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It is worth talking about the Caribbean islands and thoughts of the sun, the sea and the sand immediately come to mind. The relaxed rhythm of life allows you to enjoy a glass or another of your favorite cocktail, sitting under a coconut palm tree and feeling on your face the light breath of the ocean breeze. It is likely that this place – a branch of heaven on earth. And since you are already in paradise, it’s time to enjoy the rest to the fullest, choosing for this an elegant, first-class resort. Naturally, it will cost a lot of money, but why risk ruining your vacation by staying in a cheap, run-down hotel? Below is a list of the ten most elite resorts on the Caribbean coast.

The best resorts of the Caribbean

10. “Sandy Lane”, Mr. St. James, Fr. Barbados

Stars and other famous personalities consider Sandy Lane their safe haven. The resort offers more than a hundred hotel rooms and a five-room villa. Near the coast is a coral reef of wonderful beauty called “Little Sandy Lane”. The main representatives of the marine fauna in this part of the Caribbean are barracudas and lobsters.

The hotel has three golf courses – probably, this is what prompted Tiger Woods, a famous American golfer, to rent the entire resort to spend a honeymoon here with Elin Nordegren. Unfortunately, the couple did not visit this place often enough. But the stylish and romantic atmosphere of Sandy Lane could help preserve their marriage.

9. Hotel Maroma, Mexico

Vacation in Mexico. Surely, you will immediately think about Acapulco or Cancun. And about the crowds of tourists who scurry through their streets day and night long. But only 50 kilometers away is the quiet and cozy town of Maroma. The eponymous hotel offers 36 rooms, which means it is never too crowded here.

8. “Ritz Carlton St. Thomas”, US Virgin Islands

Resort “Ritz Carlton St. Thomas” in the Virgin Islands is located at 60.7 thousand square meters. m of beautifully landscaped land, and the island of St. Thomas offers amazing landscapes. Due to the elegance and sophistication of this place, 152 hotel rooms are in great demand. Living in a luxurious setting of a superbly equipped hotel, you will become much closer to nature.

7. “Atlantis”, Fr. Paradise, Bahamas

They say that about 11 thousand years ago, the majestic city of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea, leaving no trace of its existence. The same name was taken by one of the resorts in the Bahamas, boasting beautiful sandy beaches and offering all the conditions for practicing any kind of water sports. Here you can also make a “jump into the unknown” – descend from a water slide 18 meters high directly into the resort’s main pool. The resort is located on Paradise Island, which in itself speaks of the wonderfulness of this place.

6. Turks and Caicos Resort, Fr. Providence

Turks and Caicos Islands is a string of eight islands in the Caribbean archipelago, located about 600 miles from the coast of Miami and surrounded by numerous coral reefs. This place is very popular with stars, so you should not be surprised if you accidentally stumble upon someone very famous. Go on about. Providence and rent a room in Turks and Caicos – your vacation is guaranteed to be enjoyable and full of entertainment.

5. “Canil Bay”, Fr. St. John, US Virgin Islands

Elite of this island is off scale. It is worth mentioning that even the Rockefellers loved to spend the weekend here with the whole family. The island is covered with lush greenery, real tropical jungle. With “Canilla Bay” your stay on the island will leave an unforgettable impression. The hotel offers 166 charming rooms, a huge spa and wellness complex and three restaurants. Tennis lovers will be delighted with the modern sites offered by the resort.

St. Thomas Resort

4. Resort “Parrot Cay” on the same island

There are simply resorts, and there are resorts that allow guests to relax in privacy. In the Caribbean there are many outstanding places of rest, each of which can offer amenities and luxury of the highest level. Sometimes the only way for a hotel to be different is to provide the guest with exclusive service and privacy, as Parrot Cay does. Its exclusivity knows no bounds. A small boat is the only way to get to a luxurious five-star resort. Only a few people can visit this place at the same time. Luxurious, secluded, inimitable – it’s all about the resort “Parrot Cay.”

St. Thomas Resort

3. “Little Dix Bay”, about. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Not far from the coast of Puerto Rico is located on. Virgin Gorda area of ​​slightly more than 20 square meters. km The island is sinking in lush greenery, offering amazing views of the bay. In the center of this rampage is located “Little Dicks Bay” – a huge resort offering the best entertainment of the mountain and underwater worlds. The resort has hiking trails of various difficulty levels that will suit everyone – from beginners to experienced backpackers. If you prefer to dive under the water, here there are some wonderful places for diving.

St. Thomas Resort

2. Hyatt Regency, Fr. Aruba, Netherlands Antilles

Aruba Island is located near the coast of Venezuela (South America). Its peculiarity is the unique combination of Dutch, Spanish and Caribbean culture. The Hyatt Regency resort combined with the casino will immerse you in the refined and relaxed atmosphere provided by round-the-clock entertainment and courtesy of trained personnel.

1. Four Seasons Resort, Fr. Nevis, West Indies

Have you ever heard of the famous rating of hotels, where the rating is measured in diamonds? All luxury hotels in the most expensive cities in the world strive for the “5 diamonds” indicator. The Four Seasons Resort (English Four Seasons), located on the tiny island of Nevis in the West Indian Archipelago, deserved this high award, although it is located almost at the very edge of the world. The level of service here is incomparable, which will make your vacation on the shores of the Caribbean truly divine. Nevis Island is located just a couple of kilometers from the rest of the islands of the West Indies archipelago, but has a unique charm – as if you are immersed in a completely different world.

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