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The play “Cranks” with Dobronravov reviews collects the most different. Some people write about how boring and uninteresting it is to watch what is happening, others admire the work of their favorite artist, and still others note the difference between the first and second acts.

Such a significant variation in the opinions of viewers about this view is due to the fact that not everyone clearly understands what they are going to watch. As a rule, in the announcements and on the posters it is written – the play-comedy “Cranks” with Dobronravov.

Accordingly, most of those who buy tickets go to laugh and have a rest, but turn out to be at least a comedy, but very serious dramatic presentation that requires attention and deliberation.

About the play

The play “Cranks” with Dobronravov, reviews of which are very opposite – the project of director Alexander Nazarov, conceived as a benefit performance of the leading role. The basis for the production was the stories of Vasily Shukshin. For the performance 9 stories were used, presented in two acts separated by intermission.

In the first act, viewers will see:

  • “Cherednichenko and the circus”;
  • “Cosmos, Nervous System and Shmat Lard”;
  • “Exam”;
  • “Microscope”;
  • “Mile sorry, madam.”

Space travel reviews

The second act presents the following works by a Soviet artist, director and writer:

  • “I believe!”;
  • “Visitor”;
  • “Non-Resistance Makar Zherebtsov”;
  • “Crankshafts”.

It makes sense before you go to the theater, read or refresh the memories of Shukshin. The spectators, who understand what exactly they will see, about the play “Cranks” with Dobronravov leave the reviews exceptionally positive.

The director asks the question of whether we all, born and raised in the Soviet Union, remained dreamers, altruists, for whom the common goal is important, reaching a bright future, or all these qualities have long been confused, or maybe they are simply outdated.

Of course, people who came just to laugh and look at their favorite artist are not ready to accept, though filled with kind ironic humor, but still serious and subtle drama of Shukshin. Moreover, those who are not at all familiar with the work of this legendary man and life in the distant 70s in the Soviet Union, what is happening on the scene is simply incomprehensible.

The production was carried out by the Fedor Dobronravov production center. The play “Cranks”, the reviews about which viewers often leave indignant and negative, is not the first work of the creative team. Employees of the Center themselves are proud of the production, considering it a great creative success.

Who is on stage?

Reviews of the play “Crankies” with Dobronravov in St. Petersburg are mixed by spectators, they are filled with an assessment of the game of the main character and other participants of the performance.

Since the production is a benefit, all the main roles, and there are quite a few of them – 9, are performed by Fyodor Dobronravov. Besides him, on stage are artists of famous and favorite theaters:

  • Olga Lerman from the Vakhtangov troupe;
  • Ivan Dobronravov from Anton Chekhov;
  • Alexander Chernyavsky from the legendary Theater of Satire;
  • Natalia Red from “Satyricon”.

Ilariya Nikonenko worked on the set design of the play, and Lada Shvedova was the costume of the characters.

How does it look?

To say that “Crank” look at one go, it is impossible. Although all the stories that have become the literary basis of the presentation are organically united by a common idea, they logically continue each other, yet they are different. Therefore, the “breaths” will also need nine.

To call a play is ridiculous. Theoretically, this is a comedy, you can’t attribute it to the melodrama or tragedy on the stage. However, there’s nothing to laugh about, the irony of Vasily Shukshin is quite specific, it requires an understanding of what the author is talking about.

There are no flat banal jokes, moreover, there is nothing that would be clear to people who did not grow up in those early years when the action takes place. Adaptation to modern consumer perception is not. Therefore, it is worth going to the play either to those who are familiar with the work of the Soviet writer, artist and director, or to those who are interested in what people lived in those years. The mentality of the Soviet common man conveyed in the play great.

Space travel reviews

What do they say?

Viewers say a lot, the play “Cranks” with Dobronravov has reviews on every portal that sells tickets, on all existing theater-learning forums and, of course, on every social network.

Negative feedback is much more than positive. They write with emotions, indignation, they note how many people leave the show at intermission and even in the middle of the first act. But, if we analyze such statements, for example, on social networks, because they can be seen who exactly wrote the comment, the following picture emerges – those born after the 80th year are dissatisfied.

And since it is this age group that is most active on the Internet, the people who relate to it most often write and discuss something, the reason for the predominance of negative responses to the performance becomes obvious. Just this statement is designed for a completely different viewer.

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