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Celebrities, born February 15

Born February 15 famous people

  • Sharpe David is a UK climber.
  • Buchanan-Hamilton Francis – a botanist of Scotland, a biologist.
  • Berdy Muradovich Tachmuradov – USSR geologist.
  • Belenko Viktor Ivanovich – Soviet pilot.
  • Kawashima Itaru is a Japanese literary scholar.
  • Venyaläinen Kati – skier at the 1998 Winter Olympics.
  • Yiruma is a South Korean pianist.
  • Loketek Jozef – anti-communist, Polish politician, revolutionary, socialist, chemist.
  • Leonid Leonidovich Ierikhonov – screenwriter of the USSR.
  • Kubo Ryugo is a 20th century physicist.
  • Ruel Iler Marin – chemist of France.
  • Also: Padham Hugh, Rogers Bryan, Steinweg Heinrich Engelhard, Ernie Barbara.

February 15 povilis the light

  • Abaydulov Gali Myagazovich – ballet dancer of the XX century, choreographer, actor.
  • Mine Eken is a voice actor in Japan.
  • Morozov Ivan Ivanovich – actor of Russia.
  • Nal Anatoly Mironovich – a poet of the XX century, actor, translator.
  • Salnikov Vladimir Alexandrovich – actor of the XX century.
  • Valery Solovyov – actor of the XX century.


  • Hlavka Josef – patron of the Czech Republic, architect of Prague.
  • Gontskevich Evgeny Iosifovich – the architect of St. Petersburg.
  • Ulkin Boris Grigorievich – architect of Moscow.
  • John Ho Sop is a wrestler at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
  • Purevzhavyn Onorbat – a wrestler of Mongolia.
  • Duby Jean Etienne – Mycologist of Switzerland, botanist, theologian.
  • Olney Steven Thayer – US botanist.
  • Fournier Eugène Pierre Nicolas is a botanist of France.
  • Heimerle Anton is a botanist of Austria.
  • Belling Wilhelm Sebastian von – General of Prussia.
  • Ivan Y. Svyda – Army General of Ukraine.
  • Basili Konstantin Mikhailovich – diplomat of the Russian Empire, orientalist.
  • Vladimir Petrov – Diplomat of the USSR.
  • Faber Gotgilf Theodor – diplomat of the XIX century, teacher, publicist.
  • Gerasim – Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
  • Seraphim – Bishop of the Georgian Orthodox Church.
  • Sergius is the Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Simeon – Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church.


  • Aubert Jean-Louis is a French journalist.
  • Timchenko Viktor Vasilyevich – journalist of the USSR.
  • Gudvan Abram Moiseevich – historian of the Russian Empire, a journalist.
  • Rousse Camill Felix Michel is a French historian.


  • Mahmalbaf Samira – film director of Iran.
  • Alexander Sukhochev – film director of Russia.

The communists

  • Bernard Zeno is a Communist of Luxembourg, a revolutionary.
  • Graiser Albin – a scout of World War II, a communist of Slovenia.
  • Miura Tsutomu is a Japanese communist, philosopher, linguist, Marxist.
  • Steinberger Adolf – Communist of Croatia.


  • Jacobs Charles – US pole vaulter, athlete at the 1908 Summer Olympics.
  • Rzhischin Semen Ivanovich – athlete at the Summer Olympics in 1956, long-distance runner USSR.
  • Wünsch Uwe – GDR skier.
  • Seljaninov Alexander Alekseevich – the skier of Russia.
  • Taipale Kuisma – a skier at the 2002 Winter Olympics.
  • Bob Forrest is a US musician.
  • Stompelev Evgeny Mikhailovich – conductor of Russia, musician of the 20th century.


  • Baltakis Algimantas – translator of poetry into Lithuanian.
  • Gennady Alexandrovich Barabtarlo – Slavicist, literary critic of the Russian emigration abroad, translator of Vladimir Nabokov.

Sri Lankan Explorer

  • Ruiz Espadero Nicholas is the pianist of Cuba.
  • Juninsky Alexander is a pianist of the USA.
  • Peinado Jacinto – Vice-President of the Dominican Republic, President, politician of the XX century, Minister.
  • Wilcox Robert William – Hawaii politician.
  • Yuschik Mikola – Communist of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a politician.
  • Blen de Senmore Adrienne Michel Hyacinth – French historian, librarian, playwright, poet.
  • Malach-Petrovsky Samuil – the poet of Czechoslovakia.
  • Sapronov Vladimir Sergeevich – poet of Russia.


  • Alexander Olegovich Gurko – entrepreneur of Russia.
  • Lino Zanussi is an Italian entrepreneur.


Suhbaataryn Yanzhmaa Chairman of the Presidium of the Great People’s Khural MPR

  • Bobrovsky Onisim Ivanovich – Chairman of the Smolensk Regional Executive Committee.


  • Widgetunge Dingiri – President of Sri Lanka, Prime Minister.
  • Zur Georg is a Vatican diplomat, president of the Pontifical Church Academy.
  • Chávez Federico – President of Paraguay.

The criminals

Blanco Griselda Colombian offender, murderer

  • Moore Sarah Jane is a US criminal.
  • Pumane Alexander Gennadievich – the murderer of Russia, the criminal.
  • Blood Maurice – UK shooter.
  • Fisso Emil – archer at the 1900 Summer Olympics.
  • Khan Asif – the gunner of Bangladesh.
  • Shitko Daria Alexandrovna – shooter at the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  • Vasilyev Dmitry Maksimovich – USSR skier, ski coach.
  • Lavrov Artyom Alexandrovich – boxing coach of the USSR.


  • Addams Jenny is a Belgium swordsman.
  • Bourguignon Georges de – Belgium swordsman.
  • Nurek Alexander Alexandrovich – Kazakhstan hockey player.
  • Ronald Petrovitsky – hockey player at the 2006 Winter Olympics.
  • Vladimir Sergeyevich Solodov – USSR hockey player.
  • Shepovalov Vladimir Ivanovich – USSR hockey player.
  • Shmik Nikolai Aleksandrovich – USSR hockey player.

Chess players

  • Benidze Davit – Georgian chess player.
  • Karakash Eva is a chess player of Hungary.
  • Margeir Petursson – Icelandic chess player.
  • Khavsky Sergey Vladimirovich – Russian chess player.
  • Vladimir Nikolayevich Yurevich – Russian Empire chess player.

Louise of Hesse-Darmstadt Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt, Duchess of Hesse

Maria Pavlovna Lady of the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Catherine

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