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In January 2015 in London, finally opened Sky garden – long-awaited park. More precisely the gardens. Or public space. Or an observation deck. For the second day, Londoners (or rather, journalists) are trying to find the right name for this place. The fact is that the city was promised a “public park”. Such a large building in the middle of historic London was allowed to be built on the condition that there will be a small park on its roof, into which everyone can get. And for free. Before I went there, I’ve been reading for some reason on Twitter the whiners who said that everything was bad, because they don’t go to the park by appointment or with a passport. And that the trees there is not enough. And that the city is not visible. Therefore came with expectations at the level of plinth. In fact, everything turned out to be very personal. 8 out of 10 with the potential for all 9 out of 10 coming soon. Especially for you – a review of Sky Garden, the newest London entertainment with 18 sunny photos :)

Sky Garden observation deck and gardens in London

Sky Garden are located at 20 Fenchurch Street. That is, in the heart of the City. Behind the dragons and two steps from the Tower and Tower Bridge. On the north bank of the Thames – directly opposite the Shard. I often tell about this skyscraper on my walks – this is a legendary building that melted cars. Because of the shape of the Walkie Talkie building (that is, the walkie-talkie), the sun’s rays were concentrated on one of the parking spaces and literally burned through the plastic parts of the machines. Now they have all repaired and redid it, but for a long time one of the walls of the building was tightened with one big stocking :)

When you rise, impressive scope. On floors 35-37 you will find space the size of a football field. From all sides and on top – glass, so everything is flooded with light. I was there on a sunny morning, so it was especially light.

The place looks quite futuristic, but at the same time – quite humane. Especially when you consider that it is literally the second or third day open to the public. I think that over time they will experiment with interiors, flowers, tables and it will be even better.

The part that looks north, for example, is a bit empty. There may be a feeling of the airport. Hope this is temporary.

I do not understand anything in the gardens, but what is in the Sky Garden is ok. This, of course, is not Kensington Roof Garden, but there, already 80 years old, everything is growing and developing. Palm trees, buds and other green plants that slightly balance the sterility of modern architecture.

Street art tour london

When I first entered, the glare on the glass again made me fall. The view is excellent, but as in Shard (the skyscraper on the other side of the Thames and another observation deck of the city) is very difficult to shoot.

But honestly, I was upset early. We must literally walk 50 meters to the other side of the building, hide in the shadow of the restaurant – and no glare. City and Westminster in all its glory. If you look closely, even the Wembley stadium is visible (just to the right of BT Tower).

Special thanks to the designers for the shops. Again – a big plus when compared with Shard. There is only the sensation of a glass box with made-up floors. And here you can easily sit, relax, throw things.

Restaurants and cafes on the top of the skyscraper in London

On the middle level of Sky Garden there is a restaurant Fenchurch Sea Food Bar & Grill It is still empty (at least in the morning it was). Prices there are from 18 to 42 pounds for the main course, which for the top of a skyscraper is approx. Not cheap, of course, but standard. Interiors modern, of course :)

Now, having just rummaged on the site, I realized that I had missed another restaurant – Darwin. He is also not cheap.

And now – the surprise of the year. The best views you will get in the most democratic place – the so-called Sky Pod. This is probably the most democratic restaurant of those that happens on viewing platforms. At least in London. View from above:

They need to order at the bar. The menu is minimalist, but the prices are really pleasantly surprised.

I was with my wife. They took a latte, cappuccino, granola and croissant. The coffee is very good.

It all cost us

Here I must say that they have a lot of things that still work very crookedly.

The guys are trying, but no one yet knows the system, so I stood about 10 minutes, despite the fact that there was one person in front of me. Bartenders are all glasses, because the sun is right in their eyes all day.

While drinking coffee, they watched the top climbers running around the roof with sealants. Apparently, many more cracks need to be caulked. Even inside the guys are constantly walking in reflective vests. At some point, the gardener was walking with a shovel :) But what is the most fun – go back, go to the site and wait for the elevator. In the ear ringing whistling alarm. Then the guard takes a plastic card, pushes it into the slot of the elevator closed doors, literally pushes the doors a few millimeters and … the squeak disappears. Then suddenly you realize that this was not a siren, but a whistling wind.

Already before our departure, the sky was sucked in clouds and inside it became noticeably colder. Greens began to look a little more dull, and the space itself became a bit sterile-airport. It would be interesting to look at it at nightfall. It seems to me that the most winning option is just in the morning, while the sun is in the south.

In March, they still promise to open the terrace. At this stage there is no grid. It would be cool if we could do without it.

Street art tour london

Technical points. Inside you can not shoot with a tripod (even with a stick), but there are a lot of places where you can attach, lean the camera. And few people. They missed us with a big stroller, even though it was written in the tickets that they could ask to be left below.

Instead of conclusion

If to sum up, then 8 out of 10 will get Sky Garden. When they have all the holes patched, and the waiters learn to use the systems, it will generally be 9 out of 10. In any case, this is better than Shard. Yes, and for free.

Address: 20 Fenchurch St, EC3M 3BY.

Nearest metro stations: Bank, Aldgate, Tower Hill, Monument.

Opening hours: Mon to Fri with

Cost of: free of charge, but by prior reservation online. Book now at Sky Garden.

UPD. How to get at the last moment. At the last moment, you can almost always get to Sky Garden by booking a table at Sky Pod cafe. There you can really drink good coffee for 2-3 pounds, and then proceed with the whole Sky Garden :) Book here.

Important points: At the entrance you will need to show the photo ID. Tripod can not be carried.

Thank you for reading to the end. Now you are simply obliged to join my walking tours around London :)) I conduct excursions in Russian at least 6 times a week. Showing a non-tourist, modern and real city for just 15 pounds.

Individually, it costs 150 pounds for a walk – for this money I will be with you for 3 unforgettable hours :) To arrange a private tour, I need to write to kp @

Thank you so much for the story! I adore such places in general, but in big cities this is very profitable and they break the price pretty much, as tourists will go anyway! I was very surprised when I saw that for free! I really hope that in 2-3 years there will be no payment and a lot of souvenir shops. As for the species: I think on a cloudy day there will be very sad and sad there. But when the sun and sunset meet – the most it! To my shame about Shard in general, I heard for the first time!

Shard is just a tourist trap. It costs £ 25, and the pleasure you get pounds on 5 from strength. I was recently at the top of the BT tower and realized that it was too high (like at Shard) – it’s nothing at all. The city below is flat. Much more fun to be lower. Well, you need to know what you are looking at. In Sharda empty and sad. And there is no sense of completeness. But at least a cafe :)

I am in London, probably above the Monument and Art. Paul was not =) Next time I will definitely say in Sky Garden, I really want to see.

You book it immediately, as the dates of arrival will be known. There literally a few months in advance is necessary.

Street art tour london

Sure to! Thanks for the advice! =)

When you take off through the glare glass – as much as possible with the lens in it – it helps :)

OK. Like and did :)

Uhhh, places already snapped up until March. This is London, baby ……. I still can’t get used to that nothing good is just not given here. :)

On London’s open day, we managed to visit the Cucumber – there is also an excellent viewing platform, although it is clearly not as remarkable as these Gardens.

Yeah, you can not yawn :)

On Shard is better to climb for free – in a restaurant. There is a wonderful view (literally a couple of floors lower than the observation deck) and delicious hot chocolate (for me. And whoever wants, he can have dinner). There is only one restriction: do not let in sports shoes.

What restaurant are you talking about? There are a lot of them there :) If you talk about the Gong cocktail bar on the 52nd floor, then it’s stated on their website that you need to spend at least 30 pounds per person. The rest seems to be much lower.

Good day! When booking a table in sky pod reservation conditions appear: Restaurant reservations at Sky Garden. In the instance of a no-show or cancellation less than 48 hours, in advance

25 pounds is a deposit that will be taken from you if you do not show up or cancel your reservation within 48 hours.

Thank you for the clarification! :)

Fine! Thank you. I’ll try in the evening to book a table at the beginning of December in this cafe. What other advice you can give, not scary there at the height, the head of the spouse is not spinning. I will be alone, therefore I ask. Glad to have found your page. Yaroslavl.

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