Suitcase bag for clothes

The main activities of LLC “DILMED-2000” – production, sale, supply of medical equipment and medical products for disaster medicine, for the elimination of medical consequences of emergency situations, the provision of special medical units, emergency and emergency medical units, rescue units, civil defense units, sanitary teams, medical institutions, hospitals, dispensaries.

Suitcase bag for clothes

The list of goods produced includes:

  • kits for emergency and emergency medical care,
  • General Practitioner Recruitment
  • medical bags
  • bags medically by individual orders for electrocardiographs, defibliratryor, etc.
  • medical unloading vests,
  • means of immobilization and movement of patients,
  • wire tires,
  • folding tires,
  • bucket stretchers,
  • spinal stretcher X-ray negative,
  • stretcher in 2 additions (chair),
  • bus collars
  • single-use spatula,
  • set of sorting marks,
  • thermal containers with heat-insulation with heating and on cold-elements for transportation and storage of infusion solutions,
  • as well as the production of sterile and non-sterile disposable medical clothing (obstetric kits, surgical kits, caps, sleeves, boot covers, aprons, sheets, gowns, etc.)

DILMED-2000 supplies medical equipment and medical products manufacturers with a worldwide reputation:

You can see the medical equipment of the German company KaWe in the company shop at the address: Minsk, ul. Leshchinsky,

We render services in registration of internal and external furniture of rooms:

  • information stands,
  • concept development and production of stands on the history of the enterprise and museums
  • billboards,
  • stand “one window”
  • signs, signs,
  • schemes and plans of territories
  • Corner of labor protection
  • safety corner
  • health corner
  • logos,
  • emblems,
  • coats of arms
  • partitions and screens for physiotherapeutic and procedure procedures.

Carry full color

wide format printing on roll media and paper.

High quality images made on a Japanese printing machine Roland Versa Art RS-640, satisfies even the most demanding customers.

The applied images perfectly adhere to the self-adhesive film, vinyl, PVC and are adapted for outdoor placement.

Telephones for information: (+375 17) 254-33-88, 254-27-54.

Gifts for doctors

Every person at least once faced with a situation where you just need to thank the doctor for the attentive and sensitive attitude, for good advice or just to please a loved one who chose a profession that is so necessary for humanity.

One should not forget that there are many holidays (February 23, March 8, Day of the Medical Worker, Day of the Nurse, New Year, Birthday, Day of Graduation of the University), when it is customary to give gifts.

Today it is not a problem!

After all, you can present a useful gift, which for many years will help the doctor in their professional activities. Be sure that experts will highly appreciate your token!

We recommend to pay attention to the following products in the KaWe company shop:

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