions offered to tourists in the Bahamas, the most popular was a sea voyage to the shores of the island of Big Major Cay of the Exuma Archipelago. Among tourists and travelers Big Major Cay is better known by another name – Pig Island.

On the western beach of the uninhabited island of Big Major Kay there is a population of wild pigs, there are several dozen of them, along with piglets. Thanks to these animals, the island got its second, but now more well-known name Pig Island (Isle of Pigs), and the beach where cute pigs live is known as Pig Beach (Beach Pigs)

Pigs captured the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay in the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean and learned to swim!

Big Major Island in the Bahamas was inhabited by wild pigs, but they are very friendly and welcome guests on their island. Seeing a boat or yacht sailing to their island, pigs happily swim to the meeting, they are accustomed that people treat them with different goodies.

How pigs on the island became waterfowl

Having found pigs on the island, the local people began to feed the animals, they quickly got used to it, and seeing people approaching the island, we began to approach them deeper and deeper into the water, so the pigs became waterfowl.

Some pigs are not afraid and try to get on board asking for a treat.

How pigs hit the island of Big Major Cay

The origin of the pigs on the island is not exactly known, there are several versions:

“Pigs were brought to the island as pirates as food supplies, but something interfered with their plans, the pirates did not return to the island for pigs, but they adapted to the new conditions of life and began to multiply;

– The pigs on the island were the result of a shipwreck of a vessel that happened near the island. The ship crashed on the reefs, and the pigs managed to swim to the island and established their colony here;

– Pigs were brought to the island, intending to attract tourists. Indeed, in the Bahamas, many fashionable hotels and this version may well be believable.

“Pigs were brought to the island by farmers and herders from a neighboring island, where the locals were unhappy with the smell of cattle farms.

Whatever the reasons, the island of Big Major Cay has now become better known as the Island of Pigs.

On the island of Big Major Kay, pigs have no natural enemies and they feel wonderful here, pigs breed and, which is quite unusual for these animals, they have learned to swim. Even very small pigs boldly go to the water to swim. The larger neighboring islands protect the Island of Pigs from the effects of tropical storms, which creates ideal conditions for pigs to live on a small uninhabited island.

Swimming pigs

Unlike domestic pigs, these pigs, thanks to regular bathing in the Caribbean, are clean and very cute and easily agree to take part in photo shoots with tourists.

Swimming with pigs has become even more popular entertainment in the Bahamas than traditional swimming with dolphins, many resorts offer the latest entertainment, but swimming pigs are only available in the Bahamas.

Locals sail to the island to feed pigs when tourists become less, because the Island of Pigs has become a famous attraction attracting many tourists.

The Island of Pigs and its inhabitants gained worldwide popularity in 2009 thanks to underwater photographer Eric Cheng.

Our expedition went to the southern Bahamas to photograph a white shark. Captain Jim Abernathy said that wonderful piglets live on one island, so we decided to go there and look at them. We even managed to swim with them, they behaved very friendly – it is immediately noticeable that they are not in contact with people for the first time and do it without fear and even with pleasure.

Erik and his friends had a great time on Big Major Island in the company of pigs and took a series of photos that made this place famous all over the world.

Pig Island Big Major Kay Bahamas photo by Eric Cheng

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