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Turkey is a year-round holiday destination.

Turkish hotels have a developed infrastructure that allows you to relax comfortably not only in summer but also in winter. One of the main conditions for comfortable rest is the presence of a heated pool in the hotel. On the Antalya coast there are several hotels with heated outdoor pools. Rest is not cheap here

Hotels 5 stars with heated outdoor pools.

MAXX ROYAL BELEK 5 * – a luxury super hotel in Belek

MAXX ROYAL BELEK 5 * – one of the best hotels in Turkey, 1st line, on the coast. Rest here is comfortable and prestigious! A huge choice of one-, two-, three-room rooms ranging from 80 m 2 and more. All rooms with Jacuzzi! Throughout the free wi-fi. On the territory (a million square meters!) There is a wide variety of entertainment: golf courses, football fields, several types of tennis courts, a bowling center, a billiard room, a hall with slot machines, a cinema hall, a dinosaur park and a kids club. For adults there is a nightclub, 14 bars, 5 themed restaurants. Very good SPA center. There is a large indoor pool and outdoor heated. Who likes big super hotels – recommend! Prices for tours to the hotel Maxx Royal Belek 5 *

Want to Max Royal Belek 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

REGNUM CARYA GOLF & SPA RESORT 5 * – presidents rest and work here.

REGNUM CARYA GOLF & SPA RESORT 5 * – the hotel is one of the three best and most prestigious hotels in Turkey. In 2015, became the venue of the summit "Big Twenty" (G20). The hotel is surrounded by the pine trees of the Carya Golf Club. Large territory, white sand beach, spacious rooms, 70% of which have views of the Mediterranean Sea. High level of service, daily show of singing fountains, restaurants with a menu worthy of the highest praise. A large swimming pool with heated fresh water will undoubtedly delight guests in the autumn-spring season. The hotel is perfect for families with children. For a comfortable rest everything is thought out to the smallest detail. 20 villas offer accommodation for the most demanding guests with VIP services.

Want to Regnum Kariya Golf 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

CALISTA LUXURY RESORT 5 * – real Turkish luxury and hospitality.

CALISTA LUXURY RESORT 5 * is another luxury “five star” in Belek. Hotel with a sandy beach, on the first line by the sea with original architecture. Represents a complex of buildings from several round buildings and villas. The hotel has a variety of rooms (areas from 50 m 2 and more), several swimming pools, in

Want to Calista Laksheri 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

Professional opinion: Maxx Royal Belek, Regnum Carya Golf and Calista Luxury – in my opinion, the most respectable hotels in this list. The first two I advise those who besides the rest still need a status object. Successful people stop here: high-ranking civil servants, business captains and pop stars. Calista Luxury is perhaps not such a famous hotel as Maxx Royal or Regnum, but in terms of service, for the resting public, in relation to its guests, it is surely among the top five luxury hotels on the Antalya coast.

Yuri Gritsenko – director of the office M. Square Ilyich / Rimskaya. Have questions? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67 Have you visited the site from a mobile? Use to connect with whatsapp!

VOYAGE BELEK GOLF & SPA 5 * – quality family hotel in Belek

VOYAGE BELEK GOLF & SPA 5 * is a beautiful five-star family hotel with a large territory and all the necessary infrastructure for a quality holiday. The hotel has 13 bars, a special à la carte restaurant for adults, an 18-hole golf course, 4-lane bowling, a water park with water slides, a SPA center, outdoor and indoor heated pools in winter, tennis courts, and a small amusement park. The hotel has several areas for a relaxing holiday, which is not allowed to go with children. Recommended for families as well as for wealthy couples who value comfort and privacy. In winter 2018/19, the hotel is closed for major renovations! The hotel will be ready to re-meet guests in April 2019. We are waiting for nice updates!

Want to Voyage Belek 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

RIXOS PREMIUM BELEK 5 * is a real premium from Rixos Hotels Belek.

RIXOS PREMIUM BELEK 5 * is a VIP class hotel for discerning customers of the famous Turkish hotel brand Rixos Hotels. The hotel is spread over a gigantic territory and has a diverse number of rooms from simple "standards" equipped with the latest technology, to luxurious comfortable villas for a secluded holiday. You can relax in the hotel all year round. Gourmet restaurants, branded drinks, outdoor heated swimming pool near the beach, billiard tables, bowling alley, gambling hall, movie theater. Inside the hotel there is a French street with bars and boutiques, with a simulation of rain and thunderstorms. The magnificent SPA center offers more than 50 types of massage and has a large indoor heated pool. In the evenings there is a daily show of singing fountains. As an evening entertainment, the hotel periodically hosts performances by guest pop groups, concerts of Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish pop stars. The best European DJs regularly hold parties in the nightclub. Recommended for a luxurious family holiday, also suitable for golden youth. On holiday dates you can "come off" in the company of stars. Prices for tours to the hotel Rixos Premium Belek 5 *

Professional opinion: Rixos Premium is a great choice for relaxing in the low season! A large indoor pool, and since December 2018, a modern heated SPA center (reconstructed in 2017) with a hammam, Russian, Finnish saunas, spacious renovated rooms, and very, very much opened with a heated one. Favorable prices for winter holidays make this hotel very attractive for off season relaxation. I spent a week here in December, all at a high level. By the way! Until January 31, a 30% early booking discount is valid for the summer of 2019!

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CORNELIA DIAMOND GOLF 5 * – impeccable style and respectability.

CORNELIA DIAMOND GOLF 5 * is a modern, luxury, stylish hotel in Belek with a large territory near the sea. Offers a variety of accommodation options: from spacious standards with sea views to comfortable villas with private pools. As it should be, in a hotel of this level, the infrastructure meets the highest international standards: themed restaurants, cozy bars, a billiard room, a bowling alley, a spacious lobby, several swimming pools,

Want to Cornelia Diamond Golf 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

ALVA DONNA EXCLUSIVE HOTEL & SPA 5 * – 2 heated pools and water slides!

ALVA DONNA EXCLUSIVE HOTEL & SPA 5 * – mega-hit of the 2017/18 winter season! This is a modern hotel in Belek (Bogazgent district) on the seashore with a developed infrastructure. Free Wi-Fi throughout the territory, bowling, billiards, SPA center, 7 a’lya restaurants with themed cuisine, 9 bars. The rooms are certainly not new, but the food: "Ultra All Inclusive". 2 indoor pools, 6 open, of which 2 are heated. The hotel has a small but very well-kept area and friendly staff. For children in the hotel provides a lot of entertainment. Great for family and youth recreation. The hotel has an outdoor heated swimming pool with water slides, which will work all winter! And, by the way, the hotel has already prepared a New Year program. Prices for tours to the hotel Alva Donna Exclusive & Spa 5 *

Want to Alva Donna Exclusive 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

ALVA DONNA BEACH RESORT SIDE 5 * is a cozy hotel in Side with very friendly staff!

ALVA DONNA BEACH RESORT SIDE 5 * is a small, cozy hotel with good service and excellent cuisine. In the Russian market in large quantities is not for sale,

Want to Alva Donna Side 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

Professional opinion: Which of the two Alva Donna hotels to choose? For families with children, I certainly recommend the hotel in Belek. Water slides, a younger contingent of tourists, a greater number of guests from Russia – these are the main advantages of Alva Donna Exclusive. If you need a quiet hotel with a homely atmosphere, a good spa and courteous staff, Alva Donna Beach Side is your choice!

Gritsenko Irina – General Director of the Flagman Travel Agency. Have questions? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67 Are you watching us from mobile site? Use to connect with whatsapp!

BARUT LARA 5 * – a good hotel on the beach 30 minutes from the airport.

BARUT LARA 5 * is a luxury hotel in Antalya, belongs to the Turkish hotel chain Barut hotels, which is positioned for the rest of VIP-tourists. The hotel has a large beautiful, well-groomed, green area. The 450 m long sand and pebble beach is located approximately 400 m from the main building. There is a shuttle around the hotel. In addition to the traditional elements of the hotel infrastructure, such as a spa, a fitness center, swimming pools, water slides, a kids club, bars and restaurants, the hotel has a good night club and a disco. In winter, guests will appreciate the heated swimming pool with the opportunity to swim outdoors. The hotel offers a wide range of services for families with children: strollers, bottle warmers, a radio nanny, bathing trays, pots, high chairs including a children’s indoor salt water pool. For families with small children – just here! Prices for tours to the hotel BARUT LARA 5 *

Want to Barut Lara 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

IC HOTELS GREEN PALACE 5 * – a good choice in low season.

IC HOTELS GREEN PALACE 5 * – included in the chain of five-star hotels IC. Positions itself as a VIP hotel. Located in the village of Kundu, on the border of the regions of Antalya and Belek, at 25..30 minutes from Antalya Airport (by the way, there is one owner at the airport and this hotel). The hotel has a large green area, covered with Mediterranean pine trees and a nice sandy beach. Guests celebrate the good and fast service of the hotel staff. Good food, several cozy bars with an assortment of expensive drinks. There are indoor and outdoor freshwater heated pools. Free Wi-Fi throughout. The hotel has a separate VIP area (IC RESIDENCE), where the villas are located with exclusive service. A good choice for a relaxing holiday couples and families with children. Prices for tours to the hotel IC Hotels Green Palace 5 *

Do you want to Titanic Beach Lara 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

TITANIC DELUXE BELEK 5 * – luxurious rooms and "ultra all inclusive".

TITANIC DELUXE BELEK 5 * – the only hotel from the list, which is located on the banks of the river, which flows into the sea, about a kilometer from the coast. Nevertheless, luxurious interiors, a large well-groomed area, a beautiful landscape around the hotel will not leave guests indifferent. There is everything you need: pools, one of which is open with sea water and heated, restaurants with various cuisines of the world, many cozy bars, an indoor pool, spa, fitness, tennis, billiards, a hall with slot machines, bowling. The golf course is also close! Free wi-fi, refillable mini-bar (beer, cola, chips, etc.), bathrobes, slippers, tea and coffee sets. Deluxe – he and without the sea de luxe! ;-) And the price for rest is lower here! Prices for tours to the hotel Titanic Deluxe Belek 5 *

Do you want to Titanic Deluxe Belek 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

TITANIK BEACH LARA 5 * – hotel-ship near Antalya.

TITANIK BEACH LARA 5 * is a popular hotel of 5 stars, on the first line, with its sand and pebble beach, built in the form of a huge white nine-story ship. The rooms are medium in size, quite simple, stylized as the cabins of the ship. The hotel, as it should be "top five", there are several themed a la carte restaurants, 7 bars (one of which is open 24 hours), a SPA center with a hamam, a Finnish sauna and a jacuzzi, an indoor pool, a fitness room with various equipment. The hotel has a football field, tennis courts, a large Olympic swimming pool (not heated) and a semi-Olympic swimming pool heated in winter. In the evening, you can play a game of billiards or roll the balls in bowling. Prices for tours to the hotel Titanic Beach Lara 5 *

Do you want to Titanic Beach Lara 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

ADALYA ELITE LARA 5 * – a new beautiful hotel in Lara.

ADALYA ELITE LARA 5 * – was opened in spring 2016. It has a compact territory extended to the sea, where all the infrastructure elements are located: amusement park, mini-autodrome, amphitheater for evening shows, theme restaurants, bars, tennis courts, several outdoor pools, one of which is heated in winter, the other is for adults only, and a water park . There are also indoor pools. In the modern SPA center with various saunas and hamam, you can relax, relax your soul, and a large gym for fitness will serve to tidy up your body. In the evening, you can play a game of billiards or roll the balls in bowling.

Want to Adalia Elite Lara 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

ROYAL SEGINUS 5 * – a new modern nice hotel in Lara.

ROYAL SEGINUS 5 * – new 2017, family-run hotel with a beautiful area in the suburbs of Antalya Lara. The hotel has its own sandy-pebble beach, 350 meters away. The building is just behind the Melas Lara and Saturn Palace hotels. For those who are too lazy to go – the beach shuttle bus goes. The territory is small, but rich in infrastructure: bars, restaurants, billiards, a slot machine hall, several swimming pools,

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Want to Royal Seginus 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

KAYA PALAZZO GOLF RESORT 5 * – a respectable holiday for lovers of golf and tennis.

KAYA PALAZZO GOLF RESORT 5 * – quality "five" in Belek. The hotel is designed for the rest of the public of the price category "above the average". A high level of service, a large selection of restaurants, a professional animation program. The hotel offers a variety of accommodation options: for lovers of secluded relaxation, villas will be comfortable, for families with children – spacious suites. The hotel has 5 swimming pools, including one open-air with heated sea water. Wi-Fi is free (throughout the hotel). For golf lovers: a field in 150 meters from the hotel with 18 holes. Tennis players will appreciate the 18 courts c concrete or earth covering. A huge amusement park, The Land of Legends, is a 15-minute walk from the hotel. We recommend for tourists who like small compact hotels.

Want to Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

SUENO HOTELS DELUXE BELEK 5 * – modern "five star" in Belek

SUENO HOTELS DELUXE BELEK 5 * is a new mega-hotel opened in spring 2015. The first line of the sea, 80% of all rooms with direct sea views, the rest with a side or overlooking the gardens and golf courses. In addition to traditional entertainment (billiards, bowling, tennis, golf), guests are offered dance lessons, zumba, yoga and many wellness treatments at the spa. For children there is a separate indoor heated swimming pool, a special department in the main restaurant, equipped with equipment for preparing baby food for babies, a kids club, animation, a radio nanny. The hotel has 2 indoor heated pools, from one of them you can swim in a warm pool in the fresh air. Prices for tours to the hotel Sueno Hotels Deluxe Belek 5 *

Want to Sueno Deluxe Belek 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

PALOMA FORESTA RESORT & SPA 5 * – quiet de luxe in a relic pine grove.

PALOMA FORESTA RESORT & SPA 5 * – a high level of the hotel has been tested by many tourists for decades. The hotel attracts lovers of quality rest, is located near Antalya in the town of Beldibi in Kemer and is part of the world-famous Renaissance hotel chain, along with such well-known brands like Marriot and Ritz. In 2015, the next restoration took place. Complying with Renaissance standards, a high level of service is maintained here, and special trainings are held for personnel. Located on a beautiful green area of ​​88,000 square meters. m., where each tree is under the protection of the environmental organization of Turkey. In the low season, an additional advantage is the outdoor heated swimming pool.

Do you want to Paloma Forest Resort 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

BAIA LARA 5 * is an excellent choice in the suburbs of Antalya.

BAIA LARA 5 * is a typical modern five-star hotel in Lara, right on the seashore with a private beach. Developed infrastructure, multi-storey building with spacious rooms, compact stretched to the sea area, which houses several pools, a water park, an amphitheater for evening performances, tennis courts, a children’s club, bars and restaurants. The hotel is distinguished by modern design, stylish interior and exterior. In winter, two swimming pools are heated: outdoor for adults (200 m²) and indoor (150 m²), and there is a small children’s pool indoors. Rest here can be recommended for all categories of tourists. Prices for tours to the hotel Baia Lara 5 *

Want to Bahia Lara 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

Opinion professional: Rest in Baia Lara 5 * tried on myself in October 2018. Good hotel, without any frills, but with modern interiors, comfortable rooms, high-quality food. Outdoor pool: water + 28 ° C. The advantages of the hotel (and the whole Lara district) are proximity to the airport (transfer about 20..30 minutes) and the availability of infrastructure outside the hotel: cafes, boutiques, supermarkets, public transport stops. There are buses to Antalya, and taxis are relatively inexpensive.

Gritsenko Irina – General Director of the Flagman Travel Agency. Have questions? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67 Are you watching us from mobile site? Use to connect with whatsapp!

DELPHIN IMPERIAL LARA 5 * – the majestic and luxurious luxury hotel in Lara.

DELPHIN IMPERIAL LARA 5 * – new, 2012 built, luxury hotel chain Delphin Hotels & Resort. Located in Lara, 15-20 minutes from the international airport. Hotel with luxurious interiors and richly decorated rooms. The hotel’s infrastructure is modern: free wi-fi in the lobby and rooms, 16 bars, 9 themed restaurants, a heated outdoor pool (for guests over 14 years old), a spa and a Thalasso center with a hamam and sauna, a gym , tennis courts, bowling (2 lanes, for extra charge). For younger guests there is a game room, a children’s cinema, a special menu in the restaurant. Prices for tours to the hotel DELPHIN IMPERIAL LARA 5 *

Want to Dolphin Imperial Lara 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

TRENDY LARA HOTEL 5 * is an inexpensive and attractive hotel with a heated sea-water swimming pool.

TRENDY LARA HOTEL 5 * is a new low-cost hotel built in 2016 in the suburb of Antalya – Lara, on the second line, 500 meters from its own sandy beach, which can be reached by boat in 4 minutes. The hotel has a diverse number of rooms: from spacious "standards" in the main building, to family suites in a separate block and comfortable detached 2-storey villas. The infrastructure is fully consistent with the stars: restaurants, bars, several swimming pools, open, closed, heated, there is also a sea water, water slides, kids club, billiards, bowling, spa and gym. We recommend for a relaxing holiday all year round.

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Want to Trend Lara 5 *? Call +7 (495) 120-33-67

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